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Best Books: Business

1 Instagram 2016 Domination

Instagram 2016 Domination

Samuel Ohonin | Business


Learn how to turn your Instagram profile into a thriving online business. Discover the secret of high engaging Instagram accounts and learn how to build a massive following to get more sales in your business.

2 Time Management and Productivity

Time Management and Productivity

Ken Seaney | Business


This handy guide for time management and productivity was written specifically for busy entrepreneurs, small business owners, home business owners and the self-employed to show them easy ways to save time and get more accomplished. Inside you'll find simple but effective techniques that can be used right away to gain back valuable time in your...

3 The Proverbs on Wealth, Wisdom, Household and Business

The Proverbs on Wealth, Wisdom, Household and Business

Ryan M. Marks | Business


This book compiles the book of proverbs and a few other Scriptures on God's design for wealth, wisdom, households and business operations.

4 The Art of Presenting Successfully

The Art of Presenting Successfully

Pavlos Pavlides | Business


"The Art of Presenting Successfully" is a complete guide for preparing and delivering presentations in the professional and the academic environment. It analyses the elements of presentations and what you need to know about establishing effective communication. It is written in an easy-to-read format. It contains useful and practical...

5 The Complete First Website Manual

The Complete First Website Manual

Elliot Matthews | Business Textbooks


Made Simple. Create, market & manage your first website step-by-step with this complete guide. Sections include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), building a mailing list and much more! - Choosing a name - Creating a logo - Securing your domain - Creating a professional email address - Installing WordPress on...

6 Your Right To Write

Your Right To Write

Abdullahi Tosin Mohammed | Career


If you're an aspiring writer or a wishful writer, this book is for you.

7 The Art of Delegation: Growing your business with a virtual assistant

The Art of Delegation: Growing your business with a virtual assistant

Admin Slayer | Business


If you run a business, there's a good chance you've struggled with hiring and retaining the right staff. But many business owners are discovering that hiring a virtual assistant gets them the help they need, at a lower cost than hiring a traditional employee. This book answers the question: "What is a virtual assistant and why would I want one"...

8 Seeking Civility

Seeking Civility

Catherine Mattice | Business


This book provides guidance to any supervisor or manager, human resourcesprofessional, employee assistance professional, consultant, business owner, executive, CEO, oranyone else interested in ending bullying in their workplace. It is written from my own experiencesas a consultant, and my goal is to help the audience understand what bullying is...

9 Land Your Dream Job: Network like a Pro

Land Your Dream Job: Network like a Pro

Phil Cawdery, MBA | Career


In my new eBook I provide an easy to follow, proven networking system that will connect you with with the right people to land your dream job. I created this system during my time in my MBA program and after graduation. I've landed two dream jobs of my own and I want the same success for you!Check out my website for more resources...

10 Brick and Mortar Business for Newbies

Brick and Mortar Business for Newbies

Jackdiesel | Business


We have shared Brick and Mortar Business for Newbies ideas. This ebook will surely help you to get to understand about many awesome business ideas which can be applied anywhere. The awesome thing about this eBook is that it is free for you all and a gift from my side.