Best Books: Business

1 7.5 Habits of Effective Networkers

7.5 Habits of Effective Networkers

Eric Mulford | Business


Time to rethink everything you've been told about networking! Stop wasting your time and energy. Start creating meaningful connections that move your business forward.Did you really think going to a networking event like Guy Smiley with a goofy elevator pitch was really going to result in a Prosperous Business? Seriously! There is so much more to...

2 Unemployed And Loving It

Unemployed And Loving It

JD Clark | Business


Unemployed And Loving ItHow To Start A Home Based BusinessOnline Riches At Your Fingertips! Millions of individuals all over the world are desperately seeking a way to make some extra money from home. For them earning a living from the comfort of their own bedroom is their ultimate dream. There are many disadvantages to having to leave your house...

3 Ebay Seller Success Tips!

Ebay Seller Success Tips!

Tomo Albanese | Business


Since Ebay started back in 2009, over 8500 people have become MILLIONAIRES selling used or old junk. As crazy as it sounds, people have actually become millionaires selling underwear on Ebay from their kitchen table...You could be next.The only thing stopping you? Just a few simple tips and tricks to help you find the right products at the right...

4 Maxims: A collection for work

Maxims: A collection for work

Muel Kaptein | Business


Maxims are very useful for ethics at work because they tell us briefly what ethics is and what we should do at work. This book presents a collection of 255 maxims about ethics at work. Each maxim comes with an explanation and a picture, thus increasing the maxim’s power.

5 10 Minute Sales Audit: A 91 Point Checklist to Score Your Sales Team

10 Minute Sales Audit: A 91 Point Checklist to Score Your Sales Team

Repstack | Business Textbooks


This 10 minute checklist will benchmark how your sales team compares against others. It covers 7 areas including Hiring, Training, Process, Data, Culture, CRM & Management.

6 Start And WIN With Your Own Restaurant

Start And WIN With Your Own Restaurant

Bob Turner | Business


Starting your own restaurant is made easy with a little help from the pros. Here you'll find all the tips and tricks to start up your restaurant. Everything from deciding what type of food to serve, to tracking down start-up funds, to deciding what furniture to use can be found right here.