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How to Get Amazon’s Alexa to Read E-books to You

It can be great to have someone else read to you…while you simply chill-out and relax. But with conventional audio reading, you have may even have to have a CD player handy. Let’s face it, that’s so “last century” in this digitally-advanced day and age. But now there is a cool hack that can literally transform your library of e-books for Kindle into an e-library of audio versions. You can sit and just listen, even with your eyes closed, to all those same great titles you enjoy. All it takes is utilizing Amazon Kindle in conjunction with Amazon’s

3 Great Reasons to Check Out Kobo E-Readers this Month

The Kobo company, based in Canada, is quickly gaining ground, and if you haven’t paid attention to Kobo before, you may want to check it out now. Kobo is lesser-known than giant – which invented the first e-reader device – and Kobo is also a relatively new player in the global e-reader device marketplace. But it now is in partnership with Amazon’s biggest retail rival, Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart to Offer E-books

Wal-Mart and Kobo have teamed-up to start selling e-books, as well as Kobo e-reader devices and audiobooks. Wal-Mart plans to begin adding those items to its extensive

Became a Published Author in 2018

Last month, to kick off the new year, lots of readers and writers made optimistic and ambitious goals. But there’s a 2018 resolution and achievement goal that you’ll love, which you may not have thought of yet. It might even make you rich and famous.

You Can Be a Published Author

Publish your own book, and then put it on an online platform where it will get in front of millions of readers. Not just readers in your region, either. You can connect with a network of readers that spans the globe in multiple languages. Publishing your book

News Flash: Snag Big Discounts on Two Most Popular Kindles

You can get some really special discounts right now on a couple of Amazon’s most popular and well-reviewed Kindle e-readers. Amazon is currently offering Certified refurbished Paperwhite and Oasis devices, for a limited time, at much lower prices than you would normally pay. So if you are in the market for one of these, read on to find out more…and then act quickly before they fly off the shelves and are no longer available at such sweet prices. But first, let’s talk about the quality of Amazon’s refurbished products, because you want to make sure that even if

Give a VIP Gift for the Holidays

If you are looking for the perfect last-minute gift for a reader on your list, you’ve come to the right place. The unique “stick libraries” – which are USB thumb drives containing a whole library of e-books – are a fabulous and super-popular stocking stuffer. But did you know that you can also give someone the priceless gift of unlimited e-books? Just present them with a gift card that includes their very own VIP Membership.

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