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How Do US Colleges & Universities Try to Prevent Covid-19 Cases?

COVID-19 is still here. Sad but true: all the efforts taken to stop the spread of the virus had not quite succeeded. Without a 100% working treatment and no mass vaccination, we still live amid the uncertainty and have to take whatever precautions that are available.

Considering the situation, there’s been a lot of debate about whether the students should return to campuses this fall or if distance learning is still the best choice. Heated discussions are still going on though the fall semester has already begun in the US.

Safety Above All

The main subject is, of

5 Best US Universities With Great Scholarship Options

It seems like American citizens have more options to win a grant. Actually, nowadays, an international student can find as many funded offers as an American applicant. Thus, it is now more likely to gain a scholarship and start your dream education far away from home, especially if you check all opportunities available!

By the way, there are many types of scholarships you can be interested in, starting with government-funded higher education institutions in the US and ending with specific institutions and private organizations. At first, it is necessary to decide which university in the US is the

5 Books Every Art Student Must Read

Creative passion is more than just finding the source within you. Some people find inspiration from observing the life around them, and some watch as many movies as possible to find the perfect reference. Others listen to music and let it catch the first visual idea. However, whether you study sculpture, paintings, art history, or anything applied to creative arts, you should look for books that can provide you with some great ideas. 

Here is a list of books that may help you to find comfort or inspiration. 

1. World of Art Books – Thames & Hudson


6 Best Free Books That Will Boost Your Writing Skills

All language aspects, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing, are interrelated. For example, non-natives who listen to foreign languages frequently are more successful in speaking them than those who do not.

Likewise, those who read a lot of literature are usually better at writing than those who disregard this part. Success in college paper writing depends a lot on students’ ability to stay focused and express thoughts and ideas in a coherent way.

Reading helps one master many skills. Moreover, if you enjoy books, high chances are that your grammar, vocabulary, and spelling are way better compared

Seven Books to Prepare You for Med School

Being a doctor can be a rewarding and lucrative career, but it may not be for everyone. Even for those suited to become doctors, entering the profession can sometimes be a shock. Especially in the COVID era, when health care professionals have to adapt, and quickly, to caring for people stricken with this new disease. We see doctors and medical professionals as heroes because of their courageous front-line work; but we also see clearly how demanding this career really is. 

If you’re a new or prospective medical student, check out the following reading list. A mix of