Best Books: Fiction



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


Kin was saved from death some 52,000 years ago, after having his family killed by cave hyenas. Kin and another Neanderthal child were then adopted by a field agent of the Time Patrol and brought up at the organization's base. Now eighteen, Kin decides to serve the country of his birth, France, and enrolls in the French Army in 1955. Will Kin...



Michel Poulin | Fiction


THREE PROUD WOMEN is a fiction and alternate history novel which is the sequel to my AND AN ANGEL SANG. It tells the continuing adventures of three outstanding women : Greta Visby, a young sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps; Ingrid Dows, a retiring veteran military pilot; and her daughter Nancy, a young musician and singer on the rise. Each of...

3 Russia-2028


Semyon Skrepetsky | Humor


Post-apocalyptic dystopia about the future of Russia the book "Russia-2028" revives and adventures of a decent scrapper – a rich soil digger in post-apocalyptic Russia. Many consider the book to be prophetic, as some of the plots from it come true in Russian realities. Written by Semyon Skrepetsky – a well-known persecuted artist, writer and...

4 Obsidian's War The Winter City

Obsidian's War The Winter City

M S Lawson | Sci-fi Fantasy


Gel Obsidian's adventures continue in a second book as he goes behind the lines on a dangerous mission to find out more about the alien Gagrim, but there is even more danger at home. His glamorous sex worker girlfriend has a deadly secret and he is drawn to a nightclub singer with a hitman boyfriend and a crime boss admirer who will stop at...

5 The Floating Man Wars

The Floating Man Wars

John T Buckley | Sci-fi Fantasy


After their home world was annihilated they set off into the void. Their supplies are low and tempers are high. These are desperate times which breed desperate men. The Floating Man-with fangs bloody-and his army are waiting patiently in the wings. Is there any chance for the Golarian\'s? The very extinction of their proud people hangs in the...

6 Magic Everything

Magic Everything

John T Buckley | Sci-fi Fantasy


in the future magic has taken over the Earth. A sinister magic is killing in the shadows. Wizard's-some near dead and screaming-have rebuilt the world with castles in the sky. So many dangers...Richard Nickel rises to find his beloved daughter kidnapped. He sends his two wizard sons-Thirsty and Thomas-to go in search of her. They are the only...

7 Gladly Serve God In Sunshine or Storms

Gladly Serve God In Sunshine or Storms

Linda L. Linn | Romance


Who might be the next to fall in love in Pine City and find a loving spouse so they can be married and serve God together in unity? Maybe somebody we haven’t met, because the ones we already know aren’t ready to start thinking in that direction yet, but give them time. As you read this third novel in the Sunshine Series, be looking for...

8 Detective Liam Niles: The Diarium Of Lady Tauna Drake

Detective Liam Niles: The Diarium Of Lady Tauna Drake

Bonita Highley | Mystery


.British Detective Liam Niles has been hired to investigate and find an ancient ring belonging to American Pastor Connor Drake's descendant, Sir Knight John Drake from the 17th century within the castle-turned- Chivalry Chapel. In his keen deduction through discovery of clues, with black trench coat like cloak, sword by his side, swag in his...

9 Wild Body Wild Nature: REVISED EDITION

Wild Body Wild Nature: REVISED EDITION

Tom Wallace | Short Stories


Through our bodies we meet the world and through our bodies we meet each other. These ideas alone mean that how we relate to our bodies makes a big impact on our sense of identity and whether we accept ourselves and others. But how does all this relate to nature? It’s this question in particular that forms a central theme to the stories in...

10 Completely Similar

Completely Similar

Bonita Highley | Humor


American Detective, Daniel O\'Leary has hired a British Detective, Miles O\'Keef, A.K.A., \'The Welsh Dragon.His assignment: To take up residence in the O\'Leary home, to act in pretense in becoming Dan\'s Sister,Tegan O\'leary\'s detective trainer, in order to sabotage his sister\'s relationship to Paul, her womanizing fiancee.Dan and Tegan\'s...