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Best Books: Sci Fi

1 A Tale

A Tale

Alina Udrea | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is my first try at writing. It is about friendship, love, mages, knights and magic. If you like it you can donate to my paypal below. I wrote a second volume which you can buy here:

2 All Against All

All Against All

Nathan Allen | Sci-fi Fantasy


A group of random strangers are invited to take part in a mysterious lottery with an intriguing premise. Twenty-seven accept the offer.But what begins as an unusual social experiment quickly descends into something much more sinister. The contestants receive more than they bargained for, and the dark side of human nature reveals itself. As the...

3 Vile Blood

Vile Blood

Jen Golembiewski | Sci-fi Fantasy


Raised by a clan of demon hunters, Sarain was taught that her one mission in life was to destroy every monster that she could find. But it isn't until she saves a boy named Kit, that she starts to rethink her reclusive ways.Taking it upon herself to care for Kit as she helps him discover what has become of his family, Sarain stumbles upon a more...

4 Forbidden Outpost

Forbidden Outpost

Tony Rubolotta | Sci-fi Fantasy


A fan fiction novel and sequel to the movie Forbidden Planet. What happened after United Planets cruiser C57D departed Altair 4? Join Commander J. J. Adams, Altaira and Robby the Robot on the voyage home, a fateful detour and discovery of more secrets of the mysterious aliens known as the Krell. Why did the Krell withdraw from space? What...

5 3012: The Artifact

3012: The Artifact

John M. Grier | Sci-fi Fantasy


After spending a lifetime traveling through time to visit any place or time period that strikes his fancy, Jack finds himself trapped one thousand years in the future, a future radically different from what he is used to. He quickly befriends Paul, an archeologist, who unwittingly helps him recover his lost time machine. The two of them, along...

6 Duilleog


Donald D. Allan | Sci-fi Fantasy


Gold winner of Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards 2016. The Last Druid has just awakened his powers.Visit a land where the druids have been eradicated and Gaea stands on the brink of wiping out mankind. Join Will Arbor as he awakens his legacy of druidic powers and begins a journey of self-discovery. This is a series that explores the strength of...

7 The Wind Drifters - Complete Set

The Wind Drifters - Complete Set

Guy Stanton III | Sci-fi Fantasy


This Boxed Set features the uniquely told stories of one family's will to survive against all odds and not only survive but to thrive as well. The Wind Drifters, as a series has everything to offer the reader and with this Boxed Set Edition it is now even more affordable for you to read for yourself and experience the adventure, romance and genre...

8 The Journals of Raymond Brooks

The Journals of Raymond Brooks

Amit Bobrov | Sci-fi Fantasy


Raymond Brooks was born a thousand years ago, an orphaned boy lost in a foreign land. The Journals uncover the mysteries and adventures he experienced during his unimaginable lifespan. Could the Supernatural walk amongst us? If they do, what lengths will they go to preserve their secrecy? Why would Raymond commit virtual suicide by revealing...

9 The Bound

The Bound

JM Douglas | Sci-fi Fantasy


A pending execution, a missing spirit and an underground revolution...Two young friends are pulled away from home and from each other. Taken and trained by idealists on opposing sides of the coming war, both prepare for battle. Yedda owes her life to the patriotic city guard, but she has doubts about how they treat the people they're meant to...

10 Harvesting Paradise

Harvesting Paradise

Gary Whitmore | Sci-fi Fantasy


Aliens have landed all over Earth and present themselves as being friendly wanting to improve the quality of life for mankind. Marcus Paxton was a dishonorable discharged homeless drunk that stumbled upon the true evil plans these Aliens have in store for mankind. So Marcus went on his own campaign to rally support to stop these Aliens from...