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Handy Accessories to Help Hold E-Readers

There are lots of different e-readers, from iPads and Kindles to Kobos and Nooks. To get the most out them there are also many accessories you can acquire. One of the most interesting, practical, and useful categories of accessories is holders and stands. These are products that allow you to have a hands-free reading experience. Instead of using your hands to hold your e-reader device, use them to hold your favorite beverage. Press the buttons and screens on the device, or sit there and practice your guitar or piano scales.

Maybe you just want a more secure grip

Tips for Solving Issues When Indexing E-books on a Kindle

If you are lucky enough to get a new Kindle, it’s an exciting event. But some of the fun can wear off really fast when you try to transfer a large number of e-books from your library to the Kindle and have it index them. Many Kindle users complain that the process takes a huge amount of time, and that while the device is indexing books it can cause annoying delays in the Kindle’s operation. It can also rapidly drain its battery, which can be especially troublesome if you are on the move and unable to stop and

Tips for Writing a Great Essay

Work on One Central Idea

Essay writing is a valuable skill. You may be asked to write an essay for a school class, as part of the admission process for college, or for a job application. Or you may just have information to share, a story to tell, or a desire to share your thoughts and insights with readers. But writing an essay is a challenge for many people, so here are some professional tips on how to improve your essay writing ability.

Perhaps the biggest pitfall writers encounter is that they try to say too many things

Urgent February News for Kobo & Kindle Fans

February is Valentine’s Day month, and if you love your Kobo or would love to have a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, this news may be just for you. One news item is that some Kobo devices are due for a critical software update. The other news is that Paperwhites are on sale, and the savings are huge.

Kobo Arc Alert

If you own a Kobo Arc tablet it is urgently due for a long-overdue software security upgrade. Kobo sends you emails when it is time to do an upgrade, but you may have missed that message or

Tips for Dealing with a Cracked E-reader Screen

One of the most frustrating but common problems with e-readers is a cracked screen. Sure, lots of people will say that the top contender for the worst, most frequently reported problem is an e-reader that’s been dunked in the water. That happens all the time. But these days there are a few wonderfully engineered and designed devices that are totally waterproof. With one of those, your waterlogged problem is solved before it even happens. Still, nobody has come up with a screen that is unbreakable. So if yours breaks or cracks, it is good to know your options.