Best Books: Fitness

1 Calisthenics Beginner Program

Calisthenics Beginner Program

Old School Calisthenic | Fitness


The most efficient method to build a strong and aesthetic physique from scratch using calisthenics only. We have had students that weren’t able to do basic exercises, such as pull-ups or push-ups. We have dedicated our time in observing and helping them. We have realized that most people are at that stage, hence we have come up with this FREE...

2 Weight Loss Made Fast And Simple

Weight Loss Made Fast And Simple

Dr. Joseph | Fitness


The simple breakdown of the psychology behind losing weight. Learn how to lose weight and keep it off with this free ebook!

3 A Totally Shredding Program

A Totally Shredding Program

Youssef Nasser | Fitness


What happens when you have unwanted fat around your body? Your face gets bloated. Your muscles don't look masculine at all because you have this extra fat that just ruins your body. You don't get that smooth proportion. Our Program will help you get this WOW body that you always wanted. (Lean, solid and muscular) without all the mainstream...

4 Meet Thermogenic Tea – Your New Best Friend In Weight Loss!

Meet Thermogenic Tea – Your New Best Friend In Weight Loss!

Rahat Hossain | Fitness


Burns Fat + Cuts Appetite + Blocks the growth of new Fat-Cells. You can drop a lot of weight quickly and safely, by drinking the thermogenicor weight loss teas. They speed up your metabolism naturally to burn up calories without the need for exercise or calorie-cutting and once the weight is off – it stays off!

5 Ultimate Tennis Practice for 2 Players

Ultimate Tennis Practice for 2 Players

Cosmin Miholca | Fitness


This book is a collection of some of the best tennis warm-up exercises, on-court drills and games to improve singles and doubles skills. Recommended to players of intermediate or advanced level.