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eBook Bargains: Top Tips for Black Friday

The biggest and most frantic holiday sales season is upon us, and everyone is strategizing ways to score the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Over the Black Friday weekend, some of the most lucrative bargains of the entire year will be up for grabs. That includes products for e-book readers, so here are some timely tips to help make your bargain hunting more successful.

Under the Radar Deals

Some of the best bargains of all will be found by savvy shoppers who buy before the actual official Black Friday kick-off. That’s because retailers have, in recent

3 New E-Readers Hit the Market Just in Time for Black Friday

If you are in the market for a new e-reader, or an upgraded version of your favorite one, manufacturers have some good news. Three of the biggest makers of e-readers, Apple, Amazon, and Kobo, have recently released significantly upgraded versions of some of the most popular models ever made.

They also timed it so that the new gadgets will be flying off the shelves during the holiday shopping season. Anyone shopping for an e-reader, especially a more top-of-the-line model, will want to check out these three newbies.

A Waterproof Paperwhite

The super-popular Kindle Paperwhite just got the biggest

Lesser-Known & European E-Readers, Plus E-Book Battery Tech News

While the most popular and well-known e-readers (like Kindle) tend to dominate the market and the headlines, there are other e-readers available. New ones are coming out all the time, and some of them have unique features or pricing. That may make them worth a look if you’re browsing or doing research before making a buying decision for your next e-reader gadget. Meanwhile researchers are hoping to create the world’s first technology to power e-readers without batteries.

The InkBook Lumos

The most recent e-book reader from InkBook, called the InkBook Lumos, may be a good choice for those

7 Great E-Books to Read for Halloween

Halloween can be a lot more than just costumes and candy treats, when it is celebrated with the healthy habit of reading. Kids love a good ghost story, and for younger children there are wonderfully humorous Halloween tales. But there are also gripping stories for teens and even adults who want to enjoy a frightfully good read.

Here are 7 suggestions of great e-books for October and especially the spooky night of Halloween. So check out these titles and others to scare up some fun reading on the Halloween holiday. Some of them are even available right here

3 Things every bibliophile can relate to, explained

We love books. Before we had books, we loved stories. Storytelling made us into the humans we are now, so this devotion is absolutely justified. Yet there is something more to it. Sometimes we take this adoration over the top. We hoard books, we suffer from “book hangovers”, fall in love with favorite characters and spend our food money to buy some more precious hardbacks. Have you ever wondered why? Well, I hope I can clear that up for at least three relatable things every book lover experiences at least once.

#1 Raise your hand, those of