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Best books to read before medical school

The profession of «doctor» has always been in demand. The path of every medical specialist is unique — someone immediately understands his vocation and enjoys studying throughout their life, but there are also doctors who have connected their lives with medicine by chance, but finally found themselves in the profession.

What remains unchanged is that traumatologists, paediatricians, anaesthesiologists, oncologists and other specialists save thousands of lives every day. Medics put their work above their personal interests, which is why this profession is often described in books. Authors of books about doctors and medicine try to reflect the humanity of people who wear white coats during working hours.

We have collected for you a selection of the best books for aspiring doctors which are characterized by an interesting story and high-quality presentation of information.

Books about becoming a doctor

«Emergencies only», Amanda McClelland

Amanda McClelland is a red cross nurse who has participated in many humanitarian missions around the world. In the book “Emergencies only”, she described her rich experience of medical and sanitary assistance to the population of poor countries: Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia, Sudan.

The book is very informative. It describes in detail the activities of humanitarian organizations associated with difficult conditions, dangers and health risks. Amanda McClelland describes the difficult lives of people from the world’s poorest countries and shows what real help can do. This honest and shocking book makes you think about a lot. It motivates you to help other people and be useful to society.  If you want to help people as much as Amanda, you can become a nurse. With a Nursing admission essay help you can easily enroll in medical school and start changing other people’s lives for the better right now.

 «Le Chœur des femmes», Martin Winckler

A book about doctors, written in the genre of the classic novel. The main character wanted to connect her life with medicine. She imagined working as a surgeon and saving lives every day at the operating table. And so she became a doctor, but not in the specialty that attracted her from an early age.

Jean, the main character, started working as a female doctor. At first, she just had to go through a six-month internship, so she got into the maternity ward. Her mentor was displeased that Jean was so cold about the «female doctor» profession. He helped the girl to join this field and showed her the other side of gynaecology and obstetrics. Thanks to Franz Karma’s help, Jean changed her mind. She learned to listen to her patients and empathize with them. At the most unexpected moment, her life changed, and previously existing dreams and plans were no longer so desirable.

Books for aspiring doctors

«This is Going to Hurt», Adam Kay

Adam Kay is a British writer, screenwriter and a former doctor. After working as an obstetrician and gynaecologist for six years, he described his experience in the book «This is Going to Hurt». It turned out to be a fascinating story, which has already begun to shoot the series in the UK.

The book is written in the form of a diary, consisting of brief, accurate and witty notes. It captures from the first page: the doctor’s workdays, bureaucratic difficulties and medical details are described in a surprisingly dynamic and lively way. And most importantly — with a large share of subtle humour. In parallel, the author talks about himself, his first steps in medicine, the British health system, and even gives professional advice to women based on his experience.

«Fragile Lives», Stephen Westaby

Stephen Westaby is a British heart surgeon with 35 years of experience. In 2017, he wrote the book «Fragile Lives». He perfectly managed to combine intriguing, almost detective stories with medical authenticity, without resorting to artistic embellishments.

«Fragile Lives» can be compared to a fascinating medical series, in which each episode is dedicated to one patient with a complex problem. The book has well written characters, feelings and fears of people. Dry case histories, medical terms, and descriptions of complex heart operations add to the narrative tension. The heart surgeon fights for every life: he looks for non-standard solutions, enjoys wide connections, resists the bureaucracy of hospitals and sincerely cares for patients and their relatives. Happy episodes are replaced by sad ones, and each case evokes strong emotions and leaves a deep mark.

Books every doctor should read

«Awakenings», Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks is a talented American neurologist, author of a number of books in the genre of clinical stories, including the famous collections «The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat» and «An Anthropologist on Mars». One of his first literary works is the memoir “Awakenings” about the epidemic of lethargic encephalitis in the early XX century and the treatment of its consequences in the 60s.

The story described is real: Oliver Sacks did work with hopeless «sleeping sickness» patients in the 1969-1970. After using the experimental drug L-Dopa, patients suddenly came out of their stupor and returned to life. The book describes the tragic life stories of 20 people who have suffered lethargic encephalitis, and the work of a dedicated, sympathetic, tireless doctor. This semi-artistic, semi-medical text with a heavy plot has an amazing psychotherapeutic effect on readers and is remembered for a long time.

«The Anatomist», Federico Andahazi

A book about the history of medicine. In the centre of events — the era of the Middle Ages, when the main medicines were tinctures. No one performed operations at that time either. It was believed that only God knows who is destined to live and who is destined to die. The operation was perceived as a diabolical interference with the higher will.

The main character of the book is a doctor who can not accept the fact that people were dying because of the inaction of others. And this doctor tries to do everything to change the attitude to interventions in the human body.