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6 Tips for Increasing Your Speed as an E-Book Reader

With school back in session and millions of today’s students using e-books in the classroom, versus traditional books, it’s a good time to talk about speed-reading. Even if you aren’t a student or are only reading for pleasure, there are only so many minutes in the day and you may want to know how to become a faster reader. Then again, you may not be interested in speedy reading, because you don’t see it as a race or a competition. You just want to enjoy what you read and retain more of it as you read. Whatever kind

4 Tips for Reading E-Books on Your Smart Phone

You may be like the hundreds of millions of other readers on the planet who turn on an e-reader to enjoy novels, non-fiction, magazines, and more. But most people do not always leave home with a dedicated e-reader device like a Kindle or Nook tucked under their arm. Oftentimes you are traveling so light that all you take with you is your wallet and cell phone. So what do you do then about accessing e-books? Here are some answers to that questions – along with four great tips for connecting to your e-books via your smart phone.


President Obama Campaigns for Free E-Books

The Associated Press, along with leading business news outlets including the U.S. News & World Report, ran a story in late April explaining that President Barack Obama is pushing for more young people to have access to e-books. During a press conference held at a public library in one of the poorest neighborhood in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, President Obama revealed the new plan to provide more than $250 million worth of free e-books to low-income students.

Project ConnectEd

The e-book initiative is part of a larger and more comprehensive project called ConnectEd, which is intended to

2015 Digital Book Awards Were Just Announced

Right now everyone is buzzing about the Hollywood Golden Globes and the Oscars. But did you know that the 2015 Digital Book Awards were just announced at a gala event in New York City? Every year finalists and winners are celebrated in a number of different categories that recognize innovation in electronic publishing, design, technological integration, and the end-user experience for those who love e-reading.

The Annual Awards Ceremony

Over the weekend of January 13th, 2015, the awards were handed out during a major digital publishing conference that convened at the upscale Hilton Midtown Hotel. As explained by

E-books and Younger Readers: Questions and answers for concerned parents

Many parents want to introduce their children to electronic devices, including e-readers, but they first want to gain as much understanding as possible to ensure they make wise, healthy decisions. One of the big questions is whether or not e-readers have an advantage over traditional books in terms of boosting literacy rates. Many schools are beginning to use e-readers in the classroom, for instance, while parents are downloading apps that claim to accelerate reading skills for pre-schoolers. So let’s look at some of the information that sheds light on the value of e-books for young students as compared