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Liberty Takes Center Stage at FreedomFest 2023

July 9, 2023-

FreedomFest 2023 promises a captivating display of political theater as presidential contenders from across the spectrum appeal to citizens' hopes and fears. With rhetoric as performance art, candidates will shape national discourse from the FreedomFest stage. Where politics meets human flourishing, democracy becomes a dramatic spectacle.

Master Active Listening to Improve Your Listening and Improve Your Career

May 3, 2023-

Effective communication goes beyond speaking; it requires active listening. Active listening involves understanding the true meaning behind words and conveying genuine interest and empathy. By mastering the three aspects of active listening—cognitive, emotional, and behavioral—we can become more effective communicators. Cognitive listening entails focused attention and…

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Three Proud Women is a fiction and alternate history novel which is the sequel to my And An Angel Sang. It tells the continuing adventures of three outstanding women…

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