Best Books: Overall

1 World of Ryyah: Birth of the Half Elves

World of Ryyah: Birth of the Half Elves

H. L. Watson | Sci-fi Fantasy


When Donovan was twelve years old, his village was raided by barbarians; his father killed, his mother taken, and he and the other village boys nearly suffered the same fate. But the raiders made the mistake of taking their captives through the Elven woods. The Elves killed the slavers, but mysteriously decided to spare the boys; instead, the...

2 The Tryst

The Tryst

Kim Allison | Erotica


Can anything good come from engaging in a forbidden tryst? With no money and no place to call home, Dominique Harrison enters the Boar's Head to escape a blinding storm. Dire circumstances can create strange bedfellows, and Dominique reluctantly agrees to become the bachelor party gift for Lord Derek Montford. A not-so-reformed rake, the...

3 Three Mistakes of My Life

Three Mistakes of My Life

Chetan Bhagat | Biography


Story of Chetan Bhagat

4 Colonel's Book of Jokes and Trivia

Colonel's Book of Jokes and Trivia

Alok Kumar | Humor


Great book to pass time during travel and laugh out even at hard times. The handpicked trivia is sure to make you a popular speaker if you plan to quote some trivia from this book combined with jokes which are guaranteed to make you cry out of laughter.

5 12 Days in Hell

12 Days in Hell

Patrick A. Walston | Horror-Gothic


It's been days since the plague hit America. Most of the population has turned into mindless creatures that hunger for human flesh and blood. Danny Hefner and a handful of others might live through this hellish nightmare, but to be truthful they would be better off dead. Danny watched and read plenty of Zombie fiction in his lifetime, but nothing...

6 What You Don't Know

What You Don't Know

Airplane | Erotica


Fictional story about Rapunzel after her rescue. *** NOTE: Parental guidance is suggested ***

7 200 Steps Down

200 Steps Down

Morris Kenyon | Fiction


When his crime boss in Odessa, Ukraine, decides to up his game by getting people involved in trafficking, Nicolae Caramarin must make a choice. Should he turn a blind eye to the horrors he witnesses and carry on being a good soldier for the gang; or take his stand and bring them all down in the only way he knows how? WARNING! This book...