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Reading at the Speed of Light: Can our eyes evolve with e-books?

Tech companies are rolling out speed-reading aids and software apps including “Acceleread” and “Velocity” that push the envelope considerably. Want to be able to zip through 500 words per minute? The engineers behind the product “Speed Read Trainer” believe they can get the typical reader to that level in about two weeks. Flipping pages at that clip you could read a standard-sized novel in about the same amount of time it would take to watch the movie version. Or you could sit down and polish off Moby Dick in one day.

Read 150 Pages Per Hour But the

e-Books Help Cure Prohibitive Cost of College Textbooks

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According to a June 2013 Government Accountability Office report, textbook prices rose more than 80% between 2002 and 2012. That was approximately three times the rate of inflation, and is one of the reasons that college education has become too expensive for many young people. That’s why many students, educators, and educational industry observers believe that the future of academic textbooks must involve an innovative shift into digital media versus conventional printed texts.

The change was predicted by an article that appeared in Cornell’s own student newspaper in 2011, where spokespersons for the campus book

Favorite Fonts: One of the underappreciated advantages of e-books.

A friend of mine who works as a graphic designer pointed out that the font she selects has a huge influence upon the visual and emotional impact of her designs. Although most of us are more or less oblivious to it, font plays a powerful role in the lives of readers and can make a real difference.

Size Matters and So Does Presentation

“When it comes to typeface size matters, and so does style,” she said. “That’s why I almost exclusively use Verdana on all of the marketing materials and websites that I create.”

I found that interesting

On anthropomorphising the book genres…

I have an odd imagination; my husband tells me this constantly. I think of the oddest of things at times when you might least expect it. For instance, I glimpsed this morning’s newsletter with last week’s blog post opening sentence and I said to myself, “What kind of personalities would book genres be if they were people?” And then I thought that might make for an interesting blog post; so here goes…

Obligatory disclaimer: There are hundreds of genres and sub-genres and if I attempt to figure them all out we’ll be here all year so I

How to Take Charge of Your Reading Fears

As an avid horror reader in my teenaged years, my mother would often caution me about how much of “that trash” I read, to be careful I didn’t fill my head with horrors so terrible that it tainted my soul. My mother is quite religious and thus the “taint your soul” aspect of her cautions were almost inevitable. Her argument was that we become what we fill our hearts and minds with. Thus if I read too much horror stories, I would become horrible myself.

I guess there might be a certain amount of logic in that. Lately,