Erotica Book Collection Vol. 2

January 26, 2024

This carefully curated anthology continues the seductive tradition, offering a tantalizing array of tales that explore the thrilling nuances of desire, connection, and intimacy.

Indulge your fantasies with a diverse selection of stories that push the boundaries of pleasure, inviting you into a world where seduction knows no limits. From steamy encounters to forbidden affairs, each page of Volume 2 promises to ignite your imagination and leave you longing for more.

Our collection showcases the artistry of skilled authors who expertly blend suspense, romance, and unabashed sensuality, ensuring an unforgettable reading experience. Whether you seek the tender embrace of love or the daring allure of forbidden passion, Erotica Book Collection, Volume 2 delivers an intoxicating mix of desires that will leave you breathless.

1 Thelma: Addictions Desire Secrets

Thelma: Addictions Desire Secrets

Dante Vereen | Erotica


Anthony Jareau isn’t the kind of man to settle down with just one woman. In his life, both business and personal, he searches for only the best of the best.One fateful Monday morning, he walks in to his office to find a petite and curly-haired spitfire demanding answers. She is not like the other women in his life and yet, he is entranced. There is a delicate sort of beauty around her, one that draws Anthony in from the start. He’s only ever been in love once, though the list of partners that share his bed is endless. But there is something more about Thelma Bunchild, something deeper. She could be the woman that changes the game for him.

2 Sparks


C.P. Mandara | Erotica


“I am going to break you. That’s the whole purpose of this exercise. From the moment the door inside that room closes, I am not going to be Mr. Nice Guy. I am going to do everything in my power to hear you scream, and I won’t stop until I hear you beg for mercy. Do you wish to proceed on that basis?”

3 The Company Affair

The Company Affair

J.S Prince | Erotica


Eleanor Holts is a good wife. She looks after her husband and her kids. She has been faithful to him for many years. That's until she meets the handsome, charismatic Samson M Grant. The high-flying executive works at the same company as her husband and can’t get enough of sweet, innocent Eleanor. She thinks she's impervious to his slick charms. However, little does she know, Samson has a talent at tapping into her deepest and darkest desires once thought long gone. Raw, detailed and uncut; follow the secret, steamy love affair between the two as Eleanor leaves her “good girl” ideals at the door.

4 Falling for the Playboy: The Inheritance Series Book 1

Falling for the Playboy: The Inheritance Series Book 1

Wendy-West-Books | Erotica


4,200 words of quick, steamy romance. Female point of view. No cliffhanger. First book of the 'The Inheritance' series. Christine is a workaholic who has no social life. That is, until Dylan, the company's newest employee, gets to work in the cubicle next to her. Dylan is known for his reputation and Christine refuses to be the next fling on his list...until he won't stop pursuing her."Dylan, I'm not your type.""Normally, you'd be right, but this time…"Dylan was on a mission to prove to Christine that he was worth her time. She was on a mission to prove him wrong."I don't usually do this.""Listen, I may have some more...experience than you might but...right now...I'm just a guy who's never met a girl like you before...and I'm new at this...just like you."

5 Dear Devil: Confessions of A Christian Sex Addict

Dear Devil: Confessions of A Christian Sex Addict

Christian Jacob | Erotica


A Real Life story about sexual abuse, addictions and salvation.

6 Jamal


Nick Haskins | Erotica


Lonely, sex-deprived, and horny could pretty much sum up the lives of Ms. Taylor Marie Bradley-Baxter, LaTavia Toyer, and Alexis Kennedy. Taylor Marie desired to be licked in places her ex-husband Winston never knew existed. LaTavia wanted all of her misery and shame to be sexed away, while Beverly Hills Princess, Alexis Kennedy, was just a rich girl that wanted to have fun. Jamal's three victims needed him in one way or another, and he was more than happy to oblige. But there's only one catch—Jamal is nothing more than a vivid fantasy that comes equipped when answering the night calls of sex-starved, lonesome bodies needing attention. The one name fantasy then vanishes without a trace even faster than he appeared once his job is done.

7 His Favorite Mistake Part 1 (After School Special Vol 1)

His Favorite Mistake Part 1 (After School Special Vol 1)

Maya Leigh | Erotica


Ashley Chapman is a girl who seems to have it all. Looks, money, popularity, perfect grades…But maintaining perfection can grow quite tiresome.What happens when you turn 18, you have the world at your fingertips and all you feel is bored?Weeell…It’s time for a little kinky, panty dropping, can’t believe it’s actually happening fun.Especially, if it comes wrapped as a hot, sexy new English teacher.What’s a girl to do, if not explore the deliciously forbidden temptation…

8 Ysis In May

Ysis In May

Teresa Tait | Erotica


A woman’s quest to heal emotional scars through sex. In a love nest high above the city, will May prove to be the salvation of Ysis or her nemesis?

9 The Healing of Lust- No Going Back

The Healing of Lust- No Going Back

Danielle W Batts | Erotica


No going back is the first book in the series: The Healing of Lust by Danielle W Batts. It comprises of a selection of short, erotic, sexually explicit scenes, coupled with intrigue and wit. Nick is a hot-blooded young man, born in the early sixties. There was no going back when at the age of just eighteen he experienced his first sexual encounter with Wendy, a well-endowed girl with a shared passion for sex. Thanks to Wendy's guidance Nick soon learns the wrong and the right way to bring a girl to her happy place. Equipped with these new seductive skills follow Nick’s exploits through some compromising situations as he leaves his adolescent years behind him and fucks his way to adulthood.

10 Cave Man

Cave Man

Aedan Sayla | Erotica


The Place – BabelThe Time – A Hundred and Fifty Years Post-Flood.Once more giants laugh and consume whomever they wish to. Righteousness is slain in whomever it is found and yet age-old prophecies will always be fulfilled and with one stroke mankind is divided and one by one forced to go out upon the face of a wild and newly formed landscape formed out of the chaos of past heaven sent ruin. Can one man find a way to fulfill the vision given to him? Can a tribe far from the heart of man’s latest corruption be formed? Is there any chance for a simple caveman to do the impossible and become a beacon of light in a new land and uphold the ways of a Creator that formed mankind in His own image? Journey with Alon into a story of everyone’s past, but one man’s future that is ever unfolding.

11 Forbidden Fruit: Luscious and exciting story, and More forbidden fruit; or, Master Percy's progress in and beyond the do

Forbidden Fruit: Luscious and exciting story, and More forbidden fruit; or, Master Percy's progress in and beyond the do

Anonymous | Erotica


The Classic book Forbidden Fruit: Luscious and exciting story, and More forbidden fruit; or, Master Percy's progress in and beyond the domestic circle by Anonymous. This is a “steamy” read published in a time when such tales weren’t as common. While the author is unknown it still remains one of the most popular erotica tales today.

12 Flower of Decay: Golden Body

Flower of Decay: Golden Body

Robert Garcia | Erotica


A sunrise falls. A life falls. She lives. Golden Body, River, Black Rock, Paradise, Flower of Death: Decay.

13 Rachel's Journey Into Spiritual Sex

Rachel's Journey Into Spiritual Sex

Rachel Ellis | Erotica


Hi, I’m Rachel and this is another installment in my story about my sex life. This is a sequel to Rachel Reveals All. Please do not let the title put you off. The theme has nothing to do with spirits and the paranormal; it is about the convergence of sexual energy, with spiritual energy which I have discovered to be a dramatic, intoxicating, and compelling combination which takes sexual pleasure to a whole new level. I have discovered that practicing spiritual sex can elevate sexual pleasure to a truly whole mind and body experience. This is the story of my exploration of the amazing world of spiritual sex. I do not expect you to be convinced yet, but I invite you to walk with me through my recent experiences and discoveries of this whole new dimension to sex.

14 Something Different

Something Different

Serene Hart | Erotica


She turned his wildest fantasies to reality...Kenneth’s explicit desire to control has sent about every woman he has met packing. Convinced that he will never find anyone to fulfill his desires, Kenneth settles for watching explicit films for gratification.Enters Sarah…Sarah is wild, sexy and about everything Kenneth wants in a woman. There is only one small problem; Sarah isn’t the type to get in a relationship.

15 Split


Renata W. Müller | Erotica


I once read the sentence: Destiny takes care of who enters your life, but you can decide who stays…That’s stupid! I definitely feel like destiny has been playing an evil game with me since my childhood. When the Hailey-twins burst into my life, they turned it completely upside down. They lifted me up to heaven, only to then throw me into the deepest chasm. While River is an adorable, sexy anthropologist, and a born-charmer, Jamie is a computer-genius with Asperger-syndrome, eccentric, and difficulty blending into society. There are no two men more different than they are, but they’re still my fate. They are the source of euphoria and despondency, of happiness and sadness in me.I’m Hannah Logan. The girl who has loved twice in her life and who stands in front of an unsolvable dilemma.

16 Paying Debts: Part 2

Paying Debts: Part 2

Abigail Adams | Erotica


Short story: 13 pages. Marrie owed debt to a group of dangerous people. She ran away but they caught her. She was given two options, either be killed or be used as an object of entertainment for their guests. She signed a contract and sold her freedom to them. Marrie was feeling like a prisoner inside the house. She was planning on escaping from that place. Minnie made a promise to help her in her escape but first she has to entertain some new guests. She was dressed in a small pink dress and ponytails as she was escorted to the house of the new guest.Disclaimer: Age play, Sexual slavery, humiliation and much more

17 Summer Set

Summer Set

T. Randal | Erotica


This is book three of the Summer Series. It is in script form.

18 Summer Gone

Summer Gone

T. Randal | Erotica


This is book two of the Summer Series. It is in script form.

19 Summer Schooled

Summer Schooled

T. Randal | Erotica


1st book of Summer Series. This is a script version.

20 Summer Series

Summer Series

T. Randal | Erotica


Follow Angel on her world wide adventures. Sex, drugs, lust and betrayal follow her from port to port. Will she ever get home?