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Books Cafe Featuring Tom Bloomer!

Tom Bloomer has spent over 30 years as a proven Sales Leader. He started as an entry-level sales rep and worked his way up to building a team that resulted in my becoming the Regional VP of Sales responsible for over $40M annually in local ad revenues.

He has built multiple teams from the ground up in several states and through several economic changes and company acquisitions.

Throughout his 15 years as VP of Sales, he worked for three of the leading direct-mail advertising companies in the country: Clipper Magazine, Gannett Media, and Valassis.

While working in that capacity he was responsible for strategic growth, change management, company training, and new product sales. His career experience also includes leading teams in the Private Education Sector, Retail, and the Food Industry.

It is this background and wealth of experience that has given him the ability to hire, train, coach, and lead hundreds of successful people over the years who have all contributed to his earning the reputation as a tremendous coach and leader, and a speaker that motivates and inspires others!