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Tips for Self-Publishing eBooks with Amazon

If you’re a fan of reading e-books on Kindle, you know how popular they are. But they are also increasingly popular for those who want to write and publish their own titles. You can publish an electronic book that is beautiful and looks as great as a traditional printed book. Offer it on Amazon, and you reach a global audience. You do it much cheaper, faster, and easier that traditional print publication. That’s why you’ll want to know how Amazon self-publishing of e-books works, before you create your e-book.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon has a department called Kindle

How to Convert and Send PDF Files to Read on Your Kindle

Almost all the documents you read these days are either Word style documents or they are PDF files. PDF is usually preferred when you want to display text in a format that makes it look more like a book or magazine. With a PDF file (which, by the way, stands for Portable Document Format), you can display text as well as pictures and graphs and the presentation is very book-like. You can also add a special graphic or photographic cover, just like a book. What you wind up with when a PDF file is put together in this

Top 3 eBook Publishing Tools

It used to be extremely complicated and challenging to become a published fiction author or writer of nonfiction. The cost of printing a traditional book can be prohibitive, and to find a publishing company to print it for you can be difficult. Even if you do find one, the publisher will usually take almost all of the profits and leave you only a small percentage. Or, if you want to get published in a magazine, you have to market yourself as an accomplished writer. But with electronic books or magazines you can be your own publisher, whether you’re

Celebrate National Reading Month with Kindle Discounts

March is famous for windy weather, St. Patrick’s Day, and the first day of spring. It’s named is derived from Martius, which was the first month of the earliest Roman calendar. That word Martius came from the word for the planet Mars, which was named after the Roman god of war…who was also the god of agriculture. But avid readers may also know that March was also the month when Dr. Seuss…the famous children’s book author and illustrator…celebrated his birthday. For many reader, Dr. Seuss books were the first books they read as children.

So it is fitting