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Best Books: Romance

1 Cold Sweetheart

Cold Sweetheart

Ria F | Romance


Two years after coming out of a coma, Catherine finds out that she has a daughter who her snobby parents thought was an embarrassment and sent to live with her father. Now Catherine wants a relationship with her child, even while her daughter's father thinks she's just like her parents. And maybe, she wants more than her daughter in her life too.

2 Whenever You Want

Whenever You Want

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


Christina Witten didn't want to be an escort, but it had its perks when New Year's Eve came and she got a date with Mark Lewis. He wasn't like her other clients. He was suave, handsome, easy to talk to, and easy to listen to. At the stroke of midnight, they kissed and kissed... She thought she'd never see him again. Except, she finished...

3 The Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician

The Wonderful Adventures of Phra the Phoenician

Edwin Lester Arnold | Romance


Imagine you fall asleep today and wake up in three hundred years! That's the story of Phra, the Phoenician, who has a rare gift of death-like sleep which makes him almost immortal. A reader gets introduced to Phra, a traveling Phoenician warrior, as he saves a slave girl, falls in love with her, and decides to bring her back home to Britannia...

4 All for Love: or Her Heart's Sacrifice

All for Love: or Her Heart's Sacrifice

Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller | Romance


There is such a profusion of good books in this list, that it is an impossibility to urge you to select any particular title or author’s work. All that we can say is that any line that contains the complete works of Mrs. Georgie Sheldon, Charles Garvice, Mrs. Harriet Lewis, May Agnes Fleming, Wenona Gilman, Mrs. Alex McVeigh Miller, and other...

5 Samantha's Proposal

Samantha's Proposal

Ruth Daniel | Romance


Samantha has always led an unassuming life. Ha-ha, you may laugh due to her family but that was fact. All it took was one encounter that turned her life into an African sitcom.Mark Grinder stirred clear of the rich and powerful for a reason. Why couldn't his chance meeting with Samantha be a simple boy-meets-girl? Suddenly, he's immersed in a...

6 The Burn

The Burn

K.L. Middleton | Romance


Written by USA Today Bestselling Authors K.L. Middleton and Cassie AlexandraI didn't think there could be anything worse than losing my parents... until I changed schools and became the target of the A-squad - the cruel and popular a-holes of Diamond Lake High.The worst of the group? Chase Adams. An arrogant, rich, hell-raiser who gets his...

7 The Story of a Lover

The Story of a Lover

Hutchins Hapgood | Romance


Life had prepared me to love. I was born sensitive and passionate, and had acquired more emotion than I was endowed with. I had acquired it partly through ill-health and ignorance as a lad, and partly through an intense sex-imagination to which I habitually and gladly yielded. My boyhood was filled with brooding, warm dreams, and partial...

8 John:  A Love Story - Volume 1

John: A Love Story - Volume 1

Mrs. Oliphant | Romance


John: A Love Story - Volume 1 by Mrs. Oliphant.

9 John:  A Love Story - Volume 2

John: A Love Story - Volume 2

Mrs. Oliphant | Romance


John: A Love Story - Volume 2 by Mrs. Oliphant

10 Dawn


Bridget Ratidzo | Romance


Heather finds herself in this scene; The family is confined in one house for Christmas, plots and secrets are made and others make hard decisions