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Protect Your E-Reader Around Water this Summer

Summer beach and poolside weather is here, and this is the time when a portable e-reader can be so handy, portable, and fun. But you don’t want to let moisture or sand get into your device and damage it, which is why protection against the elements is so important. Manufacturers have responded by making some awesome, genuinely waterproof e-readers, and if you can afford the extra cost they usually charge,  it’s a great investment. But if not, just shop around for an economical waterproof pouch to protect your e-reader. Plus, if the pouch or device is truly waterproof that means it can also do a better job of protecting your device from sand, dirt, and dust. You’ll be able to use them year-round, whether you’re camping, traveling, or just reading outdoors where a rainstorm might catch you off guard.

Upgrade to a Waterproof E-Reader

The Kobo H2O was the first fully-waterproof e-reader, and it’s still a top choice for a well-protected device. But now there is a second edition that’s even better. The Kobo H2O Edition 2 is waterproof from the inside-out, for up to an hour in two meters of water. It also boasts comfortlight technology to be easier on your eyes at night, and sports a 6.8 inch screen plus lots of other sophisticated and elegant features. You can check out a review of it, which outlines all the key features, on this website under the Buyer’s Guide section. You’ll also find several other e-reader devices there, including the newest Kindle Oasis, sometimes called Oasis 2. It’s another waterproof device that can survive submerging in two meters of water for up to 60 minutes. This Kindle is the first one made by Amazon that is waterproof, and it also offers an adaptive front light. That light automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on your surroundings. If you’re in a shady spot it brightens, for instance, and if you move to full glaring sun the light dims to adjust.

Lesser-Known Waterproof E-Readers

The big names in waterproofed e-readers are Kobo and Kindle, but there are some others that boast waterproofing features. If you look around you may find a pre-owned or refurbished Nook Glowlight Plus e-reader. Those were discontinued, and cannot be purchased new from the manufacturer. But while they were still being made by Barnes and Nobel one of the selling features was that they were waterproof, for up to half an hour at a depth of one meter. Another waterproof e-reader, still in production, is the Tolino Epos…which has a touchscreen that is nearly 8-inches big. The Tolino Epos also utilizes the same kind of comfortlight technology found on the Kobo H2O, as a bonus. But don’t look for the Tolino Epos unless you live in Germany, Italy, Belgium, or Holland. Those are the only markets where it is currently for sale.

Waterproof Carrying Pouches

The WALNEW is an example of an inexpensive and universally-adaptable waterproof pouch that you can use on a variety of devices. That includes the Kindle Oasis, Paperwhite, and Fire 7 as well as Kobo Touch, iPad Mini, and other devices. It only costs about $10 at Amazon, is one of its best-selling waterproof pouches, and is eligible for free shipping. It’s basically made from tough PVC plastic, and has three different zip lock strips to ensure a good all-around seal. The manufacturer says that you can still work the touch pad and navigation button on a Kindle, through the cover, which also has a lanyard for carrying convenience.

Always Do a Leak Test

There are lots of similar pouches and covers that offer waterproofing, and you can browse and do comparison shopping to find the one that suits you best. But here’s an important tip to follow before you use any kind of protective waterproof pouch. Always test it beforehand. Place thin paper, like toilet paper or a piece of paper towel, inside the pouch. Seal it and submerge it in water for several minutes. Then check to see if the paper is still completely dry. If it is not dry, then neither will your valuable device be if you use it in the pouch and the pouch gets wet. That’s a good way to detect a defective pouch and get a replacement or refund before you risk using it to safeguard your device.