Best Books: History

1 The Wars for the Silk Roads

The Wars for the Silk Roads

Iakovos Alhadeff | History


The Silk Roads are the trade routes that connect Asia to Europe and Africa since the ancient times. Due to their importance of the Silk Roads for trade there were many wars for their control over the centuries. The following chapters refer to some of these wars. Each chapter is and independent essay, which was written at different date and...

2 Thinking Leadership in Africa

Thinking Leadership in Africa

Allan Bukusi | History


This book traces the triumphant, treacherous and turbulent tale of leadership in Africa through centuries past to the present day. Africa in 2005, was the only continent to have become poorer in the last forty years. The call for a decisive leadership development strategy for a prosperous tomorrow emerges as an urgent reality and a pressing...

3 Commanders of World War Two

Commanders of World War Two

Bill Brady | History


The author approaches this subject on several levels: grand strategy, the difficulties of coalition warfare, the personalities of the commanders (some of whom disliked each other more than they did the enemy) and analysis of the major battles. Recognising that wars in the last analysis are decided by the commanders, he describes the...

4 An Ordinary Type of Bloke

An Ordinary Type of Bloke

Patricia Ainger | History


A Memoir of the First World War. My grandfather, William John Thomas Leaver, born in London in 1898, saw service in the Middlesex Regiment on the Western Front during the First World War. Before he died in his mid-nineties, he recorded a cassette of his memories of this time which I have transcribed to the best of my ability. Wherever...

5 Naval Warfare in World War Two

Naval Warfare in World War Two

Bill Brady | History


Bill Brady has already demonstrated, in his previously published works, that he is able to relate important war history in a manner which keeps the student of history avidly reading ever on wards and devouring the knowledge which has been imparted by this master historian. In respect of experienced and active historians the narratives they are...

6 US Pacific Victory in World War Two

US Pacific Victory in World War Two

Bill Brady | History


US Pacific Victory in World War Two is about engagements that changed the course of the war In the Pacific. The outcome of these major battles was decisive. The results depended on the calibre of men, material, leadership in the field and staff work, culminating in atom bombing. A strategic action that saved millions of lives.

7 101 Arabian Hours

101 Arabian Hours

Terry J. Walters | History


When Terry Walters joined the Florida National Guard he never imagined that one day he might find himself fighting a war in the Iraqi desert. His training and experience had prepared him for handling domestic disturbances, such as crowd control during riots in Miami or helping with the aftermath of Hurricane David, but how well had it prepared...

8 Authentic Nguni Peoples HIstory

Authentic Nguni Peoples HIstory

KE Hlongwane | History


It is about the origin of the San, Khoikhoi and Nguni peolple. They belong to the common male ancestor hence agnate. They resided at what is now known as Mpumalanga and Gauteng Provinces. The book also states how the Ngwane people left their mother land Swaziland which they had ruled for centuries. It gives answers to why King Dingaan killed the...

9 Victim Zero: The Internet Bullying of Monica Lewinsky

Victim Zero: The Internet Bullying of Monica Lewinsky

Michael Erbschloe | History


In 2014 Monica Lewinsky began utilizing her experience with a 16 year old wave of abuse and shaming for one greater campaign she is now crusading for, Cyber bullying. Since she was the first person to have their reputation destroyed over the internet, she declared that she would now use her experience to help others deal with cyber bullying and...

10 A History of Limmer -Person, Place and Thing

A History of Limmer -Person, Place and Thing

Brian E. R. Limmer | History


The story of Limmer is a fanfare to common man. Limmers are among the backbone of society. They are not always noticed at first, but dig just beneath the skin of society and they will be there. . . Early Saxon Limmers meet basic needs of local society by building ponds; Later Limmers lay pipes and ducts. Early Limmers felled trees and cleared...