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Top 5 best book to talk about on a first date

Online dating allows you to interact with a diverse range of prospective partners, and all from the convenience of your own home. Once you’ve come across another single you feel a connection with, you can spend as long as you wish to get to know them better, exchanging messages, developing a rapport, perhaps even arranging a video chat. The time will come when you’ll be eager to meet face-to-face – a date site like this is an introductory platform leading towards that first date. Thinking of what to chat about can cause some apprehension, but a good tip

3 Quick & Easy Beach Reading Tips for E-Book Lovers

This is the height of the beach reading season, as tens of millions of readers head to lakeside, riverbank, and oceanfront beaches everywhere to beat the summer heat. It wasn’t that long ago that anyone who wanted to take reading material along on that kind of outdoor excursion had to calculate the risk. You likely wouldn’t take a leather-bound classic printed on fancy parchment paper with you to a watery environment. You certainly wouldn’t risk getting your favorite books soaked in a thunderstorm or dropped overboard from a canoe or kayak. But e-reader technology has solved all of

3 Things to Know Before Buying Foreign Kindle E-Books

While most consumers and Amazon customers buy all – or almost all – of their e-books from the branch of Amazon that is in their own country of residence. But once in a while there may be a compelling reason to shop overseas for your Kindle books, and if you do so you may encounter some perplexing challenges. That’s why it is a good idea to know three particular things about that kind of unique transaction, so that you understand how it works or figure out a workaround solution if you hit a roadblock.

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4 E-Books to Help You Have a More Joyful, Successful Year

Just as starting your day on the right foot is a great idea, beginning the new year with some clarity and focus can help ensure that it is more successful and rewarding. Your e-reader and e-books can help in that regard, because one of the biggest challenges to keeping New Year’s resolutions is staying inspired and maintaining a positive outlook. Most people set annual goals but they don’t keep them, and that can backfire to make your year even more difficult. That’s because right out of the gate you lose self-confidence because by failing to keep your resolutions.

When Water and E-readers Don’t Mix: An overview of the Kobo Aura H2O

Here we are in the peak days of summer, when excursions to lakes, pools, rivers, and beaches are a great way to find relief from the heat and just have more fun. Nothing adds to the pleasure like a good book to read, either, and e-books are the handiest and most portable way to go. But that presents a potentially serious dilemma. How do you pack along your high-tech e-reader device without the risk of ruining it if it gets splashed on or you accidentally drop it into the water? Fortunately there is one e-reader that was designed