Kindle Oasis: 1st Waterproof Kindle Goes on Sale Oct. 31st

Trick or treaters who go knocking at the Amazon store door are in for a real treat this Halloween, because that’s the day that the first fully waterproof Kindle in history makes it highly-anticipated debut. The Kindle Oasis is now set to compete directly with the Kobo Aura H20, which we wrote about in a recent blog. Until now, the Kobo Aura H20 (which is now available in a highly-rated second generation model) was really the only game in town if you wanted a truly waterproof e-reader. But now you have a choice, and choice is always good when you’re a consumer.

Overview of The Kindle Oasis

The Oasis is 6.3 inches by 5.6 inches, and weighs approximately seven ounces. It has been tested under two meters (about six and a half feet) of fresh water, and was still operable after being underwater for a whole hour. So it’s ideal to use for reading in the tub, swimming pool, or at the beach…and if you accidentally drop it in water, no problem. You could conceivably even take it snorkeling for long enough to read a chapter or two. The gadget is fully wireless, so you do not need a computer to download books. You also get free cloud storage on Amazon, the device is Bluetooth-enabled, and the battery is good for up to six weeks of use on a single charge. You can recharge it about two hours or less if you buy and use an Amazon 5W charger…otherwise it charges in about three hours.

You Can Also Upgrade to Free Connectivity

Many readers want to have an e-reader that offers Wi-Fi connectivity, but not everyone has affordable high-speed internet. To help solve that problem, Amazon is offering to provide free cellular connectivity with your Oasis. You don’t have to do anything to set-up your wireless connection, the way you normally need to do when you get Wi-Fi. It is built-in for you already, and it uses the same cell phone signals that smartphones utilize to connect you when you use a mobile phone. But Amazon picks up the tab when you buy a Wi-Fi connected Oasis package. You won’t have any monthly fees and no contracts. You’ll just have a convenient and speedy way to shop for e-books and download them from wherever you are, any time you want to…without looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Jeff Bezos Story

You may have heard about an interview that Jeff Bezos, who is the CEO of Amazon, did several years ago. He was talking to the reporter about the Kindle when the reporter asked what you are supposed to do if you want to use a Kindle to read in the bathtub. Bezos famously answered that what he would do is put the device inside of a plastic zip-lock bag. Now journalists who have reviewed the new Oasis are quick to point out that the super-wealthy founder of Amazon will no longer have to keep sandwich or freezer bags handy when he bathes, swims, or hangs out in the hot tub. The takeaway from the story is that neither will you, if you have the new waterproof. Oasis.

How to Get Your New Oasis

The new Oasis can be pre-ordered on Amazon between now and Oct. 31st, for a price $249.99, and that includes free shipping. You can also take advantage of a bundle package, which includes an Oasis, a cover for the device, plus a power adapter, all for $309.97. That’s a pretty good discount compared to buying each component individually. Amazon is offering its Oasis with free connectivity, as explained above, for $349.99.

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