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Best Books: Horror

1 The Blood that Flows

The Blood that Flows

Stephanie Van Orman | Horror-Gothic


Would you rather die for love or kill for love?My sister lives her life looking through rose-colored glasses. It comes from looking at the world through blood... a vampire's gaze. It's a world where everyone wants to drink her blood like she's wine. How much can she give before she flows over? And how many people do I have to kill to make it stop?

2 Zodiac's toy

Zodiac's toy

J F Jones | Horror-Gothic


A trip to the funfair sounds like a good day out doesn't it?Not for Ray Trent, dragged along by his sister's bridesmaids. Still, to show willing, he has a go on the zodiac oracle booth.He shouldn't.Sometimes prophecies have a habit of coming true. Yet Ray doesn't believe in astrology, but the zodiac believes in him, and decides to play a game...

3 Notorious


John F Jones | Horror-Gothic


Believing he has psychic abilities, and that he can prove the paranormal, Curio Enchantment is convinced that fame and fortune are just over the horizon.Is he dealing with hostile forces he does not understand or cannot control?...because ordinary members of the public start committing murder and suicide.

4 Kruvinasis deimantas

Kruvinasis deimantas

Dorian de Jandreau | Horror-Gothic


“Kruvinasis deimantas”- tai homoerotinis fantastinis romanas apie dviejų jaunų vampyrų meilę, dramas ir tikrosios prigimties paieškas. Fransua ir Leveretas abu labai jauni tiek žmogišku, tiek vampyro amžiumi. Jaunystė, pavydas, kerštas bei aistra juos kiekvieną dieną priveda prie dramatiškų kivirčų kol vieną dieną Leveretas...