Best Books: Fiction

1 Drone World

Drone World

Jim Kochanoff | Sci-fi Fantasy


"Imagine a city with cameras on every corner, monitoring your every move. A world where no crime goes unpunished, no criminal can escape. No place you can hide.I live in the safest city in the world . . . until I tried to leave it."Drone World ”is in a futuristic dystopian city which shares similarities with our world but is more like the...

2 Our Marriage of Convenience: Volume One

Our Marriage of Convenience: Volume One

L. L. Lako | Romance


Misbah and Reana have been best friends for years. While successful in their careers, they have been unlucky in love. When both of their relationships fail yet again, they come up with a plan: adopt and raise a child together till they each meet the right one. Neither expected anything to go wrong with this plan.

3 A Sinner's Journey To Heaven

A Sinner's Journey To Heaven

Boygene Borice | Poetry


This is not a book of morals but of a heart that is tired of a judgmental society. A heart that is drained and broken. A heart that sought heaven but only found hell. If you are in pain or broken, I don't know what to tell you, but, maybe, it shall be well.

4 Dear God

Dear God

Boygene Borice | Poetry


When the heart is tired and drained,When the soul is dark and caged,When the body weak and broken,When words can't be spoken,When actions can't be performed,I turn to the Lord,In His presence,I render my heart...

5 The Woman

The Woman

Boygene Borice | Poetry


Sometimes we meet people that transform our lives. They pick us from ashes and transform us into jewels. How should such people be rewarded? I dont know, however, the words of this book are to praise that one person that cares and loves with her/his whole heart.



FELIX MENDA | Short Stories


Life has offered Gustav one option only, to fall. But life is gracious enough to offer him two options to fall for. He either fall in love with Sabrina or fall in suffering. There is no way he can escape both.

7 If Diamonds Could Talk

If Diamonds Could Talk

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


In the sequel to 'His Sixteenth Face', Beth Coldwell has a lot to learn about being in a relationship with a man like Christian. The first thing is how to pull a steel ring through her ankle without losing a drop of blood. Then, she needs to learn how to spill everyone else's.

8 Coffee with Milk

Coffee with Milk

Beata Mołdoch | Poetry


Coffee with Milk is a collection of thoughts and poems that deal with the subject of suffering and healing. The title coffee with milk is an allusion to a bitter life, to which you can add milk or sugar to make it better.

9 Honeymoon


Beata Mołdoch | Poetry


Honeymoon is a collection of poems that deal with themes of sadness, disappointment and romantic feelings that turned out to be painful. The title 'honeymoon ' is a reference to the short duration of a relationship that was supposed to last a lifetime. The honeymoon can also mean the short lived nature of the good moments in life, which pass as...



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is a sequel to my previous novel THREE PROUD WOMEN and continues the adventures of Ingrid Dows, ex-fighter pilot, top military commander and strategic genius and top aircraft designer. While now retired from military service and living as a civilian aircraft designer, she still serves her country, while her daughter Nancy continues her...