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Urgent February News for Kobo & Kindle Fans

February is Valentine’s Day month, and if you love your Kobo or would love to have a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, this news may be just for you. One news item is that some Kobo devices are due for a critical software update. The other news is that Paperwhites are on sale, and the savings are huge.

Kobo Arc Alert

If you own a Kobo Arc tablet it is urgently due for a long-overdue software security upgrade. Kobo sends you emails when it is time to do an upgrade, but you may have missed that message or

Tips for Dealing with a Cracked E-reader Screen

One of the most frustrating but common problems with e-readers is a cracked screen. Sure, lots of people will say that the top contender for the worst, most frequently reported problem is an e-reader that’s been dunked in the water. That happens all the time. But these days there are a few wonderfully engineered and designed devices that are totally waterproof. With one of those, your waterlogged problem is solved before it even happens. Still, nobody has come up with a screen that is unbreakable. So if yours breaks or cracks, it is good to know your options.

How to Delete E-Books from Kindle, iPad/iPhone or Kobo Devices

If you are an avid reader you accumulate lots of e-book content on your devices. But when you are done with titles, keeping them stored on your device may be unnecessary. Plus, the more space you use on a device the less room you have for new content. In some cases, using a huge amount of your device’s storage capacity could even slow down its performance. So here are some ways to delete titles you no longer need to carry around from Kindle, Apple, or Kobo devices.

How to Do It on a Kindle

Power up the device

Buy a New Kindle from Amazon for 25% Off

At the close of each year, it can be hard to keep track of all the special holiday and New Year’s sales and bargains. You’ve got Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, the lots of last-minute Christmas sales. Next there are the after-Christmas deals as retailers unload their excess inventory. There’s Boxing Day in the UK. In the USA the sales shift into high gear as soon as the holidays end, especially for high-tech gadgets and electronics.

One of the most sought-after items is the Amazon Kindle. But now, if you want a top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis, and you act

Last Minute Shopping Tips: The perfect stocking stuffer

Holiday shopping can be lots of fun. Unfortunately, it can also be a source of stress. Everyone is well aware of the pressures that accompany end-of-year holiday shopping. Most people have heard about or experienced crowded malls and aggressively competitive consumers. Even if you shop online,you may feel the anxiety of trying to snag just the right gifts before they sell out and are no longer available.

All of those kinds of tension and worry undermine the genuine spirit of the season. Plus, if you overspend your budget, you can wake up after celebrating New Year’s Day feeling