Best Books: History

1 JFK Assassination The Last Book

JFK Assassination The Last Book

John C. Dean | History


After years of trial and error in matching suspected shooter sites with hit points on 22 Nov '63, I got a perfect match for a 16-20 shot conspiracy that killed JFK and made forensic ballistic analysis out of it plus show re-processed photos to show what was covered up by the government when they absconded with all photos on day one. It was as...

2 Stories from the Crusades

Stories from the Crusades

Janet Harvey Kelman | History


The stories in this book are of heroes who lived hundreds of years ago. They caught sight of a beautiful dream and lived and died to make it come true.

3 Old Indian trails

Old Indian trails

Walter McClintock | History


In the spring of 1896 I went into northwestern Montana as a member of a Government expedition which was appointed by President Cleveland to recommend a national policy for the United States Forest Reserves and to advise the Secretary of the Interior as to the reserving of certain other forests.

4 News from No Man's Land

News from No Man's Land

James Green | History


For reasons known to the men of the Australian Imperial Force, I am always interested in meeting others who wear the green badge on their arm. A good soldier is always as proud of the colours he wears on his shoulder as the colours he wears on his breast. He knows that each brigade and battalion possesses a soul of its own, and he is proud to...

5 Bring the Jubilee

Bring the Jubilee

Ward Moore | History


Granpa lost an arm on the Great Retreat to Philadelphia after the fall of Washington to General Lee’s victorious Army of Northern Virginia, so his war ended some six months before the capitulation at Reading and the acknowledgment of the independence of the Confederate States on July 4, 1864. One-armed and embittered, Granpa came home to...

6 The book of the Ancient Greeks

The book of the Ancient Greeks

Dorothy Mills | History


This book, like the first of the series the Book of the Ancient World, was used in its original manuscript form by one of my history classes. It carries on the story of the way in which man has been learning how to live from the time of the Coming of the Greeks to the loss of Greek independence in 146 B.C.

7 Forty Years of It

Forty Years of It

Brand Whitlock | History


The history of democracy’s progress in a mid-Western city—so, to introduce this book in specific terms, one perhaps inevitably must call it. Yet in using the word democracy, one must plead for a distinction, or, better, a reversion, indicated by the curious anchylosis that, at a certain point in their maturity, usually sets in upon words...

8 White Mountain Trails

White Mountain Trails

Winthrop Packard | History



9 Pelts and Palisades: The Story of Fur and the Rivalry for Pelts in Early America

Pelts and Palisades: The Story of Fur and the Rivalry for Pelts in Early America

Nathaniel C. Hale | History


In the seventeenth century there was a seemingly insatiable demand in Europe for beaver pelts, inflated in no small degree by early laws prohibiting the use of cheaper furs in hat making. Since...

10 French Life in Town and Country

French Life in Town and Country

Hannah Lynch | History


Among the nations of the earth there exists no more striking contrast than that between the people of Paris and the people of France. While the capital is a political furnace, where all sorts of conflicting ideas and opinions are continually boiling with such a rage of effervescence that the inhabitants, unaccustomed to the sense of calm and...