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Best Books: Romance

1 Cold Sweetheart

Cold Sweetheart

Ria F | Romance


Two years after coming out of a coma, Catherine finds out that she has a daughter who her snobby parents thought was an embarrassment and sent to live with her father. Now Catherine wants a relationship with her child, even while her daughter's father thinks she's just like her parents. And maybe, she wants more than her daughter in her life too.



Grace Gervas | Romance


Being a fresh university graduate, all that Claire needs is an adventure of a lifetime. Her life as a beautiful Rapunzel in the castle is something any woman her age would desire to have, but she knows what's hidden behind her exorbitant smile. But everything changes on one stormy evening.He'll appear like a knight in shining armor, and then...

3 Whenever You Want

Whenever You Want

Stephanie Van Orman | Romance


Christina Witten didn't want to be an escort, but it had its perks when New Year's Eve came and she got a date with Mark Lewis. He wasn't like her other clients. He was suave, handsome, easy to talk to, and easy to listen to. At the stroke of midnight, they kissed and kissed... She thought she'd never see him again. Except, she finished...

4 Beyond


Santosh Jha | Romance


You may waste time reading, later writing bad reviews, if you seek exactitude of ‘My Type’ reading experience. This fiction is probabilistic; Beyond typecasts. It is Beyond familiarity, definitude of habitual story regularity. It is a journey of a celebrity Beyond success; into emancipation, the pathways he creates in absolute nakedness. She...



Bridget Ratidzo | Romance


heather almost believes that her life could be normal after the murder of her friends and her release from a case she didn't know anything about. She manages to get out of depression and try for a new life. Everything seems to show that life can be normal again, maybe time heals all wounds, that is until she meets Taylor, falls madly in love with...

6 For the Love of Ereadura

For the Love of Ereadura

Boygene Borice | Romance


Sometimes we are broken, those we loved disappoint us. then that one person that doesn't care about your past comes, they love you, cherish you and stand with you. This is a book to those who love without conditions. They are a reward from God- Ereadura...

7 Rejoice as the Sun Shines on Restorations

Rejoice as the Sun Shines on Restorations

Linda L. Linn | Romance


Esther Beckett is in for the surprise of her life. She thinks she still desires to get married, but she might be embarking on the biggest adventure she can imagine if she decides she can trust these men. But who are these men and what are their intentions? Come and spend some more time in Pine City so you can find out. You will also meet...

8 All for Love: or Her Heart's Sacrifice

All for Love: or Her Heart's Sacrifice

Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller | Romance


There is such a profusion of good books in this list, that it is an impossibility to urge you to select any particular title or author’s work. All that we can say is that any line that contains the complete works of Mrs. Georgie Sheldon, Charles Garvice, Mrs. Harriet Lewis, May Agnes Fleming, Wenona Gilman, Mrs. Alex McVeigh Miller, and other...

9 Return to Goose Island

Return to Goose Island

Sam Hawthorne | Romance


Once upon a time a teenager hacked a US Defense computer and a school friend helped him to put everything right. She became his girlfriend, but they drifted apart. Now, over thirty years later, she's reached out to him again. He leaps at the opportunity to retrace their steps, which helps them to recall what actually happened when they were young...

10 Waiting for Me

Waiting for Me

Graeme A Watson | Romance


Danny Cooper was lead singer and principal songwriter for the successful 3-man rock group '6Feet3'. Near the end of their UK tour, Danny goes for a meal with an old friend and several of his mates. The waitress is attractive, very efficient, personable and professional. Even though she recognises Danny she doesn't fawn over him. She intrigues...