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3 Ways to Save Money with Back-to-School E-Books

Everyone is back in school now for the new year, and that means spending lots of money on textbooks and then carrying them around every day to and from classes. That can put a strain on your wallet and on your back. But if you do as many students are now doing and use e-book versions of your textbooks, that can solve both of those problems. Here are three ways that you can come out ahead this semester when it comes to e-books.


#1 Buy E-Books for Class


Need an expensive textbook for one of your

Tips to Help You Shop for a Totally Waterproof E-Reader

Summer is winding down soon, but as the legendary baseball Hall of Fame player and coach Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” In fact, some of the best days of summer are still ahead of us, including one of the biggest holidays of the year for hardworking Americans, Labor Day Weekend. There will be plenty of days yet to come for kayaking down river, canoeing and paddle boarding on the lake, waterskiing, and volleyball or surfing at the beach. That’s why it may be the right time for you to consider owning a waterproof e-reader.

Tips for Waterproofing Your E-Reader

Many readers are heading to the beach right now, to take advantage of the last best chance to enjoy some fun in the sun, sand, and water before summer’s gone. If that includes you, it helps to know some ways to safeguard your e-reader along the way. Just as you’re advised to wear sunscreen to the beach to protect your skin, you also want to protect your gadget so that it doesn’t suffer unnecessary damage while you’re enjoying the water.

Emergency E-reader Waterproofing

If you don’t want to splash out on a special waterproof case for your day

2 E-book Reader Tips for Saving Money on Amazon

There are many reasons to use e-books and e-readers. They are portable, convenient, and offer tons of high-tech features and options to enhance your reading experience in ways that ordinary books cannot. But one of the most compelling reasons that people like e-book reading is that it can save them enormous amounts of money. Since was the inventor and seller of the first really popular e-reader, the Kindle, it’s only natural that the majority of people who like e-books shop on Amazon. So here are a couple of money-saving tips that may help you next time you

5 Tips for Summertime Outdoor E-Book Reading

There are so many opportunities during the summer to be outdoors having fun or just relaxing. That makes it one of the most popular seasons for reading, and e-readers are so conveniently portable they make that so much easier. But there can be issues related to outdoor e-book reading that come up, and it helps to know how to address and solve before you head out the door. Here are some tips that can make summer reading even more pleasant and portable.

Enjoy Lightweight Portability

You can install an e-book app on a smart phone and use it