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Jimi Fritz is a filmmaker, musician, writer, entrepreneur, roustabout, and trick cyclist extraordinaire. He’s written two feature-length screenplays, numerous articles, and a non-fiction book about rave culture. He has made numerous films and music videos and generally has a hell of a good time.

His latest book, entitled, Confessions of an Ethical Drug Dealer, is a psychedelic, travelogue, and memoir.

The copy from the back cover reads:

Jimi Fritz takes us on a journey both geographical and philosophical while sharing a half-century of adventures in buying, selling, and consuming psychedelic drugs. Along the way, we learn the difference between smart drugs and dumb drugs, the truth about religion, and how to make a perfect cup of tea.

Jimi Fritz professes to be a heterodoxical polemicist, a skeptical polymath, an iconoclastic antitheist, and an aficionado of Stoicism.

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