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Best Books: Sci Fi

1 Obsidian's War

Obsidian's War

M S Lawson | Sci-fi Fantasy


Running away from his mother's crazy political schemes and a cheating fiancee by enlisting, Gellibrand Obsidian is shot down over jungle on the imperial rim and has to lead his platoon on a fightback against a deadly group of mercenaries known as The Destroyers. Then there are the dark secrets behind the beautiful sex worker Athena and the murder...



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


General of the Army Ingrid Dow is in overall command of all the American armed forces and is acting as her nation’s chief military strategist and operational commander, while her teenage daughter Nancy is studying music in New York. Both possess fantastic powers but young Nancy, being a half-angel, even more sot han her mother. While Ingrid...



PorTroyal Smith | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is a superhero story of the comic book variety adapted to the novel form factor. It seemed odd to me that even in our most recent (and very well done) variations of the superhero saga, the format hasn’t changed too much. I wanted to write a compelling and realistic (well, as possible) series of books that follows what being a superhero...



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


This novel is a sequel to MIGHTY NOSTROMO and is the sixth novel in the Kostroma Series. Its actions take place during the early 24th Century, when Humanity has finally been able to break out of the Solar System and is now expanding through the habitable star systems close to our own system. The armed merchant ship NOSTROMO is being completed...

5 Covenant of Blood

Covenant of Blood

H.R. van Adel | Sci-fi Fantasy


On Thayria, the brutal Sarasinian League dominates. Yet beneath its arrogant façade, decades of corruption, neglect and incompetence have left it weakened and vulnerable. Even as its subject peoples yearn for freedom, the League, preoccupied with violent expansion, shows astonishing complacency in the face of impending revolt.Against a backdrop...

6 Gabriella


Carl Facciponte | Sci-fi Fantasy


If an android could think and learn by herself, would she be human? If she could feel affection and love, if she could enjoy everything a regular human can, including sexual relationships, would that make her human? Is the search for God the differentiating factor between human, animal, and machine? Or is it mans ability to lie, cheat, and kill...

7 Truthful Roots

Truthful Roots

Victoria M. Steinsøy | Sci-fi Fantasy


Truthful Roots lays the groundwork of the Seeds of Ascension series. We are taken to Araktéa, where corruption, deception and sorcery are lurking right under the surface. Truths about the realm and its sinister agendas are about to be revealed, but its citizens will first need to face their own shadows and pay the heavy debts of their souls and...

8 The Queen of Space

The Queen of Space

Joseph Slotkin | Sci-fi Fantasy


The Queen of Space by Joseph Slotkin

9 Far Flung

Far Flung

Steve Hertig | Sci-fi Fantasy


Asteroid miner, Tecton Chadeayne finds himself and his amorous geobot, Ruby, flung outside the Milky Way by a freak convergence of gravity waves. Their struggle for survival is filled with danger as well as surprises! Far Flung is an Illustrated Fractime story!

10 Daughter of the Sun: A Tale of Adventure

Daughter of the Sun: A Tale of Adventure

Jackson Gregory | Sci-fi Fantasy


A book "Daughter of the Sun: A Tale of Adventure" by Jackson Gregory