Best Books: Humor

1 Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey

Steven Ryan | Humor


Please review or rate on Amazon if you have read this for FREE! Thank you :0) Do You Love Horror Books with a twisted sense of Humour, Or Do You Love Humour with a touch of Horror? A giant seagull in a seaside town takes a dislike to cats and embarks on a killing spree! The local cats don't feel very good about this and neither do the...

2 A  Book of Smiles

A Book of Smiles

Jyotsna Lal | Humor


-This JOKE BOOK is a celebration of student life , full of funny incidents and jokes . This book is all about those fun filled days without care .Only time for laughter and books. ANOTHER JOKEBOOK by Jyotsna lal LASSIE AND THE CENTAUR -Lassie / Princess Cynsica is bored and decides to part of Gay Parade London 2006 . A...

3 Wanna-be's


Mark Connelly | Humor


With his new girlfriend – a soccer mom with a taste for bondage – urging him to “go condo,” failed screenwriter Winfield Payton needs cash. Accepting a job offer from a college friend, he becomes the lone white employee of a black S&L. As the firm’s token white, he poses as a Mafioso to intimidate skittish investors and woos a wealthy...

4 Amerika Does the World

Amerika Does the World

Peter Dudink | Humor


This is a divine comedy ... a Bible of laughter populated with prophets of love. The tripartite book is dominated by a young man named Chuck Bollocks. Chuck is chosen by God to become President of the United States of the World. He is also destined to use this glorious position to lead the world to an unprecedented era of unconditional love--or...

5 La'Chica Bahar: A girl called Spring  finds LOVE

La'Chica Bahar: A girl called Spring finds LOVE

Jyotsna Lal | Humor


Bahar an teenager whose college life is full of funny incidents some exploits are hilarious many classmates are soulmates one must read to remember one's own long forgotten school and college days.

6 Raindrops of Wisdom

Raindrops of Wisdom

Dr. Naresh Aggarwal | Humor


This is the official book the International President of Lions Clubs International. It documents Lion Dr. Naresh Aggarwal's short raindrops of wisdom collected from his travels around the world.

7 Ezaarem


Vinod Modha | Humor


What could possibly go wrong when a cruel and selfish king, King Chhotu The Cheater, plans a surprise attack on a neighbouring kingdom? A supremely rich and immensely popular King Motu The Magnificent rules that kingdom. King Chhotu The Cheater, has two incredible allies on his side, one, a powerful Wizard called Dotu and two, Giant Totu, the...

8 Patrick Leonardo: A Prophet? A Visionary?

Patrick Leonardo: A Prophet? A Visionary?

Patrick Leonardo | Humor


Patrick Leonardo lives in New York. He is an IQ of 169.

9 Lassie and the Centaurs 2006 Yearbook

Lassie and the Centaurs 2006 Yearbook

Jyotsna Lal | Humor


This book is fourth in the Lassie series . A hilarious account of Lassie's visit in the Gay parade in London on 2006 Funny adventures of the centaurs in London Lassie is now Princess Cynsica of Sparta Read A girl called Lassie;[2] Lassie Reunion [3] Princess Cynsica to enjoy and laugh.