Best Books: Health

1 Enlarge Your Knowledge On Weight Loss

Enlarge Your Knowledge On Weight Loss

Rahat Hossain | Health


In this E-Book reader will find some great content on Weight Loss like "Maintaining Tips For Keeping Weight Off", "The Most Common Reasons People Gain Weight: Stop Making These Mistakes", "Sneaky Tricks To Outsmart Your Body And See Faster Success", "Why Weight Loss Plateau Occur" and "Dieting Over 50- Is There Any Difference".

2 3 Ways To Get Through A Heartbreak

3 Ways To Get Through A Heartbreak

Rolland Berehr | Body & Spirit


This book offers FREE practical methods for healing a broken hearts. If you are heartbroken or know someone who has a heartbroken you really want help then this book is for you......

3 Speak, Hear, and Believe

Speak, Hear, and Believe

Michael Dean Haller | Body & Spirit


If we desire to transform into His image, we must begin SPEAKING truth, light, life and love, we must begin Speaking God’s Word. Speaking God’s Word is the only way we can approach God and appropriate His promises.

4 The Science of Longevity: How to Optimize Health and Life Span

The Science of Longevity: How to Optimize Health and Life Span

Russell Eaton | Health


Being healthy is the greatest way to extend your life. There are simple things you can do starting today that can vastly improve your health and longevity. It is never too late to start. This book gives you a powerful strategy that you can follow to optimize your health and live longer. The long-lived die from exactly the same causes as everybody...

5 How to Detox your Liver Naturally

How to Detox your Liver Naturally

Brett Elliott | Health


How Food & Herbs can Detox and Heal. This ebook explains what can cause liver damage and what you can do yourself to solve the problem at home. Brett Elliott has helped over 100,000 people in over 45 countries people with his Herbal Health Programs over the last 20 years. In this ebook you’ll Learn: What your liver does and what the signs of...

6 Life and Mantras

Life and Mantras

Amazing Life | Body & Spirit


Figuring Out What You Truly Want To Change In All Areas Of Your Life!What Is A Mantra? A Mantra is a sound or a word that is being repeated frequently in mind or out loud that results in silencing the constant noise and chatter of your thoughts.The word Mantra in Sanskrit means, ‘man’ pertaining to mind and the ‘tra’, or instruments...

7 We Are One

We Are One

Anita B. Sulser PhD | Body & Spirit


Beware, you've entered the territory of hard-core philosophers, politically incorrect misfits and advanced meditators. For beginners, reading this is perhaps a rather disenchanting path to the absolute truth. It should be noted a few chapters are the equivalence of a socio-political reality-check from a psycho-spiritual perspective... So, if you...

8 Climate, Cows, and Cars

Climate, Cows, and Cars

Mitch | Health


What is the most important choice we can make to limit climate change? Is it changing light-bulbs? Recycling? Putting in a solar panel? Before I wrote this essay, I thought that driving cars was the largest contribution to climate change. But over six months of research and calculations has convinced me that both fossil fueled transportation and...

9 Quote-A-Quote to Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Quote-A-Quote to Your Health, Wealth and Happiness

Michael E. Ruge | Body & Spirit


Written with you in mind.The quotes are positively infectious - tiny "wake-up" calls that will supercharge your spirit.To attract and inject positive energy into your life, Quote-A-Quote is for you.This great, little book demonstrates that the essence of your success rests in what you believe.

10 Gabriel's Message

Gabriel's Message

Erik Pitts | Body & Spirit


Around 2 AM, I decided to meditate. I was familiar with two guides who had helped me through much suffering in the past. They were like two old friends, always available to sit down and talk.I called on them. I asked if there was anyone wishing to speak to me.They seemed to smile and each stepped to one side as a third figure approached. He...