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Why You Should Read Books You Hate!!!

What’s Your Favorite Emma Watson Movie?

Lesser-Known E-Reader Features Right at Your Fingertips

Ever since e-books and e-reader devices entered the marketplace to compete with less convenient conventional printed books, the technology has evolved at breakneck speed. Within just 10 years the quality of the electronic print has been dramatically enhanced, and lots of new features and innovations have been made available. Meanwhile the price of e-readers has plummeted while the quality and variety of options has significantly increased. You can buy basic e-readers, ones that also allow you to check your email or surf the web, and even ones that deliver videos and other kinds of specialized multimedia content…while enabling

It’s not an addiction, it’s a lifestyle!

The book hoarder in you!

I thought I was a book hoarder, now I realize that all I have is short-term memory loss… #Sucharelief