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Best Books: Humor

1 Life Champion

Life Champion

Buck Brennan | Humor


Life Champion is a hilarious and unique take on the modern memoir. Buck Brennan writes with an unrelenting contempt for the narcissism, self-praise, and pretentiousness that is evident in many authors of the modern memoir today. Nothing is off-limits in this book that is vulgar, crude, irreverent, politically incorrect, and offensive in every...

2 Vice of Romance

Vice of Romance

Zin Murphy | Humor


Who will triumph in the battle to become Vice Coordinator of the International Romance Office? Will young love bloom on its campus?

3 Old Devil Hospice

Old Devil Hospice

Bryan Murphy | Humor


Dark humour as ex-spy Franco tries to keep one step ahead of a hit squad intent on revenge. Can the unreliable superpowers of fellow inmate Charlie keep him alive? Can Charlie make Franco more human?

4 The Romance Office

The Romance Office

Zin Murphy | Humor


The mission of the International Romance Office is to spread love and romance in the world. How will its new Vice Coordinator, idealistic Frank Feydeau, shape up to the task? Out of his comfort zone in corruption-hardened Italy, how will he deal with people he finds using the Office for their own sordid ends? A gentle satire on bureaucracies...

5 Bellino


Zin Murphy | Humor


Sophie flies to Sicily to run a conference on romance. There she meets Marti, a young man in thrall to the glamour of crime. Can she save him?

6 The Desert Surfer

The Desert Surfer

M. Thomas Champion | Humor


Did I ask to be born? Did I ask to be middle class? Did I ask my girlfriend to introduce me to marijuana? Well, okay, maybe yes on that last one. But I did not ask to have the Mafia, a Mexican drug lord, an Amish hit man, and the Hollywood Screen Actor's Guild all trying to kill me while I smuggle two illegal aliens across the border with a 1000...

7 The Joy of Stupidity

The Joy of Stupidity

Kelvin Bueckert | Humor


Come one! Come all! Witness sights never before seen by any man! (No we’re not talking about the housework that constantly goes unnoticed around the house!) Bear witness to the rocky career of Rocky, the Rock Star! (Rock isn’t dead. It’s just layin there dude.) Watch bird…brains with Dave, the Naturalist. Discover strange new worlds with...

8 Stop! We Don't Use That Term Anymore: If I'm Not Allowed to Call You Fat, Then You Aren't Allowed to Call Me an A*shole

Stop! We Don't Use That Term Anymore: If I'm Not Allowed to Call You Fat, Then You Aren't Allowed to Call Me an A*shole

Buck Brennan | Humor


TRIGGER WARNING!!!! This book tells jokes that are politically incorrect, insensitive, vulgar, and juvenile. If you are easily offended, I suggest you go find a safe space.

9 Smokin' Weed With Jesus

Smokin' Weed With Jesus

Clifford Beck | Humor


After a near-fatal car accident, Richard, a bankruptcy attorney, finds himself being rushed to a nearby hospital. While undergoing surgery, he slips into a mysterious, yet familiar place. Confused about his whereabouts, he looks over to find a man sitting on a park bench and upon the beginnings of conversation discovers the man to be none other...

10 Nerd World

Nerd World

Andrew Johnston | Humor


Paul Liston shouldn't be in this much trouble. Seventeen years old, 4.0 GPA, and it's trivia season. For the two weeks surrounding his school's Trivia Master competition, the rules change. The geeks inherit the earth. Knowledge becomes power. But it's not such a friendly little game. With the balance shifted, the knives come out among the nerd...