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Books Cafe – Mitchell Levy

Today, Scott Paton brings you an amazing guest!

Mitchell Levy just finished interviewing 500 thought leaders on Credibility and launched the book on Oct 8th, 2020.

Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy is on a path to interview 500 thought leaders to re-define credibility. He is finding and reinforcing existing and creating new approaches for humans to achieve and demonstrate credibility.

Mitchell’s book, “For Humans Who Want to Be Seen as Credible,” contains all of the things he and his team have learned from this credibility research.

Free eBooks – Kristy Smith

K.M. Smith has been around the world and currently resides in Texas. Writing is her passion, and writing about vampires and people with different supernatural abilities makes her giddy.Growing up in Michigan and spending time in several parts of the world has provided her with unique perspectives and innumerable opportunities for storytelling. K.M. is married to a wonderful and understanding man, and she is the mother of two children who test her knowledge of life and push her limits of caffeine intake daily.She is a bit of a dabbler and jumps headfirst into any endeavor she takes on

Leaders Must Lead – Dan McPherson

Dan McPherson:Well, we may not have the exact same experiences, but I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve always had big dreams and a desire to make a truly significant impact in the world. Unfortunately, I’ve spent a lot of my life not understanding how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. In fact, at times, it felt like an impossible dream.Growing up, I never felt like I fit in. We certainly didn’t have money. I was hidden from my father for 6 years when I was young, I remember eating half of

4 Steps to Being a Profitable Author

Why is it so hard to make money as an author? Books don’t make much money on their own.

Amazon sales may get you paid 30%-70%.

Even 70% of $14.95 is only about $10.

If you wanted to make $100,000 a year, you would have to sell 10,000 books.

The average book (by a real publisher) on the shelves of Barnes & Noble (pre-covid), only sells 250-300 it’s the first year!!!.

It will only sell 3,000 over its lifetime!  Can you live on a few thousand dollars a year for the next ten years?  I didn’t think so.