Best Books: Erotica

1 Lew's Photo Studio - Book 4

Lew's Photo Studio - Book 4

Lew Pit | Erotica


Book 4 Takes you on Lew’s and Grace’s cruise from Europe to the US with a special encounter during the second week. The week in Florida turns out a bit unexpected but ends with a lucrative deal for Grace. Lew helps a former colleague to enjoy sex again and takes photos of another old acquaintance. He has another wonderful ride together with...

2 Maria - Séraphin

Maria - Séraphin

Jon Jaymes Wall | Erotica


Maria is a saucy girl, a bit of a witch, and boys are her thing. That day, the weather was stormy, it was too hot, too heavy, Maria was irritated, she wanted to walk a little, get some fresh air.When she met Séraphin on the road behind her house, a gypsy whom she'd known since childhood and had lost sight of, she thought her day might not be...

3 Echoes of Eternity: journey into imagination and timeless wonder

Echoes of Eternity: journey into imagination and timeless wonder

Talha Umer | Erotica


In the enchanting town of Eldenbrook, young dreamer Talha embarks on a journey guided by the enigmatic Alaric. Under ancient trees and within whispered tales, Talha discovers the magic of the Whispering Woods and the Mirror Pond—a gateway to echoes of the past and glimpses of the unwritten future. As he weaves tales that transcend time...