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Best Books: Humor

1 Just for Laughs

Just for Laughs

CE Wogu | Humor


Just For Laughs is a compilation of original and the best healthy jokes for a refreshing day.

2 Help Yourself

Help Yourself

Caspar Addyman | Humor


Yet another novel about comedy, fame and madness. But with answers to the meaning of life thrown in for free. John Smith just died as a comedian, but may have been reborn as a prophet of the present moment. Dr Hazel Cole has written a self-help book so well that it might even work on daytime TV presenters. Behind the scenes, billionaire press...

3 The Roaming Moaner

The Roaming Moaner

Adam Ninnis | Humor


Sam's a dick, at least that's the opinion of his closest friends. After a chance encounter with a gap year goon he decides to backpack South America. Will his newfound band of messed up mates save him from himself, or will he spend the entire time arguing with hippies? Find out in part one of The Roaming Moaner.

4 Sam, Jake and Dylan Want Money: Episode 1 - Black Market Prawns

Sam, Jake and Dylan Want Money: Episode 1 - Black Market Prawns

Sam Bowring | Humor


These are the adventures of Sam, Jake and Dylan, three degenerate losers who live together on the 42nd floor of Hazy Towers, the worst apartment block in the known universe. At least their landlord, Mr Hayes, is such a spineless weasel of a man that they have never had to pay a single cent of rent. Still, government handouts only buy so much...

5 The Fine Print (The One Where Farouk Learns That Martyrdom Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be)

The Fine Print (The One Where Farouk Learns That Martyrdom Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be)

Nathan Allen | Humor


It’s the most important day of Farouk Ba’asher Bin Abdulraheem’s life, and he’s about to learn some valuable lessons.Suicide bombing isn’t as easy as it looks.God has a twisted sense of...

6 Laughter 101

Laughter 101

Ekekere Samuel Ufot | Humor


This is a must read, especially for the everyday down-cast and depressed person. This book propels you to discover that laughing grin that you once had. It reveals, the benefits that results from developing a happy laughing life and stirs you into a renewed self discovery that will shoot you to top of life's challenges.

7 Phil K Swift and the Neighborhood Street Rockers

Phil K Swift and the Neighborhood Street Rockers

Philip Kochan | Humor


The eighties was more than parachute pants, spiked hair on guys and big hair on girls. Check out this crudely funny, hella-crazy novel about a 1980's Bboy (break dancer) from the Windy City streets of Chicago that brings together a diverse group of breakers that find themselves surrounded in a gang laden roller rink. Can they all make it out of...

8 Otheris and the Serpents of Qhudrus

Otheris and the Serpents of Qhudrus

Richard Shekari | Humor


Following the fall of the most guileful witch in all the lands, young Otheris set on a journey for a much bigger task. This task was nothing other than to bring the heads of the Serpents of Qhudrus, after the king made him an offer he could not refuse.

9 What You Don't Understand

What You Don't Understand

Lance Manion | Humor


Lance spends too much time thinking about all the ways life would be different if our eyes were on the top of our feet as opposed to perch over our noses. Shoes for instance… Or karate. He doesn’t enjoy thinking thoughts like these, but grow them as he might, the beards never help. So off they come. Hairy reminders clogging up the sink, if...

10 Free Wine & Sex

Free Wine & Sex

Mike Dixon | Humor


Free Wine & Sex is a sequel to the very popular Free Beer & Sex. It takes a wider look at how booze and sex can complicate our lives and cause us to do things that we might not otherwise do. All the stories are true. Some are frightening. Others are amusing.