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Best Books: Humor

1 Queen Purrpuss & Owl

Queen Purrpuss & Owl

Uncle Jasper | Humor


Adults will enjoy this book as well as kids. Read it together, trust me,

2 Life Through the Eyes of a 10 year old

Life Through the Eyes of a 10 year old

Ishan Khire | Humor


This is a funny book about my journey through life in school and outside it. Complete with the horrors of life without internet, teacher trouble, observations about the weird world, and a trip to the future where robots rule. Sure to crack up kids and adults alike.

3 Adrift On The River Of Time

Adrift On The River Of Time

Uncle Jasper | Humor


Bernie was planning a quiet few drinks with his mates, but instead finds himself in a barrel on the River of Time where he persuades Sharon, the boatman who ferries people to the underworld, to take a holiday. Later he meets Prometheus, as well as the satyr Silenus and the gorgon Medusa, and their collection of stone statues. If only his wife...

4 Divine Space Gods: Abraham's Follies

Divine Space Gods: Abraham's Follies

Martin Lundqvist | Humor


Described as irreverent, unpredictable, and above all fun, Divine Space Gods is a parody of the book The Divine Dissimulation by the same author. Far enough in the future for anything to be conceivable, the ridiculously wealthy and dementia-ridden villain Abraham Goldstein, is defrauded by a shrewd scientist Jack Brown into funding an implausible...

5 Raygun


David Edward Martin | Humor


Dave Murphy is a 49 year old stocking clerk stoner who is a loser until he finds a Ray Gun and becomes the most powerful man on Earth. Will a 49 year old stoner use this power wisely?

6 Divine Space Gods II: Revolution for Dummies

Divine Space Gods II: Revolution for Dummies

Martin Lundqvist | Humor


Keila is the perfect revolutionary: Lacking things like intelligence, sanity or common sense, She has something far more important: plot armor and the telepathic help of Rangda, the evil space demon!

7 neXt


Lance Manion | Humor


A collection of short stories isn’t really a book. It’s more like dozens of ideas that could have been books if they were thought of by someone with a better attention span. To put it another way; if you took an infinite number of Shakespeares and put them in front of an infinite number of typewriters with an infinite amount of time they...