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Best Books: Overall

1 Thought & Belief  - The Inner Human

Thought & Belief - The Inner Human

Neal Fox | Religious


The immaterial inner human is explained in detail. Soul and spirit, and their relationship with the brain, are described clearly and in depth. The Bible tells us a lot about the inner human, how it functions, how we think and form beliefs, the component parts, what causes dysfunctions when they occur, and also remedies. It also explains why we...

2 Cold Sweetheart

Cold Sweetheart

Ria F | Romance


Two years after coming out of a coma, Catherine finds out that she has a daughter who her snobby parents thought was an embarrassment and sent to live with her father. Now Catherine wants a relationship with her child, even while her daughter's father thinks she's just like her parents. And maybe, she wants more than her daughter in her life too.

3 Ultimate Action Guide

Ultimate Action Guide

Dennis Yu | Free Previews


A colleague and I were discussing “leadership” and what that truly meant. We came up with this analogy, which I hope you’ll enjoy.Moving rocks for a living? Imagine you move rocks for a living. The more rocks you move, the more you’re paid. You don’t move rocks, you don’t get paid. Thus, you understand the direct linkage between...

4 Superior Brain Health

Superior Brain Health

Archi Mackfly | Health


Superior Brain Health’ is the ultimate guide for those who want to boost their brain power and protect their brain health so that they can be focused, alert, and solve problems creatively.You’ll discover how to maximize your cognitive abilities, increase your IQ, and avoid cognitive diseases like dementia.

5 How to do High-Impact Influencer Marketing on a Budget

How to do High-Impact Influencer Marketing on a Budget

Tapfiliate | Marketing


Discover the best strategies to do influencer marketing on a budget and maximise your return on investment.



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


This novel is a sequel to MIGHTY NOSTROMO and is the sixth novel in the Kostroma Series. Its actions take place during the early 24th Century, when Humanity has finally been able to break out of the Solar System and is now expanding through the habitable star systems close to our own system. The armed merchant ship NOSTROMO is being completed...

7 Whenever You Want

Whenever You Want

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


Christina Witten didn't want to be an escort, but it had its perks when New Year's Eve came and she got a date with Mark Lewis. He wasn't like her other clients. He was suave, handsome, easy to talk to, and easy to listen to. At the stroke of midnight, they kissed and kissed... She thought she'd never see him again. Except, she finished...

8 The Law of Attraction Bible

The Law of Attraction Bible

Li Garcia | Self-Improvement


Introducing The Law Of Attraction Bible - The Most Important Guide You Will Ever Need To Attract EverythingIn Life.Inside this eBook you will discover the topics about history of the law of attraction, examples of how the law of attraction works, how people tend to misuse the law of attraction, clearing out the clutter in your mind, being very...

9 John Solomon—Supercargo

John Solomon—Supercargo

H. Bedford-Jones | Fiction


Save for this last item, the description fitted John Solomon to a dot, for while his face was cheerful enough, it was as totally devoid of expression as a face can be—and still remain a face.

10 Diana Trelawny

Diana Trelawny

Mrs. Oliphant | Fiction Classics


Diana Trelawny was a great heiress in the ordinary sense of the word, though the term was one which she objected to strongly. She was rather a great proprietor and landowner, no longer looking forward to any inheritance, but in full possession of it. She had a fine estate, a fine old English house, and a great deal of money in all kinds of stocks...