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Best Books: Overall



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


'A NEW ERA' is the seventh novel in the Kostroma Series, continuing the adventures in Space of Tina Forster and of her mighty cargo ship NOSTROMO. While the threat from the carnivorous aliens called 'Space Predators' has apparently receded, Tina now has to deal with the growing racism shown towards her sentient security androids. Then, a...



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


Kin was saved from death some 52,000 years ago, after having his family killed by cave hyenas. Kin and another Neanderthal child were then adopted by a field agent of the Time Patrol and brought up at the organization's base. Now eighteen, Kin decides to serve the country of his birth, France, and enrolls in the French Army in 1955. Will Kin...

3 Sleep Music Therapy Meditation

Sleep Music Therapy Meditation

Dr.Jilesh | Psychology


This book will teach you very unique tips to heal your insomnia and sleep disorder within 21 days with the help of Music therapy and meditation.Downloadable Music Therapy Music is included in this course.

4 Jesus of Nazareth, More Than An Avatar

Jesus of Nazareth, More Than An Avatar

R.S. Rood | Religious


As time goes by, more and more people have come to regard God and the Bible as largely fictitious and especially the notion of God becoming man in the person of Jesus of Nazareth; this in spite of the Bible's clear declaration that it is factual. But, as time goes by, the rapid advance of information technology is beginning to make it more, not...

5 Australian fairy tales

Australian fairy tales

Atha Westbury | Sci-fi Fantasy


Australia! Hast thou no enchanted castles within thy vast domain? Is there not one gallant youth, ready armed to do battle for the fair ones, sleeping ’neath the spell of wicked genii?

6 Tom the Telephone Boy

Tom the Telephone Boy

Frank V. Webster | Mystery


The apartment was a small front one, and contained two sewing machines, and, from the cloth, patterns, needles and thread scattered about, it did not need a sign to tell that dressmaking was conducted in it.

7 The Mother

The Mother

Pearl S. Buck | Fiction


She fed the grass into the stove bit by bit, absorbed in the task, the firelight falling on her face, a broad, strong face, full lips, and darkly brown and red with wind and sun. Her black eyes were shining in the light, very clear eyes, set straight beneath her brows. It was a face not beautiful but passionate and good. One would say, here is a...

8 The Skylark of Valeron

The Skylark of Valeron

Edward E. Smith | Sci-fi Fantasy


Feeling his companion's eyes upon him, the doctor turned his inscrutable stare upon Loring, who had been studying his chief even as DuQuesne had been studying the outlander. Loring's cherubic countenance was as pinkly innocent as ever, his guileless blue eyes as calm and untroubled; but DuQuesne, knowing the man as he did, perceived an almost...

9 The Squaw Spy

The Squaw Spy

T. C. Harbaugh | Fiction


For upon the morning of that eventful day, a reconnoitering party under command of the gallant Captain Evan Thomas, of Battery H, Fourth Artillery, left General Gillem’s camp and proceeded in the direction of the Modoc stronghold. The little command reached the foot of the high bluffs south of the lava-bed stronghold without molestation, and...

10 When the Siren Cries

When the Siren Cries

TJ Barry | Drama


Sex, secrets and lies on the America-Mexico border. When a reckless affair destroys her marriage, heartbroken Isobel flees to California wanting nothing more than to rebuild her life. Pursued by two men with secrets to hide, struggling Hollywood actor Ryan and mysterious millionaire Lance, when she is arrested on the Mexican border she must again...