Best Books: Humor

1 The Roaming Moaner

The Roaming Moaner

Adam Ninnis | Humor


Sam's a dick, at least that's the opinion of his closest friends. After a chance encounter with a gap year goon he decides to backpack South America. Will his newfound band of messed up mates save him from himself, or will he spend the entire time arguing with hippies? Find out in part one of The Roaming Moaner.

2 The Fanling Conspiracy

The Fanling Conspiracy

Michael Peart | Humor


A struggling law firm in Hong Kong try their best to win a major legal case against the Government, involving triads, murder, kidnappings, sex, and a bunch of incompetent but willing lawyers.John Grisham meets Tom Sharpe.

3 Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey

Steven Ryan | Humor


Animal Farm meets Monty Python in this social satire set in post Brexit Britain. A giant seagull in a seaside town takes a disliking to the local cats and embarks on a killing spree. Understandably, the cats don’t feel very good about this and neither do the public. The bird’s natural instincts are used to great effect to wreak havoc upon the...

4 Otheris and the Serpents of Qhudrus

Otheris and the Serpents of Qhudrus

Richard Shekari | Humor


Following the fall of the most guileful witch in all the lands, young Otheris set on a journey for a much bigger task. This task was nothing other than to bring the heads of the Serpents of Qhudrus, after the king made him an offer he could not refuse.

5 OuterspaceTV Cartoons Book 1

OuterspaceTV Cartoons Book 1

Janette Van Der Vyver | Humor


What are the aliens watching on TV? They're watching us of course, but not only us, they're watching all the different worlds, fantasy, real-life and all the creatures that live above and below the water. OuterspaceTV is a selection of full-colour cartoons dealing with all topics and all genre's. Guaranteed to make you smile. Join the Aliens as...

6 Ten Dollars on the Nose

Ten Dollars on the Nose

Bill Russo | Humor


In the 1970s gambling in Massachusetts was taken out of the hands of hard working citizens called ‘bookies’ and put into the greedy, sticky mitts of the politicians in the form of a State Lottery. I always felt that somehow an honest crook like my local numbers guy was more on the 'up and up' than the people running the 'legal' numbers...

7 Top Tractor in the Pull

Top Tractor in the Pull

Bill Russo | Humor


Baseball stopped for war during the 1940s. In the 2000s in a valley in the deep South, a small war stopped for baseball; as you will read in the short story of Bubber, Beaudine, and Amaleen: Top Tractor in the Pull

8 Castle, Mine 4

Castle, Mine 4

Paul Audcent | Humor


An elderly Grandfather, living in a Castle has a young grandson who helps run his life through many adventures.

9 The Cardboard Gardens - My Life Both and Other Things I Have Written While Living

The Cardboard Gardens - My Life Both and Other Things I Have Written While Living

Ermo Bobble | Humor


The life both and other things a genious have written while living his life.

10 Local Sugar

Local Sugar

Andrew Garrett | Humor


LOCAL SUGAR, an award-winning animated feature screenplay. Mouse mayor Mary Lou, newly elected--her wedding to beau Sly Snake is expected. Unfortunately for the town, the sugar mill has just burned down. Rowley (frog and, frankly, scum) has town and bride under his thumb. Just one day--that's all Sly's got, to save his gal and foil the plot.