Best Books: Business

1 My Startup Lessons

My Startup Lessons

Viktor Cheng | Business


In this book, I will share a lot of my personal experiences, rather than solely base it on theory, to help get my points across. Remember, my goal is not to impress you, but to give you my experiences from the school of hard knocks, so that you can learn and profit from them.

2 The 100 Most Popular Financial Terms Explained

The 100 Most Popular Financial Terms Explained

Thomas M. Herold | Business


Understand Financial Terms - Make Better Financial Decisions. This practical financial dictionary helps you understand and comprehend more than 100 common financial terms. It was written with an emphasis to quickly grasp the context without using jargon. Every terms is explained in detail with 600 words or more and includes also examples. It is...

3 A Raw Inside Look Into Social Media

A Raw Inside Look Into Social Media

Jeff Toohey | Business


Just as the title suggests this is a raw and detailed look into social media. From the start of Social Media networking to how Social Media affects the world. In depth analysis of the Life and Growth of Social Media, the latest Social Media changes & updates and even advice from Forbes on what you achieve with Social Media networking.

4 Cash Flow Management Handbook

Cash Flow Management Handbook

Mwesige Emmanuel | Business


Cash is the lifeblood of your business. If you have a good business model and you’re great at managing cash, your company will be wildly successful. But if you’re not skilled at managing cash then even if you have a good business model, you will likely wind up being a statistic.

5 Productivity: 24 Hacks To Improve Business Performance and Profits

Productivity: 24 Hacks To Improve Business Performance and Profits

Geoff Greenwood FCCA MBA MSc | Business


Fascinating book providing links between performance science & business profits. A new look at acquiring or sustaining competitive advantage for business of any size who wishes to improve productivity, performance & profits.The strategies will improve employee engagement, productivity in the workplace, human motivation, brain-savvy leadership...

6 Business Loans Uncovered

Business Loans Uncovered

Enhanced Business Solutions | Business


Knowing if you qualify is one of the most important things to know when applying for a loan of any type. Blindly applying for a loan and being declined increases the chances of you being declined again and again because you not only lower your credit score each time you apply, multiple inquires also serves a red flag to other lenders and as a...

7 Negotiating Essentials

Negotiating Essentials

Nicolas Meneses | Business


Say Goodbye to Ignorance in: Entrepreneurship, Financial Freedom, Making Money Online and Personal Growth.

8 The Global Caregiving Gold Rush - Lifeworkx2021

The Global Caregiving Gold Rush - Lifeworkx2021

Jeannette Galvanek | Business Textbooks


The hidden story of how caring for aging Baby Boomers could doom business to billions in lost profits while working Americans are stretched to the breaking point. Meeting this historic challenge with opportunities for intelligent, effective, mobile solutions.

9 Complete SEO Guide for Mucisians

Complete SEO Guide for Mucisians

Seopromotions5 | Business Textbooks


Do you take your music career serious? If so, check out our Music Promotion services created by Seo promotions 5 an expert on SEO PROMO!SEO remains mysterious and challenging for Musicians who which to use Search Engines. To promote their music /song/band. If Search Engine Optimization matters to your business, get this Amazing Guide and learn...