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How to Start an Online Bookstore and Succeed!

If you’ve visited a bookstore, some quick math after studying the prices and number of books available swiftly confirms that business is way out of your league. Recent technological advances mean that’s no longer true.

If you are on a tight budget, this article examines how you can succeed at starting an online eCommerce bookstore business with little or no money. If that fails, you could start with small business loans until it stabilizes.

Reasons why you should start your online bookstore

Online bookstores have meager startup costs. Unlike the olden days, you don’t need to worry about

How to be on Time – The main Books about Productivity!

Do you think that the best way to cope with all the tasks is to devote yourself entirely to work? We suggest you take a little distraction, though – to read books that will teach you how to get things done and help you become more productive as a result.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, David Allen

David Allen, one of the preeminent productivity theorists, is worth a start. This is the second edition of his best-selling book “Getting Things Done” – in the author’s own words, completely rewritten to reflect how the world has

Top 6 Books on History That Won’t Bore You to Death!

History is often slandered for being boring. The fault is none’s. But the way it is taught in the schools is the culprit for making history insipid. When you watch a historical movie, more than often, you would find yourself glued to the screen. Then why do history books seem to bore you to death?

We blame it on the representation of historical events in the textbooks. While in reality, human history around the globe is magnificent and more interesting than any fictional story. All you need to do is find the right books to experience the lives

5 Books Every Aspiring Nurse Should Read!

The culture of frequent reading is ingrained in budding nurses to develop tips to become the best professionals after passing their NCLEX exams. This analogy applies when you are aspiring to be a registered nurse. While there are tons of resources you can read online, it would be best to find one that provides detailed information on nursing-related topics.  One such resourceful online library recommended for budding registered nurses is Lecturio Registered Nurse RN courses.

Whether you just enrolled for nursing or are undergoing training, you realize that nursing isn’t just for money-driven individuals. In your career, you

Top 5 Must-Reads Books About Love, Dating, and Relationships!

More and more singles are choosing to join a dating service these days. One of the most exciting aspects of connecting with a prospective partner on a dating website is developing a rapport.  If you’re tempted to join one of these websites, the best way to connect with another single is to find common ground. In real life or online, appreciating a good book is always high on everyone’s list of hobbies. So discussing must-read books would be an ideal icebreaker when you’re developing a rapport during website chats. With that being said, to help you on your