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Best Books: Sci Fi

1 Derek Vortimer MBA  Manager of Worlds

Derek Vortimer MBA Manager of Worlds

Uncle Jasper | Sci-fi Fantasy


Newly minted MBA Derek Vortimer wanted a management job in a big company. What he got was a job managing an unruly medieval country, a host of fantastic creatures, battles to fight and keeping the peace between three strong willed women.

2 Bryxx (Crimson Forest, #1)

Bryxx (Crimson Forest, #1)

Tarisa Marie | Sci-fi Fantasy


From best-selling author “Tarisa Marie” comes Bryxx, the first book in her new Crimson Forest series. A small town in Montana hides a tragic supernatural secret. Over the span of centuries, many lives have been lost, many people have gone missing, and many others have lost their minds in the blink of an eye, all without explanation. When May...

3 Future Hobbies

Future Hobbies

Adam Ninnis | Sci-fi Fantasy


In the idyllic Eden that is Great Britain in 2075, everyone appears to be happy. Everyone that is, but Gil. He alone still ponders the plight of the billions beyond the barriers, and when a simple job paying simple info spirals out of control, he starts to wonder whether knowledge is power, or if ignorance is bliss.

4 Iron Five - Dogs of War

Iron Five - Dogs of War

Seon Stronghold | Sci-fi Fantasy


I present to you the complete version of Iron Five (Book 1, published) & (Book 2, the newest installment) in one full novel. If you crave spaceports, docking & undocking from them, jumping to hyperspace, Mech (In this case, flying battle tanks/walking fighter jets) within a realistic-ish environment, this might actually be the book for you...

5 A Mars Odyssey

A Mars Odyssey

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


We are in the year 2041, at a time of increasing climatic disasters on Earth. Temperatures are soaring, sea levels are rising and droughts alternate with floods to make more and more parts of our planet nearly unlivable. Humanity has finally awakened to the reality of global warming, only to face a growing nightmare. In desperation, the most...

6 The Abnormal Life of Al Norm

The Abnormal Life of Al Norm

Cody Knox | Sci-fi Fantasy


Can the supernatural and ordinary mortals live side by side? They can in the town of Normal, a town which is anything but normal! This comical caper follows the life of Al Norm, a completely plain and normal (not to mention 100% mortal) businessman who comes to live in Normal. Before long he gets involved in all sorts of bizarre and shocking...

7 SG1: Point Five.

SG1: Point Five.

John Erik Ege | Sci-fi Fantasy


"Fragile Balance," SG1, season 7, episode 3 is the launching point for this Star Gate fan fiction. Though Jack O'Neill, the clone, is doing well in high school, he is home sick for his old life. Starting over just isn't as easy as people assume. In some ways, it's more difficult. It's not better or worse, it's just different. But different...

8 Detective In Time

Detective In Time

Uncle Jasper | Sci-fi Fantasy


A fill-in detective is thrown through a hole in space to find a missing inventor and her beautiful daughter.

9 At the Midway

At the Midway

J. Clayton Rogers | Sci-fi Fantasy


In 1906 a life-or-death struggle takes place between a U.S. battleship and three 'Tu-nel', titanic serpents that began their evolutionary journey 135 millions years ago.

10 The Darkness Beyond the Light

The Darkness Beyond the Light

Frank W. Zammetti | Sci-fi Fantasy


An unfathomably advanced alien probe gains sentience over its eons-long secret mission. A test of a new "hyperstealth" system, based on physics beyond anything previously envisioned, gone awry irrevocably changes the course of humanity’s future, thrusting Alex and Melissa Wakeman into an apocalyptic battle against a horrific alien hybrid...