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Best Fantasy Book Covers

Books: 34

One of the best things about Sci-Fi & fantasy Books, besides the battles, spaceships and fantastic creatures, are the breathtaking and unique covers! And we already know you're always looking for a...

2019 Best Books: November Update

Books: 19

Have you been reading any of the Books we love this month? This is our list of Best Books published in November, just in time and right for a fire, blanket and tea. Enjoy! “In November, the earth...

Don't judge a Book by its cover!

Books: 17

As an avid reader, I'm pretty sure you have ever heard this wise old saying: “Don’t judge a Book by its cover". Haven't you? We’re not supposed to do it, but most of us do it anyway. I...

2019 Best Books: October Update

Books: 18

The temperature is dropping, the nights are growing longer, and the pumpkin spice latte is back, and we’re ready for a new reading list to help you get cozy by the fire and pretty good...

Haunted Book List

Books: 16

Halloween is around the corner, a perfect night to explore an unsettling and flat-out scary read. This is a list with some of the best thrilling, chilling and haunted Books to read this...

2019 Best Books: September Update

Books: 19

September is almost over, that means it's time to check out the Best Books published this month, and it's worth saying it was a particularly exciting month for new Books. Discover captivating...

2019 Best Books: August Update

Books: 18

Some of you are already dreaming of thick wool sweaters and counting down the days to the pumpkin spice season. So, to help you compile your end-of-summer reading list, here are some of best fiction...

The Western Canon

Books: 34

There are the books you read, and then there are the books that change your life. Listed below are some of the Best Titles of the Western Literary Canon. This is a list of books considered to be...

2019 Best Books: July Update

Books: 22

July’s best new Books promise to keep you busy all month long with these page-turning stories. All available for FREE. Have fun! “Hot July brings cooling showers, Apricots and...

The Ultimate Weight Loss Book List

Books: 23

These healthy reads offer realistic plans and pretty good advice to help you reach and keep your goals.