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The Comedy of Writing

Lance Manion joins host, Scott Paton to talk about writing comedy and why Political Correctness will never be in vogue…

Humor needs to remain unfiltered and unapologetic. Even back in 2013, doing a guest blog, Lance argued against the direction of PC humor. We’ve seen it come to fruition now, with campuses banning the free exchange of ideas.

Tales of Adventure with Nap Lapkin… #FreeBooks #Comedy #Authors

Growing your Book Reading Audience With Seth Greene!

Seth Greene joins host, Scott Paton, to share book marketing strategies. Seth Greene is a Nationally Recognized Direct Response Marketing Expert.

Seth Greene is the author of five best-selling marketing books, and his latest book, Market Domination for Podcasting hits Barnes & Noble in January 2017.

He is the only person in history that Dan Kennedy has nominated for marketer of the year three years in a row.

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Terry Fallis, Award Winner Author. On His Best Laid Plans

Terry Fallis, Albatross…

From two-time Leacock Medal winner Terry Fallis comes a funny and smart new novel about destiny–and what it means to forge your own path.

Adam Coryell is your average high-school student–well, except for that obsession with fountain pens–when his life changes forever. Based on a study by a quirky Swedish professor that claims that every human being, regardless of athletic inclination, has a body that is suited to excel in at least one sport, it turns out that Adam is good–very good, in fact–at golf. Even though he’d never even picked up a

Ray Brehm of Book Profit School

Discover how to increase your income and influence beyond royalties. Ray uncovers the secrets to create effective Book Funnels to increase your sales. Ray helps authors launch summits because they are so powerful doing the things we use books to do (income, influencers and email list). He is hosting a summit this week called Book Profit School.