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Kindle Family Drama is Causing Mysterious Summertime Rumors

Everyone loves a great mystery story for summer reading. But this summer the mystery that is stirring the minds of many e-book fans isn’t a novel or thriller story, it’s the original e-reader device…the Kindle. The much-loved basic Kindle is the subject of lots of rumors that you may have heard, about whether it’s no longer going to be made. In other words, it may be discontinued. If you investigate this intriguing summertime mystery you’ll see that it’s a cliffhanger so far.

What’s Generating the Speculation

Although nothing has yet been officially confirmed or denied by Amazon, the

Protect Your E-Reader Around Water this Summer

Summer beach and poolside weather is here, and this is the time when a portable e-reader can be so handy, portable, and fun. But you don’t want to let moisture or sand get into your device and damage it, which is why protection against the elements is so important. Manufacturers have responded by making some awesome, genuinely waterproof e-readers, and if you can afford the extra cost they usually charge,  it’s a great investment. But if not, just shop around for an economical waterproof pouch to protect your e-reader. Plus, if the pouch or device is truly waterproof

Pros and Cons of Boox, the World’s Priciest E-Reader

Many fans of e-books think of a top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis or a newest-generation waterproof Kobo e-reader as the priciest. But you could probably have at least one of each for what it costs to buy just one Onyx Boox e-reader gadget.

What is Boox?

Boox is made by the Chinese company Onyx International, which has made and sold portable e-reader devices for about a decade. The company has evolved by specializing in making Boox e-readers that are super-interactive when it comes to scribbling or drawing right on the touchpad. The Boox products appeal to creative people ranging from

Tips for Extended Kindle Oasis 2 Battery Life

The Oasis Kindle 2 is one of the most feature-rich and elegantly designed e-readers on the market today. It has lots of sophisticated technology, drawing on years of Amazon Kindle research and development to give you the latest engineering and quality. But an unusual number of customers who purchased this particular model of the Kindle are really unhappy with the battery life. So here are some tips for getting the most out of your Kindle Oasis 2 battery. Most of these tips can also be applied to any other type of e-reader you may have.

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