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5 Engrossing Books on Academic Writing You’d Better Note

Even if you’re great at academic writing, don’t hasten to claim you know  everything about this subtle and intricate craft. This immersive practice is downright complex to come to grips with, especially when you’re a student preoccupied with other demanding university chores besides your unnerving writing assignments. That being said, to gain a proper insight into academic writing, a student needs to take some time to learn about its subtleties from reputable, reliable scholarly sources.

Why Is This Step Essential?

This effective way of enhancing academic sharpness is followed by all advanced writers, including essay writers working for

Top Children’s Authors: Timeless Children’s Books for Your Home Library

I’ve been writing articles about children’s books for a long time. You see, I’m a second-time round parent of toddlers and preschoolers, a joy school teacher, editor in write my essay company, a story time presenter, and a huge bibliophile.  You could say children’s books are a passion for me, even an addiction. Lately I’ve been realizing that some of the best children’s book authors aren’t quite as well-known, but are heavy hitters on my book lists, and they deserve to have their own hub singing their praises. Books written by these authors have something a little extra

How to Store Your Vintage Comic Books

A Meticulous Hobby

Those of us with this sickness know exactly what I’m talking about.

We as comic book aficionados have voluntarily come into a world where we believe that pulp is worth money. Back in the 1950’s, we’d be the guy who collects bottle caps. Now, however, we’ve found the perfect trade off. We get to read some of the best fictional work that is married to (more often than not) artistic genius that is part of a greater continuity and a larger world of mythos.

I’m talking about comic book collecting.

Oh sure, we see some

How to Publish a Children’s Book?

Where Do You Begin?

Writing a book for children is one thing, but what’s the point if nobody ever gets to read it?

All authors write to have their stories read, and children’s writers need an audience just like anybody else. So what’s the best way to get your children’s book published? That depends on a number of factors that require careful consideration.

Children’s Books Publishing Options

It used to be the case that you could only get your book published through a mainstream publisher. But those days are gone.

Now you have options that simply weren’t available

25+ Best Popular Young Adult Books

Curious what to read next? This list consists of both classics and less known pieces of literature that have proven to be engaging thoughtful works. While the books are broken down by age ranges, they can truly be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

Books for Pre-Teens

“This short list contains classic works that every child should be exposed to, if not in the class room, outside of it. Ranging from fantasy to historical fiction these books are sure to engage any young adults attention.” – says Juan Koss, an editor from Write My Essays company.

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