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Best Books: Science & Academic

1 Sleep Music Therapy Meditation

Sleep Music Therapy Meditation

Dr.Jilesh | Psychology


This book will teach you very unique tips to heal your insomnia and sleep disorder within 21 days with the help of Music therapy and meditation.Downloadable Music Therapy Music is included in this course.

2 Space and Time

Space and Time

Laurentiu Mihaescu | Science


Considering the special mechanics of a granular space, the theory of relativity must be reformulated to include the absolute frames or references and to describe the real perception of various observers on a body in motion. As the same mechanics established the laws of physics and allowed the primordial matter to self-organize and create...

3 The Relationship Rescue Plan

The Relationship Rescue Plan

nobody | Psychology


Relationships can be beautiful things that bring us much joy andpleasure in our lives. Sometimes we face issues in our relationshipsthat cause problems between the participants. The following are somesteps on how to piece things back together and keep the relationshiptogether with the one you love.

4 Porn will kill your heart

Porn will kill your heart

ROUANE HAMZA | Psychology


This book is inspired by Alan Carr’s method to quit smoking and how it appliesto pornography.Alan Carr’s method is based on the premise that willpower is not the course tocease smoking and that people who rely on it are set to fail, whether in the longor short term.The author of this method preaches that instead of depriving oneself of...

5 Diet and Exercise Expertise

Diet and Exercise Expertise

Bail | Science Textbooks


Introducing Diet and Exercise Expertise - Better Physical Personal Development Through Better Living. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about diet basics, figure out how many calories you need, healthy eating means a healthy body, healthy recipes, exercise basics, determine your exercise routine and staying motivated for diet and...

6 The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge That Can Change Your Life

The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge That Can Change Your Life

unisdess | Psychology


Gratitude is one of the most overlooked factors in our quest for self-improvement and personal well-being.While not an external skill that can be learned, gratitude is an innate quality, a potential state of mind that exists within each of us. It can be awakened and developed to drastically change your perspective - and transform your life in...

7 The Emotionally Intelligent Relationship - How to Connect on a Deeper Level

The Emotionally Intelligent Relationship - How to Connect on a Deeper Level

Zack K. | Psychology


"The Emotionally Intelligent Relationship" is a book that explores the importance of emotional intelligence in building deeper connections in our relationships. Through the use of vulnerability, readers will learn how to exercise their emotional intelligence and connect on a deeper level with their partners, friends, and family. The book delves...

8 Valid Views of God?

Valid Views of God?

L.M. Leteane | Philosophy


How many of the millions of published books on “God” roundly satisfy—put on solid footing—both the atheist and the believer in God? Is a "solid footing” even possible?The baseline concepts herein form the solid basis or framework for all future deliberations on “God”. It’s a big step if everyone is left with no wriggle room at all...

9 The Love Doctor

The Love Doctor

Bail | Science Textbooks


Understanding the fundamental mindsets of both the male and female perception of things will allow the very obvious distinctions to become evident. This is clearly depicted in the thought process that clearly defines the woman’s need for love while the man’s needs are primarily different as shown in the prioritized need for respect instead of...

10 Souping --The New Juicing_ Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss

Souping --The New Juicing_ Detox, Cleanse & Weight Loss

Susie Campbell | Science Textbooks


In this e-book you'll discover juicing for detox, cleanse and weight loss.So just check it out!