Self-improvement & Motivation

December 13, 2023


Get ready to kickstart the new year with inspiration, positive habits, and actionable strategies for personal growth. Dive into a diverse range of books offering insights into mindset shifts, goal setting, productivity hacks, and mindfulness techniques. Whether you're seeking motivation to reach your aspirations or aiming to enhance your well-being, these books are your guide to finishing the year on a high note and stepping into the future with renewed vigor. Don't miss this chance to invest in yourself before the year ends!

1 Becoming Your Best Self

Becoming Your Best Self



Welcome to \"Becoming Your Best Self,\" a guide to unlocking your full potential and achieving your dreams. In this book, you will discover practical strategies and tools to help you overcome obstacles, cultivate positive habits, and create a life that aligns with your values and aspirations. Whether you\'re seeking personal growth, career success, or greater fulfillment in your relationships, this book will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to take your life to the next level. \"Becoming Your Best Self\" offers a roadmap for transforming your life and realizing your full potential. The book consists of 10 chapters that will guide on how you can discover the best version of yourself!

2 Self Improvement and Motivation For Success

Self Improvement and Motivation For Success

John Life | Self-Improvement


Are you under-confident and shy? Do you feel tongue-tied while interacting with your boss? Does setting professional and personal goals feel like a herculean task? You too can have a challenging career and lead a balanced life! Humans all have formed our own definitions of happiness right from childhood. A lot of these perceptions are because of conditioned development example they are a part of our habits due to repetitive inculcation by parents, teachers and the society in general. That is why, none of us has actually pondered about what exactly makes us feel happy! This feeling has been left to our sub-conscience and we simply feel the happiness according to the situation we are in.

3 404 Self-Improvement Tips

404 Self-Improvement Tips

Bob Bastian | Beauty & Fashion


Just one of the 404 self-improvement tips in this FREE, ready-for download eBook will help you save more money, improve a relationship, get a healthier body, and create success in life and business!

4 Pocket Mentor Formula

Pocket Mentor Formula

Fraser J. Hay | Self-Improvement


The acronym, P.O.C.K.E.T. M.E.N.T.O.R., is used as a basis throughout this FREE eBook to explain the formula for achieving self improvement and success in life. Download it today!

5 A Self Help and Improvement Book: Useful Psychology Information

A Self Help and Improvement Book: Useful Psychology Information

Mark Pettinelli | Psychology & Culture


This book is about the understanding of deep psychological factors that might be needed to understand motivation in social interaction.

6 Change Your Life In Ten Weeks

Change Your Life In Ten Weeks

Ambrose A Hardy | Self-Improvement


Change Your Life In Ten Weeks [Second Ed. 2014] is a free step-by-step introduction and workbook to help you change your life for the better. It introduces the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan which requires you to carry out a current lifestyle evaluation and then draw up a set of personally chosen self-improvement goals aimed at transforming your lifestyle in the way YOU want. Once your goals are chosen and broken down into weekly targets, you work on implementing your Plan for a timeframe you choose, usually up to eight weeks. The ebook is linked to a dedicated web site which provides the reader with additional self-development resources and support. Documentation is included to make easy the tasks of recording goals and targets and to monitor your weekly progress. No purchases necessary.

7 8 Habits Towards Leadership

8 Habits Towards Leadership

Universal Prayther | Self-Improvement


This is chapter 1 of our memes in dreams collection. We have created over 200 unique, different memes which focus on self-development or self-improvement. Please join our collection created into a book titled 8 Habits towards leadership. Join us as we overcome inertia and create leaders for the future.

8 How To Improve Your Life with Attraction Secrets

How To Improve Your Life with Attraction Secrets

Lisa Roy | Self-Improvement


Improve your life with the self-improvement techniques detailed in this book. Learn how to force the universe to give you what you want while also becoming the best version of yourself. Empty your mind, unlock your potential, and attract your true calling by harnessing the Universal Truth of Attraction. Includes sections on self-improvement, wealth, health, and relationships. Even if you've tried the Law of Attraction before and couldn't get it to work, this book can help you!

9 Self Help Lessons By Best Sellers

Self Help Lessons By Best Sellers

Taylor K. Daniels | Self-Improvement


Self Help Lessons By Best Sellers is a synopsis is meant to provide you with self help lessons from various best-selling books that will be very helpful for anyone who aims to improve his or her self. Gain more knowledge about self-improvement and have an in-depth understanding about the corners of it. This book is a compilation of the content that discusses everything about self-help. Discover new and exciting ways to reach goals, improve skills in your area of expertise, become more learned, etc. Success comes in all forms, and this book which references works by various authors will help provide you with tools and options to success.

10 The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge That Can Change Your Life

The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge That Can Change Your Life

unisdess | Psychology


Gratitude is one of the most overlooked factors in our quest for self-improvement and personal well-being.While not an external skill that can be learned, gratitude is an innate quality, a potential state of mind that exists within each of us. It can be awakened and developed to drastically change your perspective - and transform your life in ways you never imagined.So discover this exceptional book

11 The Art of Manifesting Reality: Harnessing Metaphysical Principles for Success

The Art of Manifesting Reality: Harnessing Metaphysical Principles for Success

Angelia Griffith | Self-Improvement


Manifestation is the process of bringing your desires and intentions into physical reality. It is based on the understanding that our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs have a direct influence on the circumstances and experiences we attract. By aligning your thoughts and energy with your desires, you can manifest them into your reality.

12 Inspiration Found: Motivational Short Stories to Empower your Spirit

Inspiration Found: Motivational Short Stories to Empower your Spirit

Vasudev Soni | Self-Improvement


Are you feeling stuck or in need of some motivation? Do you need a reminder of the power of the human spirit? Look no further than "Inspiration Found: Motivational Short Stories to Empower your Spirit."This book features a collection of heartwarming and relatable short stories. Each story offers a unique perspective on resilience, determination, and triumph over adversity, reminding us that anything is possible with the right mindset and attitude.Whether you're dealing with a setback in your personal or professional life, or simply need a quick pick-me-up, "Inspiration Found" has something for everyone. The stories are short and easy to read, making them perfect for busy individuals who need a little boost of motivation and positivity.

13 Reset Your Mindset -Motivate Yourself For Success

Reset Your Mindset -Motivate Yourself For Success

AZMIMA | Self-Improvement


Is Your Confidence and Shyness a Problem? Do You Get Stuck in Your Tongue When You Talk to Your Boss? Is It Difficult to Set Professional and Personal Goals? Isn't it possible to have a rewarding career and a balanced life?From an early age, each of us has developed our own personal concept of what it means to be happy. As a result of repeated instillation by parents and teachers and the broader population, many of these notions have become part of our daily routines.As a result, none of us has ever stopped to consider what it is that truly brings us joy. This emotion has been relegated to our subconscious, and we only experience happy when it is appropriate to our current circumstances.There are many tiny things that can bring us joy. When we think about shopping or spending money,

14 The Seven Laws of Seduction: How to Attract Beautiful Women and Enjoy a Supercharged Sex Life

The Seven Laws of Seduction: How to Attract Beautiful Women and Enjoy a Supercharged Sex Life

FLASH STAR | Self-Improvement


The Seven Laws of Seduction is a simple, step-by-step guide that gives men everything they need to know about how to attract, seduce and sleep with multiple women.

15 Ask And It Is Given - Learning To Manifest Your Desires

Ask And It Is Given - Learning To Manifest Your Desires

Esther And Jerry Hicks | Self-Improvement


Do you ever wonder whether the Universe is deliberately making your life a living misery for the sole purpose of amusement? Don't put it down to the mercury retrograde just yet! If you read Ask and It Is Given, you'll learn that all of your negative thoughts could be the source of your annoyances. What happens in the outside world reflects what is going on inside your head. This book was authored by Esther Hicks, who channeled Abraham, a non-physical being. Its objective is to spread the message that the world is an illusion and that we have the power to change our physical experiences with our thoughts. Ask and It Is Given is a book for those who are fascinated by vibrations, positive thinking, and the law of attraction.