Best Books: Science & Academic

1 Dating Guru:Lost Chapters

Dating Guru:Lost Chapters

Pavel Šlajs | Psychology


Dating Guru:Lost Chapters is THE ULTIMATE POWERFUL FAKIN and only guide to getting girls and to understand women once and for all. This is why guys that read it don't read or recommend anything else. Because the few men who "get it" spend the rest of their lives enjoying sexy girls in abundance – and so can you.You can learn to get ANY girl...

2 Talaash – Discover Your True Self

Talaash – Discover Your True Self

AiR | Philosophy


This book is about my search for the third peak of enlightenment and the true meaning of life. It is about how I discovered Ananda,everlasting joy beyond the first peak of achievement and the second peak of fulfillment – the bliss that knows no bounds!

3 Unidentified Flying Objects UFOs Documents of the U.S. Government

Unidentified Flying Objects UFOs Documents of the U.S. Government

Michael Erbschloe | Science


In 1947, a rash of sightings of unexplained flying objects (UFOs) swept America. Although the newly formed U.S. Air Force was the primary investigator of these sightings, the FBI received many reports and worked for a time with the Air Force to investigate these matters between 1947 and 1954. The CIA investigated UFOs into the early 1990s. This...

4 Shades of Pain

Shades of Pain

MEA Sattosh | Psychology


A book about self-isolation, solitude and being withdrawn. A book about escapism. A book that suggests a sure fun way to navigate out from inside all that depression emerging triumphal and at peace with the world.

5 The 'Hao' Attitude

The 'Hao' Attitude

Neelam Birthare (Nicky BaBa) | Psychology


A basic understanding of psychology reveals how impactful is the role of our attitude in our lives. Attitude is a key factor affecting our perspective,thoughts,feelings,emotions. It defines one's perceptions and personality. The "Hao"Attitude is a distant cousin of positive attitude,olive green attitude, minimalist ideology etc etc. Derived from...

6 Life


Laurentiu Mihaescu | Science


Space, gravity, atoms and a little bit of randomness, these are the main ingredients in the most important recipe ever. And there is no need for someone to mix and prepare them, or to throw some cosmic dice; the simple laws of physics are doing it perfectly. This recipe, the Universe and about 10 billion years of "cooking": Somewhere, on a small...

7 The Rise of the Robots In the U.S.

The Rise of the Robots In the U.S.

Michael Erbschloe | Science


One exciting element of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership is the National Robotics Initiative. Robots are working for us every day, in countless ways. At home, at work, and on the battlefield, robots are increasingly lifting the burdens of tasks that are dull, dirty, or dangerous. Robotics can address a broad range of national needs such as...

8 Little Book about Big Mission of India

Little Book about Big Mission of India

Stefan Pecho, PhD. | Philosophy


The book presents unorthodox and unprejudiced views at both ancient Vedic way of life and contemporary Hinduism. The author supports the Indian people´s courage for authentic and critical thinking in front of contemporary superstitious Hinduism. He motivates them not to be servile in front of India´s challenges urging them to be proud of own...

9 Mindfulness


Amaravati | Philosophy


The aim of this book is to provide a clear instruction in and reflection on Buddhist meditation as taught by Ajahn Sumedho, a bhikkhu (monk) of the Theravadin tradition. The following chapters are edited from longer talks Ajahn Sumedho has given to meditators as a practical approach to the wisdom of Buddhism. This wisdom is otherwise known as...

10 Girl Fighting Exposed, 7th edition

Girl Fighting Exposed, 7th edition

Dean Henryson | Psychology


Two different battles evolve in girl fighting. One is physical, and the other is psychological. Both are interrelated. This book delves especially into the psychological, which involves one girl attempting to dominate the other’s mind.Taboo thoughts, animalistic behaviors, and carnal struggles ensue that have profound impacts. Hidden dynamics...