Best Books: Humor

1 Russia-2028


Semyon Skrepetsky | Humor


Post-apocalyptic dystopia about the future of Russia the book "Russia-2028" revives and adventures of a decent scrapper – a rich soil digger in post-apocalyptic Russia. Many consider the book to be prophetic, as some of the plots from it come true in Russian realities. Written by Semyon Skrepetsky – a well-known persecuted artist, writer and...

2 Completely Similar

Completely Similar

Bonita Highley | Humor


American Detective, Daniel O\'Leary has hired a British Detective, Miles O\'Keef, A.K.A., \'The Welsh Dragon.His assignment: To take up residence in the O\'Leary home, to act in pretense in becoming Dan\'s Sister,Tegan O\'leary\'s detective trainer, in order to sabotage his sister\'s relationship to Paul, her womanizing fiancee.Dan and Tegan\'s...