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Best Books: Fiction

1 The Summer of 75

The Summer of 75

Dan Wheatcroft | Mystery


Almost a decade after finding himself working for a shadowy Government department, ex-Detective John Gallagher is sent on a task that will become his most testing yet. Armed only with a two inch revolver, 12 bullets, some cryptic clues and a sense of humour, his mission is to assist a high ranking East German foreign intelligence operative to...



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


'A NEW ERA' is the seventh novel in the Kostroma Series, continuing the adventures in Space of Tina Forster and of her mighty cargo ship NOSTROMO. While the threat from the carnivorous aliens called 'Space Predators' has apparently receded, Tina now has to deal with the growing racism shown towards her sentient security androids. Then, a...

3 Sexbot


Patrick Quinlan | Sci-fi Fantasy


What if you could be immortal? And what if the price was to give up everything first, including your very life? Robotics engineer Susan Jones has discovered the key to immortality - downloading human awareness into intelligent machines. About to be murdered for her secret, she downloads herself into the most intelligent machine available - Sexbot...

4 All for Love: or Her Heart's Sacrifice

All for Love: or Her Heart's Sacrifice

Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller | Romance


There is such a profusion of good books in this list, that it is an impossibility to urge you to select any particular title or author’s work. All that we can say is that any line that contains the complete works of Mrs. Georgie Sheldon, Charles Garvice, Mrs. Harriet Lewis, May Agnes Fleming, Wenona Gilman, Mrs. Alex McVeigh Miller, and other...

5 'The Magic Ring of Brodgar' book 1

'The Magic Ring of Brodgar' book 1

Katelyn Emilia Novak | Mystery


The Magic Ring of Brodgar follows young and successful Megan McKenzie as she travels to northern Scotland to claim her inheritance, an ancestral castle. Finding herself in brand new world and community, she makes loyal friends and terrible enemies, as she learns about the histories of this ancient land. Falling in love with Derek, a highlander...

6 The Adventures of Philip and Sophie: The Sword of the Dragon King Part I

The Adventures of Philip and Sophie: The Sword of the Dragon King Part I

Drew Eldridge | Youth


Philip is a wild boy from the forest. Sophie is a girl with a special power. When pirates, an evil king and a dragon threaten their worlds, fate brings them together for an adventure of the ages. . .

7 A Warning to the Curious, and Other Ghost Stories

A Warning to the Curious, and Other Ghost Stories

M. R. James | Short Stories


The first of these stories was written for the library of the Queen’s Doll’s House, and was printed in the Book thereof; I gratefully acknowledge the gracious permission granted by Her Majesty to have it reprinted in this volume.

8 Australian fairy tales

Australian fairy tales

Atha Westbury | Sci-fi Fantasy


Australia! Hast thou no enchanted castles within thy vast domain? Is there not one gallant youth, ready armed to do battle for the fair ones, sleeping ’neath the spell of wicked genii?

9 The Plot That Failed; or, When Men Conspire

The Plot That Failed; or, When Men Conspire

Nicholas Carter | Mystery


Nick Carter stands for an interesting detective story. The fact that the books in this line are so uniformly good is entirely due to the work of a specialist. The man who wrote these stories produced no other type of fiction. His mind was concentrated upon the creation of new plots and situations in which his hero emerged triumphantly from all...

10 The Summer of 66

The Summer of 66

Dan Wheatcroft | Mystery


In what could be considered a prequel to the Leveller Trilogy, Special Branch Detective Constable John Gallagher is seconded to a British Home Office Statistical Unit for what he considers a minor violation of trust. He's not well pleased; he knows nothing of statistics and had been hoping for a much less boring end to his year. The summer of...