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3 Things every bibliophile can relate to, explained

We love books. Before we had books, we loved stories. Storytelling made us into humans we are now, so this devotion is absolutely justified. Yet there is something more to it. Sometimes we take this adoration over the top. We hoard books, we suffer from “book hangovers”, fall in love with favorite characters and spend our food money to buy some more precious hardbacks. Have you ever wondered why? Well, I hope I can clear that up for at least three relatable things every book lover experiences at least once.

#1 Raise your hand, those of you

Now’s a Great Time to Check Out Apple iBooks

In mid-September 2018, Apple released its newest gadgets, including the brand new iPhone with a larger screen and lots of high-tech bells and whistles. But for those who are avid e-book readers, the update of Apple’s operating system to ios12 is also big news. The new system, according to Apple, makes apps on devices like iPads and iPhones work faster and more reliably. Those apps include one that lets you shop for and download e-books.

The iBooks App

The iBooks e-reader app, which is an app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, is a free app

Kindle Features for Students & Textbooks

If you or your child is back in school – or if you just read for the pleasure of lifelong learning – there are some handy features on Kindles that can make you a better student. You can track your readings, view e-book versions of textbooks in formats that appear the same as the print versions, and unleash other handy features that many Kindle owners don’t know about or use.

Print Replica Electronic Textbooks

One of the most annoying experiences for students is when they have an electronic or e-book version of a conventional printed textbook, but the

Text to Speech on Kindle

You can essentially turn your Kindle content into audio content on most recent generations of Kindle Fire tablets, using the  Text-to-Speech feature. If Text-to-Speech is an option on an e-book, you should see a note saying “Text-to-Speech Enabled” next to the book on the product details page. So look for that when you’re shopping titles in the Kindle book store. It’s also possible to use the Text-to-Speech feature to read personal documents, like those that you create yourself and then load onto your Kindle Fire.

To use the feature while you are reading a Text-to-Speech enabled e-book, tap

Send Web Page Content to Your Kindle

Oftentimes you see an article, news item, blog, how-to or DIY guide, food or drink recipe, or a web page that you’d like to save to your Kindle. You can do it, and it’s easy, because Amazon offers a browser extension that’s free to install. It’s called Send to Kindle and works with Kindle gadgets as well as the Kindle app. There are browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, too, which you can download if you use those browsers.

You’ll see a Kindle icon in your address bar, which you can then click on to preview