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You are the Books you read…

… choose them wisely!

Would you like to go on a date with a book?


Reading eBooks and Manga is Glorious on the Good e-Reader 6.8

Amazon Debuts New Tablets with 20% Discount Sale

For those who have been considering the purchase of a Fire Tablet, now may be the time. Amazon issued a press release in mid-May announcing a flurry of news about the extremely popular Fire tablet lineup. As you may know, these gadgets come in various configurations and sizes, and they combine the convenience of a portable e-reader with other features. There are Fire tablets especially designed for children, for instance, as well as Fire devices that allow you to not just read but also shop online, play games, send and receive email, and even watch videos.

A 20%

Bookworm problems #2124

Any similarity to reality is purely coincidental…