Best Books: Sci Fi



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


Kin was saved from death some 52,000 years ago, after having his family killed by cave hyenas. Kin and another Neanderthal child were then adopted by a field agent of the Time Patrol and brought up at the organization's base. Now eighteen, Kin decides to serve the country of his birth, France, and enrolls in the French Army in 1955. Will Kin...



Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


This is the sequel to my A NEW ERA and is the eight novel in my Kostroma Series. It depicts the continuing adventures in Space of Captain Tina Forster and of her mighty giant cargo ship NOSTROMO. The NOSTROMO is having urgent repairs made to itself after an epic battle against the monstrous Space Predators in the TOI 700 System, with Tina...

3 Magic Everything

Magic Everything

John T Buckley | Sci-fi Fantasy


in the future magic has taken over the Earth. A sinister magic is killing in the shadows. Wizard's-some near dead and screaming-have rebuilt the world with castles in the sky. So many dangers...Richard Nickel rises to find his beloved daughter kidnapped. He sends his two wizard sons-Thirsty and Thomas-to go in search of her. They are the only...

4 Obsidian's War The Winter City

Obsidian's War The Winter City

M S Lawson | Sci-fi Fantasy


Gel Obsidian's adventures continue in a second book as he goes behind the lines on a dangerous mission to find out more about the alien Gagrim, but there is even more danger at home. His glamorous sex worker girlfriend has a deadly secret and he is drawn to a nightclub singer with a hitman boyfriend and a crime boss admirer who will stop at...

5 Guided By The Stars Is Alice

Guided By The Stars Is Alice

Leslie Stringer | Sci-fi Fantasy


A race of aliens have deliberately changed the history of time causing many paradoxes, this has changed history and evolution though out the galaxy.A lone alien who is trying to stop these paradoxes crashes her spacecraft on earth. John saves her life and helps her fix her spaceship. As they pursue the aliens, they collect human military special...

6 Drone World

Drone World

Jim Kochanoff | Sci-fi Fantasy


"Imagine a city with cameras on every corner, monitoring your every move. A world where no crime goes unpunished, no criminal can escape. No place you can hide.I live in the safest city in the world . . . until I tried to leave it."Drone World ”is in a futuristic dystopian city which shares similarities with our world but is more like the...

7 The Floating Man Wars

The Floating Man Wars

John T Buckley | Sci-fi Fantasy


After their home world was annihilated they set off into the void. Their supplies are low and tempers are high. These are desperate times which breed desperate men. The Floating Man-with fangs bloody-and his army are waiting patiently in the wings. Is there any chance for the Golarian\'s? The very extinction of their proud people hangs in the...

8 Fall of Tír na Angelus

Fall of Tír na Angelus

HRT Knight | Sci-fi Fantasy


The Zubhra Mountains surround the mighty city of Tír na Angelus. Prince Cain returns to the city after his exile, intent on taking revenge upon his aged father and taking the crown his sister Milara currently holds. As Queen, it is Milara’s duty to protect not only her young son Alexander, but also all of Tír na Angelus. For more of his...

9 Heart's Key

Heart's Key

Stephanie Van Orman | Sci-fi Fantasy


Leander, a knight of the realm, has been sent on a quest to the edge of everything. The ruler of the castle, a puff of red smoke, has invited him to kidnap their most prized possession - the Maiden in the red dress. Can Leander do it without making a mess of himself or falling in love?

10 Gathering Storm (Tempestria 2)

Gathering Storm (Tempestria 2)

Gary Stringer | Sci-fi Fantasy


The war of the shadow warriors intensifies as the enemy, Kullos, begins building an army.Catriona, the druid girl meets Tempestria's shadow warrior Protector, Daelen, and, through her hunger for knowledge, is determined to help.Daelen StormTiger takes her to another world to train her, but who is training whom? She believes power isn't...