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Best Books: Mystery

1 The Island 2289

The Island 2289

Brandon McYntire | Mystery


Curving or bending of time can be caused by a bounce from one side to other. Barents Island in Norway is an inhospitable place where the headquarters decided to establish a station K 1000.

2 The Gilgamesh Project Book I The Codex

The Gilgamesh Project Book I The Codex

John Francis Kinsella | Mystery


Barry Simmonds is a small-time lawyer in Belize, a small not very rich Central American country squeezed between Guatemala and Mexico. His principal business is setting up and servicing offshore companies and bank accounts for British, Russians, and others wanting to hide their money. Concealing the ownership of businesses and property behind...

3 Rituals


Kingsley Adrian Banks | Mystery


Your worst enemy is closer than you think. Fidelia is a happily married woman, and her life is perfect… but her life is about to turn into a gruesome nightmare, for her only child is missing from school. In the ensuing quest for the girl, she will realize that the ideal life she had been living was nothing more than a smoke screen. There is far...

4 Conflux: The Lost Girls

Conflux: The Lost Girls

Jordan Wakefield | Mystery


IT’S A BAD, BAD WORLD OUT THERE – Two teenage girls who don’t even know their own names. A nightmarish town that wants to eat them alive. When fate brings them together, will a murderous town full of sin and psychotic criminals pull them apart?This book doesn’t pull punches. Packed with tension and betrayal, horror and triumph, Jordan...

5 DIANE D The Return Of The Other Personality

DIANE D The Return Of The Other Personality

Doris Miller | Mystery


DIANE D The Return Of The Other Personality! is the fourth book of the series DIANE D. It involves Diane D being locked away at an Upstate, New York mental institution for the horrible vicious slaughter one of her other personalities has committed a year prior. Family members of some of the other patients in the mental hospital want to know why...





A collection of five shorter stories involving diverse people in unusual situations. See how you may cope as they did. There may be a bond in one of them.

7 Punished By Silence: A Cozy Mini-Mystery

Punished By Silence: A Cozy Mini-Mystery

Jwyan C. Johnson | Mystery


When a twin girl goes missing, an anonymous request for the Clue Queen herself is granted. But Detective Dedra Kare finds the obstacles of her own past in this case first! She must emotionally outrun her flashbacks as the current investigation turns into a game of Hide-and-Seek but on a legal field of child custody, narcissistic parenting, and a...

8 Dick Hacks the Hoodoos

Dick Hacks the Hoodoos

Dick Avery | Mystery


The dangerous cabal had operated in total secrecy---until now. Dick Avery had been dispatched to Haiti to stop a troika of bad actors trying to spread influence throughout the Caribbean. The Russians, Cubans and a voodoo cult called The Family had banded together to disrupt US influence in the region. America's interests were now being threatened!

9 Wine of Wrath

Wine of Wrath

Ellen G. White | Mystery


Last evening when we were at dinner, wine was offered to me. It was very well-mixed sweet and delicious - but when I gave it to Thoré and he tasted it, he commented on its extreme sweetness, and it struck me that there was too much sweetness in the wine. So I would drink no more … There is no end to the list, Madame; and then add to it all...

10 DIANE D The Musical Drama

DIANE D The Musical Drama

Doris Miller | Mystery


DIANE D is a 5-book mystery, suspense, psychological, thriller series about a family owned Charity and Entertainment Organization. This book series involves 3 generations of the Diaz-Davidson family. The family's Charity and Entertainment Organization performs shows around the country and the world to raise money for charity. The lead...