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Bookaholics’ logic! 🤭

Meeting point for booklovers! 😉

Never-ending nightmare: why feminist dystopias must stop torturing women

How many of you have read this book? 😅

Pros and Cons of Boox, the World’s Priciest E-Reader

Many fans of e-books think of a top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis or a newest-generation waterproof Kobo e-reader as the priciest. But you could probably have at least one of each for what it costs to buy just one Onyx Boox e-reader gadget.

What is Boox?

Boox is made by the Chinese company Onyx International, which has made and sold portable e-reader devices for about a decade. The company has evolved by specializing in making Boox e-readers that are super-interactive when it comes to scribbling or drawing right on the touchpad. The Boox products appeal to creative people ranging from