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Troubleshoot an Unresponsive E-Reader Touch Screen

If you have an e-reader with a touch screen, you know how easily and smoothly it works to help you navigate as you read. But once in a while, a touch screen may stop working as it should, and that can be frustrating. Should that happen to you, there are some simple and helpful DIY ways that you can troubleshoot the problem. Most of the time, one of these will fix the issue and you’ll soon be back to reading.

How Do E-Reader Touch Screens Work?

First, it can help to learn a little about how the touchscreen

Amazon Deals & Audio Book Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

July is a special month for Amazon, practically as big or bigger than the year-end December holiday shopping season. So you may want to check it out, and if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, you might want to consider the benefits. Amazon Prime isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t buy things on Amazon that come with free Prime shipping, so that’s not valuable to them. Others cannot justify paying the annual membership fee. But if you like reading books on Kindle devices, the benefits may outweigh the costs…and make Prime Membership a real bargain for you. Let’s

Summer E-Reader News You Can Use

Summer’s here, along with a variety of news for anyone who is a fan of e-readers and e-books. Most of it involves updates or debuts in the area of e-reader devices. But this summer there is also news about how e-books are gaining more readers throughout the world.

What’s Been Making Headlines

There are exciting and fun things happening at Amazon this month for kids. Over at Barnes and Noble, unfortunately, it’s more of the “same old, same old.” That bookseller used to be one of Amazon’s main contenders with the Nook e-reader and a vast inventory of

Kindle Family Drama is Causing Mysterious Summertime Rumors

Everyone loves a great mystery story for summer reading. But this summer the mystery that is stirring the minds of many e-book fans isn’t a novel or thriller story, it’s the original e-reader device…the Kindle. The much-loved basic Kindle is the subject of lots of rumors that you may have heard, about whether it’s no longer going to be made. In other words, it may be discontinued. If you investigate this intriguing summertime mystery you’ll see that it’s a cliffhanger so far.

What’s Generating the Speculation

Although nothing has yet been officially confirmed or denied by Amazon, the