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Rory Gilmore Reading List

Books: 68

Enjoy this glimpse at just a few of the hundreds books that Rory Gilmore enjoyed on the show! Over the course of seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore was seen reading 339 books on screen...

The Required High School Reading List

Books: 49

It doesn't matter if you loved them or hated them, this is a list of Books that you were required to read in high school.  Don't spend your money on textbooks, download any of these eBooks for...

Best Books for Authors

Books: 24

Writing a Book is hard without the right help. The path to becoming an author lies in researching which resources are worth focusing on in this journey. These are some of the Books we love and...

Tips & Ideas

Books: 37

This is a really special Reading List, it features Books about Tips & Ideas for all moods, activities and tastes. Anything you can imagine, you might find it here!

Best Books 2020 so far!

Books: 47

Your reading list is about to get longer. Check out the Best fiction and non-fiction Books of 2020 so far below, and make sure to share your favorite titles with your friends. Enjoy!  

Books to Enjoy in Quarantine

Books: 24

If you’re under coronavirus quarantine, and I bet you are, there’s never been a better moment to read, now that you finally have the time!  This list spans a variety of genres and themes: We...

Epidemics Books

Books: 11

A short list to read for context on the coronavirus outbreak. With the growing concern about the disease spreading, fiction books about epidemics are popping up on reading lists around the world...

Books to Celebrate International Women's Day

Books: 20

In honor of International Women’s Day, we take the time to celebrate the achievements of all women, socially, culturally, economically, and politically. So, the best way to be informed is by...

Most Popular Authors: Romance

Books: 33

We all need a little love in our lives: friends, family & off course, your significant other.  This Valentine's Day, light some candles, unwrap a couple chocolates and celebrate together the...

Quick Reads!

Books: 35

You love to read Books, but you (as many of us) just don't have enough time because you're always busy. So, what can you do? Our advice is to take advantage of your free time while commuting, during...