Best Books: Mystery

1 Codename: Chimera

Codename: Chimera

Jake & Kate Persy | Mystery


How do you track down a killer when he has no face? The corpse of a millionaire antique collector is found in New York on the eve of a major auction. The last thing he saw in the darkness, seconds before his grisly demise, was something that terrified him beyond imagination and was enough to end his life. But was it a man or was it a ghost? Now...

2 Untakenable


C O Wyler | Mystery


What would you do if your husband was missing, you do not want to be pregnant, you witness a horrific airplane accident, and you learn all babies and young children have disappeared? Twenty-eight-year-old Sarah Colton may think she is in control, but she is far from the truth, not realizing the Rapture has occurred. Enter the writer's mind as she...

3 Summer of Darkness

Summer of Darkness

Kelvin Bueckert | Mystery


There's a sucker born every minute.That was the old saying and Dwayne had found it to be true.Business was booming!Girls were flocking to join his dreams of a better world. What a pity it was that they wanted to abandon him as soon as they realized what those dreams actually meant. Still, let them run, the thrill was in the chase, wasn't...

4 Escape


Joana A Park | Mystery


What appears to be love at first sight becomes a twisted fate for Katya and Michael. Through a heart-wrenching battle, Katya must choose to save the man she loves or kill him in order to save herself. What will Katya choose? Will she sacrifice her life to save his life? To save their love? Katya's made up her mind and she's ready to make her...

5 Murder Most Stupid

Murder Most Stupid

David Brooklyn | Mystery


Deep amongst the mountains of an unidentified European state, in a grand hotel snowed in by the sneering elements, in some unspecified epoch of the past, a master detective finds his transcendently brilliant attempts to identify a murderer frustrated by unappreciative, stupid guests and staff.

6 The 24 Elders - Before the Fall

The 24 Elders - Before the Fall

Holyone Tombari Dodoh | Mystery


The 24 Elders is a historical event adapted from Revelation (KJV) which brings to light the stories of the past and foretells the future. It houses the origin of the Creator, the 24 Elders, Seraphim and Cherubim, the Archangels, Angels, universes, Stars, Planets and all living things. Hakkadosh consciously and uncontrollably experiences...

7 Collection of Short Stories

Collection of Short Stories

Rokesh Kapali | Mystery


This collection contains two short Mystery Stories originally that takes a reader through an adventurous channel of mystery, crime, doubt and betrayal. Both the stories are related to finding the ultimate truth.

8 The Re-education of Senator X

The Re-education of Senator X

C.L. Wells | Mystery


Waking up in a strange place with a pounding headache was soon to be the least of Senator Xavier Sanford's problems. When the place turned out to be a windowless room that he couldn't leave, that point became clear. Someone had decided to teach the Senator a lesson....a poignant psychological thriller from author C.L. Wells about love, gun...

9 The Desiderata Stone

The Desiderata Stone

Nick Aaron | Mystery


Daisy Hayes was a sculptress, and blind since birth. In 1964 a French priest came to visit her at the collective studio in north London where she worked. He was fascinated by the impaired artist and told her about a program at the Vatican Museums, where people like her got an opportunity to study archaeological artifacts by touch.In AD 64 a blind...