Best Books: Mystery

1 Tom the Telephone Boy

Tom the Telephone Boy

Frank V. Webster | Mystery


The apartment was a small front one, and contained two sewing machines, and, from the cloth, patterns, needles and thread scattered about, it did not need a sign to tell that dressmaking was conducted in it.

2 The Clevedon Case

The Clevedon Case

John Oakley and Nancy Oakley | Mystery


I became mixed up with the Clevedon case—the Cartordale Mystery, as it has been called—in curious fashion. True, it was to some extent in my line of business, though I do not actually earn my living by straightening out tangles. With me it is all a matter of “copy.”

3 Detective Liam Niles: The Diarium Of Lady Tauna Drake

Detective Liam Niles: The Diarium Of Lady Tauna Drake

Bonita Highley | Mystery


.British Detective Liam Niles has been hired to investigate and find an ancient ring belonging to American Pastor Connor Drake's descendant, Sir Knight John Drake from the 17th century within the castle-turned- Chivalry Chapel. In his keen deduction through discovery of clues, with black trench coat like cloak, sword by his side, swag in his...

4 In the Dead of Night

In the Dead of Night

John T. McIntyre | Mystery


Hard-worked hansoms and goblin-eyed motor-cars spun along the smooth asphalt; jeweled women and carefully attired men streamed in at the light-flooded lobbies of the theatres. Electric cars loaded with pleasure seekers flashed clanging up and down.

5 The Man in Grey

The Man in Grey

Baroness Emmuska Orczy | Mystery


It has been a difficult task to piece together the fragmentary documents which alone throw a light—dim and flickering at the best—upon that mysterious personality known to the historians of the Napoleonic era as the Man in Grey. So very little is known about him. Age, appearance, domestic circumstances, everything pertaining to him has...

6 The Step on the Stair

The Step on the Stair

Anna Katharine Green | Mystery


I had turned the corner at Thirty-fifth Street and was halfway down the block in my search for a number I had just taken from the telephone book when my attention was suddenly diverted by the quick movements and peculiar aspect of a man whom I saw plunging from the doorway of a large office-building some fifty feet or so ahead of me.

7 Jack the Runaway

Jack the Runaway

Frank V. Webster | Mystery


The consequence was that Jack led a very miserable life with the professor, but he was too manly a lad to complain, so his letters to his parents said nothing about the disagreeable side of his sojourn with the former college teacher.

8 Right On Time

Right On Time

Faith Ijiga | Mystery


A sixteen year old final year high schooler loses her sight on the day she is to write her final paper, and more tragically, in the exam Hall. Five years later, a well-known crime syndicate is unleashing torrents of nightmares in the country... How will these two worlds collide? Or are they even related from the beginning?

9 Devon  Holmes:The Letter Of Scarlet

Devon Holmes:The Letter Of Scarlet

Bonita Highley | Mystery


Devon Holmes is the twenty first century descendant of the legendary Great Master Detective Sherlock Holmes, or is it his brother Mycroft Holmes that is her Great-Great Grandfather? That is the mystery she must find out.Detective John Watson, the Great-Great Grandson of Dr. John Watson, stands by her side in investigating to find the key to the...

10 Unravelled Knots

Unravelled Knots

Baroness Emmuska Orczy Orczy | Mystery


I cannot pretend to say how it all happened. I can but relate what occurred, leaving those of my friends who are versed in psychic matters to find a plausible explanation for the fact that on that horrible foggy afternoon I chanced to walk into that blameless teashop at that particular hour.