What have you read lately?

I only just finished “The Sex Diaries” and I have to admit that it’s a quirky book – in both concept and composition. At first, I thought it might be rather risqué but the more I read the more I realized it wasn’t all that bad at all.

The basic premise is a couple in therapy with a sex therapist and the story is told via their respective journals – which are supposed to be “sex journals”.

Of course, the topic is adult in nature and I would probably rate it at about a PG-16, but it’s still hilarious while being extremely revealing about the psyche and how it is affected by matters of the heart (among other spots on the body).

It’s not in the least bit explicit and while the author makes mention of things you might not want your child to be privy to just yet, the topic isn’t likely to be something your child is interested in reading about either.

I think I am setting my sights on “The Clearwater Journals” next. It’s a whodunit type of story, about an ex-cop who is drawn into a murder investigation by a waitress with whom he is smitten (at least, that was my take when I read the first few pages). It’s more along my line of subject matter and it sounds intriguing. Of course, it helps to see that a lot of other readers have also found it extremely entertaining as well.

What have you read lately? And what do you think you might read next?


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