Best Books: Business

1 The 400-Hour Workweek

The 400-Hour Workweek

David Vasilijevic | Business


Simple math: 100% of 8-figure business owners spend most of their time on $10,000/hour activities. What are yours?Here’s the problem. Business owners don’t know exactly what their most important activities are.As a result, they work on the most urgent things, that never move the needle the most. In the meantime, the $1,000/H and $10000/H...

2 Ready, Set, Sell!

Ready, Set, Sell!

Jack Parr | Business


Are you ready to sell your home quickly and efficiently, without all the stress and headaches? Look no further than "Ready, Set, Sell! Your Ultimate Guide to Home Selling"In just 10 concise and action-packed chapters, this guide will take you through every step of the home-selling process, from preparing your home for sale to closing the deal...

3 The Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship

The Rollercoaster Ride of Entrepreneurship

Keith Orlean | Business


Welcome to my e-book, where I share my experiences and insights that have shaped my life in sales. As you delve into the chapters that follow, you'll discover the lessons I've learned, the challenges I've faced, and the triumphs that have marked my path as an entrepreneur.Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, during the late 60s and...

4 The Global Mission

The Global Mission

xiaoyun yang (wen j yang) | Career


Great book for teenager and family, land free fast build floor plan, solar energy, against mold research, genuine health tips, human history and false religion quick review, global publishing opportunity. Another book《the Bible》include 14 great careers, natural recovery, morden history and a lot of knowledge.

5 BRAVE Brand Blueprint

BRAVE Brand Blueprint

Grant McGaugh | Business


Introducing the BRAVE Brand Blueprint eBook, a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to build a powerful brand and achieve long-term success. In this engaging and practical resource, branding expert Grant McGaugh reveals the key principles and strategies of the BRAVE framework: Brand Strategy, Research, Aesthetic...



RAJIV MEHTA | Business


I am a MILLIONAIRE and you can join me in becoming a MILLIONAIRE today

7 15 Crucial Marketing Tips to Keep Your Law Firm Relevant in 2023

15 Crucial Marketing Tips to Keep Your Law Firm Relevant in 2023

We Do Web | Business


This guide shares 15 crucial marketing tips for law firms to remain relevant in 2023. Our ebook aims to provide actionable insights for law firms to improve their marketing strategies and attract more clients. The tips cover various aspects of law firm marketing, including social media, content marketing, branding, and law firm SEO. To learn...

8 Divorce Strategies and How to be Alimony Free

Divorce Strategies and How to be Alimony Free

A. Looking | Business


If you see a divorce in your near future or are now paying alimony, You Need to Read This Book. See description on Amazon for more info:

9 A Point of View with Grant McGaugh and Mike Kim Brand Master

A Point of View with Grant McGaugh and Mike Kim Brand Master

Grant McGaugh | Business


In this groundbreaking Ebook, brand strategist Mike Kim and marketing expert Grant McGaugh join forces to guide you on a transformative journey towards unleashing your brand's true potential. If you're an entrepreneur, business thought leader, coach, or author seeking to create a powerful impact with your ideas and get your message heard, this is...

10 Business in faces

Business in faces

Oleg Krutko | Business


Business from scratch to success through hard work and companionshipThis story is about how one person worked tirelessly, gathering around him the same hardworking people. Taking the company from scratch to incredible success.Their hardships, ideas, ups and downs, the "autobiography" of the company, if I may say so.  The book was written by a...