Best Books to Read on Christmas

December 6, 2023

Whether you're lounging on a beach, cozied up by the fireplace, or exploring new destinations, our collection promises the perfect literary companions for your holiday escape. From heartwarming romances to thrilling adventures, there's a book for every mood and setting. Dive into captivating stories that will whisk you away and make your holiday moments even more memorable. Unwind, relax, and let the magic of a good book accompany you on your holiday journey. Discover your next great read and make this holiday season truly extraordinary!

1 Christmas in Sicily

Christmas in Sicily

M. R. Zanone | Flash Fiction


A delightful children's story by Michele Ruby Zanone, with focus on Christmas in Sicily.

2 Rumors of Christmas

Rumors of Christmas

Kelvin Bueckert | Romance


Christmas was in the air! However, Adam, a young doctor, was struggling with an illness. Specifically, love-sickness. He had long wanted to ask Evelyn, a local schoolteacher, to court him. Which was alright, since Evelyn had long dreamed of the day when he would summon up the courage to ask her. However, Adam was much too shy to make the first move. Anxious to see these two fine folks get it together, Simon, a local farmer, tried his hand as a matchmaker. For a while it seemed that these two people would be brought together through his homespun wisdom. However, at the very moment of triumph, a tribe of vigilant citizens revealed a sordid secret that sent everything crashing down. Literally. Would this Christmas be a happy one...for anyone in Gladstone?

3 Creating A Stress-Free Christmas

Creating A Stress-Free Christmas

Martha Darpino | Miscellaneous


Tips & Ideas on Christmas Shopping, Decorating, Kid's Crafts, and More

4 Christmas with Dr. Luke

Christmas with Dr. Luke

Glenn Pease | Religious



5 The Littlest Christmas Angel

The Littlest Christmas Angel

Michael Spoula | Flash Fiction


A short story about how a young angel helped during the first Christmas. Download it now!

6 A Christmas Carol in Prose; Being a Ghost Story of Christmas

A Christmas Carol in Prose; Being a Ghost Story of Christmas

Charles Dickens | Misc Classics


The classic book, A Christmas Carol in Prose; Being a Ghost Story of Christmas, by Charles Dickens.

7 The Night the Llama Saved Christmas

The Night the Llama Saved Christmas

David Wing | Youth


When Santa's reindeer fall foul of the common cold, it's down to Blitzen to take a rag tag bunch of Llamas and whip them into shape to save Christmas for all the boys and girls of the world. The Day The Llamas Saved Christmas is a seasonal tale following the unexpected occurrence of an outbreak of the common cold in the North Pole and the resulting lack of reindeer to pull Santa's sleigh one Christmas. Beginning with an Elf, barging into Santa's office- most perturbed and informing Santa that the vast majority of his team are laid low with the sniffles, Santa rushes to his friend's sides, only to hear sneezing and coughing, resulting in the drafting of a substitute reindeer- Gerald (an over-eager youngster) to replace the stalwart Dasher and the rest of the 'deer having to make do and try their hardest to make the entire journey around the world in one night.

8 The Big Book of Classic Christmas Tales

The Big Book of Classic Christmas Tales

Ryan Jolly (Editor) | Short Stories


A collection of Classic Christmas Tales.

9 A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens | Fiction Classics


Scrooge, Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Christmas past in this classic Christmas tale.

10 101 Christmas Decorating Ideas

101 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Casshd | Marketplace


It's that time of the year again! Time to get out the tree, stockings and mistletoe! Don't know where to begin? 101 Christmas Decorating Ideas can help!

11 Detox to Lose Weight by Christmas

Detox to Lose Weight by Christmas

Ceci Lopez | Health


This ebook will tell you HOW YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT by Christmas, and not only would you lose weight, but will end up healthier than ever. Don't make another failed New Year's resolution. ACT NOW! Look good at the office Christmas party. You just need to know how and you just need to take that step.

12 The Best Christmas Gift

The Best Christmas Gift

Ivan Parvov | Youth


It is almost Christmas, and the little fox Bubu is eagerly waiting for Santa Claus. When something unusual falls from the sky, all Christmas gifts are put in danger. Bubu goes on a lonely nighttime adventure to save Christmas, and by accident, he will find the best Christmas gift.

13 One Christmas Morn

One Christmas Morn

Fabian Bell | Romance


A believable 19th century love story set in the early gold mining days of the new colony of New Zealand.

14 Told After Supper

Told After Supper

Jerome K. Jerome | Short Stories Classics


Christmas Eve is the ghosts' great gala night. On Christmas Eve they hold their annual fete. On Christmas Eve everybody in Ghostland who IS anybody--or rather, speaking of ghosts, one should say, I suppose, every nobody who IS any nobody--comes out to show himself or herself, to see and to be seen, to promenade about and display their winding-sheets and grave-clothes to each other, to criticise one another's style, and sneer at one another's complexion.

15 Dawn


Bridget Ratidzo | Romance


Heather finds herself in this scene; The family is confined in one house for Christmas, plots and secrets are made and others make hard decisions

16 Bashed


Barbara Marquardt | Fiction


As school closes for Christmas, a teacher doing her best in a failing and chaotic high school is knocked down by an abusive student and locked into a biology storage area. As the small room has a sink and some food stored for lunches and prep periods, she is only in danger of spending two horrible weeks dieting in a cold room with no toilet or bed or much else beyond obsolete books and broken equipment. Waiting and hoping for rescue, she creates order and routines, trying to make the best of her time and solitude. As she ponders her life and career, which are about to change drastically, she does not realize that the student will tell a different story in which she was to blame.

17 The Watchman

The Watchman

Matt Langford | Fiction


The Watchman tells the story of Adam. A young man with a learning difficulty. Through Adam's eyes, we follow him and his family through the struggles, upheavals and the ultimate breakdown of both the family and his unit. Adam has simple tastes and simple needs. He loves nothing more than a cup of tea and a window to watch for. His encounters include an unforgettable Christmas with his groin, a brother and a sister who grow older and moved away, a father who is loving yet distant and a mother who holds everything together despite hoping for a lot more out of life. The story ends in tragedy as Adam's worst fears are realized. His family disbands and is gone forever. Unable to cope with this simple progression, he endures a horrific breakdown which destroys his entire world.