Romance Book Collection Vol. 1

January 17, 2024

Escape into a world of love and passion with our Romance Book Collection! Indulge in captivating tales that explore the depths of the heart, from sweet, tender romances to fiery, thrilling encounters. Whether you're seeking heartwarming connections or thrilling adventures, our curated collection offers a treasure trove of love stories to ignite your imagination and stir your emotions.

Discover the magic of romance between the pages of these captivating reads and let yourself be swept away by the power of love. Fall in love with every turn of the page! 

1 Love Hurts

Love Hurts

Jonathon Waterman | Romance


Romance. It is such a wonderful thing. There is nothing like being in love - no matter who you are or what age you might be. Yet, should misconduct or abuse creep into the picture - one can discover: LOVE HURTS. Please join two Freshman year, college-age teens (Chad and Jose Jr. - Maria's kids from my novel: Hopeless Love) as they share their adventures and misadventures when they begin the part of life that deals in the world of Romance.

2 The Kings of the East: A Romance of the Near Future

The Kings of the East: A Romance of the Near Future

Sydney C. Grier | Fiction


The Kings of the East: A Romance of the Near Future by Sydney C. Grier

3 One of Cleopatra's Nights and Other Fantastic Romances

One of Cleopatra's Nights and Other Fantastic Romances

Théophile Gautier | Sci-fi Fantasy


One of Cleopatra's Nights and Other Fantastic Romances is a collection of fantasy short stories by Théophile Gautier, selected from his Nouvelles and Romans et Contes and translated from the French by Lafcadio Hearn.

4 Phantastes: A Faerie Romance For Men And Women

Phantastes: A Faerie Romance For Men And Women

George MacDonald | Sci-Fi Classics


The classic book, Phantastes: A Faerie Romance For Men And Women, by George MacDonald.

5 Beau Brocade: A Romance

Beau Brocade: A Romance

Baroness Orczy | Fiction Classics


A romance of the chivalrous highwayman, Beau Brocade.

6 Romance Stew

Romance Stew

Becky Ruff (Reed) | Biography


Searching for love with all the trimmings at age 54, I happily reminisced about my own background and joyful take on life. This is the first of a series about falling down that "rabbit hole" when I met "Mr. Right" who probably lay on the continuum between narcissism and psychopathy. As roller coasters go, what a ride... to awareness!

7 Romance Meets Death

Romance Meets Death

Ina Disguise | Flash Fiction


A short story from 2005 from Ina Disguise. The tale of a young artist, trying not to be. Ina gets into trouble at work in the course of failing to seduce an ugly pathologist. Ina makes a film and narrowly escapes losing her income.

8 The Blithedale Romance

The Blithedale Romance

Nathaniel Hawthorne | Fiction Classics


The principal setting is a communal farm called Blithedale (i.e., "Happy Valley"), a would-be modern Arcadia along the lines of the anti-capitalist ideals of Charles Fourier, yet is nonetheless destroyed by the self-interested behavior of some of its members. Among those members are: Hollingsworth, a monomaniacal philanthropist and confirmed misogynist who intends to turn Blithedale into a colony for the reformation of criminals; Zenobia, a passionate feminist of exotic origin who ironically finds Hollingsworth's misogyny irresistible; Priscilla, a young and impecunious seamstress from the city; and Miles Coverdale, the unreliable narrator, a minor poet and dandy given to acts of voyeurism. An intense friendship develops among these four during the spring and summer, but begins to disinteg...

9 Lost Romance Found

Lost Romance Found

Vanessa Winters | Romance


Can the working of black magic evil, sometimes referred to as voodoo curses or voodoo hexes, really bring a dark cloud into someone's life? That is exactly what happens in this inspirational Christian fiction read based on a true story whose final chapter was written by God, not by dark forces.

10 Diário de um Banana - Um Romance em Quadrinhos - Vol. 01

Diário de um Banana - Um Romance em Quadrinhos - Vol. 01

Jeff Kinney | International


Não é fácil ser criança. E ninguém sabe disso melhor do que Greg Heffley, que se vê mergulhado no ensino fundamental, em que fracotes subdesenvolvidos dividem os corredores com garotos mais altos, mais malvados e que já se barbeiam. Em "Diário de um Banana", Greg nos conta as desventuras de sua vida escolar. Em busca de um pouco de popularidade (e também de um pouco de proteção), o garoto se envolve em uma série de situações que procura resolver de uma maneira muito particular.

11 In the Name of a Woman: A Romance

In the Name of a Woman: A Romance

Arthur W. Marchmont | Fiction


The cry, faint but strenuous, in a woman’s voice, rang out on the heavy hot night air, and told me that one of those abominable deeds that were so rife in the lawless Bulgarian capital was in progress, and I hastened forward in angry perplexity trying to locate the sound.

12 Dwala: A Romance

Dwala: A Romance

George Calderon | Fiction


The sun was sinking towards the Borneo mountains. The forest and the sea, inscrutable to the bullying noon, relented in this discreeter light, revealing secrets of green places. Birds began to rustle in the big trees; the shaking of broad leaves in the undergrowth betrayed the movement of beasts of prey going about their daily work. The stately innocence of Nature grew lovelier in a sudden trouble of virginal consciousness.

13 The Poisoned Paradise: A Romance of Monte Carlo

The Poisoned Paradise: A Romance of Monte Carlo

Robert W. Service | Fiction


She was alone now. Closing her eyes she saw a little U shaped harbour shielded from the sea. It was as delicate as a pastel, a placque of sapphire set in pearl. In the crystal air the red-roofed houses crowded close to it, the terraced town rose on tip-toe to peer at it. All was glitter and gleam and radiant beauty. Yet yonder in sombre contrast rose the Rock, monstrous, moody, mediæval.

14 Poseidon’s Paradise: The Romance of Atlantis

Poseidon’s Paradise: The Romance of Atlantis

Elizabeth G. Birkmaier | Sci-fi Fantasy


“Time dissipates to shining ether the solid angularity of facts. No anchor, no cable, no fences avail to keep a fact a fact. Babylon, and Troy, and Tyre, and even early Rome are passing into fiction. The Garden of Eden, the sun standing still in Gibeon, is poetry thenceforward to all nations.”—Emerson.

15 The Dark Romance & Other Titles

The Dark Romance & Other Titles

Maxwell Darray | Poetry


Written over six months of depression, isolation, and misguided emotions, these are the words of a lost man. Themes composed of love, anger, uncertainty; a balance of life and human nature. The dark doesn't become terrifying when it's the only thing you've known. This poetry, and songs, and lyrics, and everything that can be said about the art of words. It's prose, as well as a physical shape. With the heart and the mind of a person who is simply releasing tension, the time and energy used to create this piece is profound. Read it, if you enjoy feeling that warm melancholy.

16 Silver's Bane

Silver's Bane

Ashli & Trisha Edwards | Fiction


Four-hundred-year-old vampire, Juliana Bristow, had living, while actually being dead, all figured out. That is, until he came along. In this epic supernatural series, Jules the vampire meets Luca the werewolf and her whole world is turned upside-down. In this Romeo and Juliet romance, a centuries-old feud separates the species. However, despite the odds being against them, a real love is born. Is new love strong enough to defeat prejudice and hate? Or will her coven and his pack tear them apart? The multi-perspective design and unique ensemble of diverse characters offers a look at the real-world issues of prejudice and the power of love in an exciting, supernatural setting! The twists and turns create a fast-paced romantic adventure that just might be hard to put down.