4 Tips for Becoming a Published E-Book Author

One of the biggest innovations of the past 15 years is e-books, and not just because they are so convenient, portable, and affordable. The invention of e-books also broke down many barriers to would-be authors who used to find it impossible to get published. Now, instead of having to convince a publishing company to invest their money to print your book – which is especially difficult if you are not yet an established or famous author – you can write it and have it published without hassles, almost immediately. Here are five tips that can help you if you want to write an e-book and get it published and sold.

#1 E-Books are Easy Books

You don’t have to get permission from any editor or publisher because you call the shots yourself as a self-published author. That also gives you more leeway if you start selling your books to retain more of the revenue…whereas with traditional books the distributors and bookstores typically take a huge chunk of that for themselves. Once you have your e-book produced, you then have access to a worldwide audience of readers, too, which is why even some of the world’s most well-known authors have started writing books for e-book distribution instead of going the traditional route with ink and paper publishers. It’s easier, faster, potentially more profitable, and you can promote to readers everywhere. You can reach those readers more efficiently, and it is extraordinarily cheaper when compared to old-fashioned publishing. #2

#2 Focus on What You Know and Love

Rather than trying to reach beyond your comfort zone, just focus on a topic you love, a skill you know, or an area of expertise that you have mastered. Or just try telling an interesting story in your own voice. There are people who published e-books while working as house cleaners, for instance, and their books taught other people how to professionally clean an office or home and then turn that know-how into a career. You might know how to fix cars, for instance, and just by explaining how to troubleshoot common problems you may have enough valuable content to write an e-book and start selling it around the world. People who have a green thumb have written successful gardening books, and those who know how to cook have written popular cookbooks. Others have succeeded by writing children’s stories, sci-fi novels, erotica, detective stories, or romance novels.

#3 Publish Books Even If You Aren’t a Writer

The sky’s the limit. Pick any genre that suits you and start writing. The key is to tap into whatever your passion or expertise happens to be, and then share that with readers.
If you aren’t a trained writer, that doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Many people hire ghostwriters or editors to help them handle that part of the process. You can find lots of good writers who will use your rough draft and then polish it up and make it sound totally professional. There are even people who can take recordings of you talking and transcribe those audio notes into a book. Many people who publish their memoirs, for instance, use that method. If it is a how-to book, and if you know how to teach that skill to someone else, then chances are you can create a book of those lessons and tips. Just speak to your readers the way you would talk to a friend, and then type it out as your manuscript…or dictate to a writer who can put it down on paper in your words and make it sound totally professional.

#4 Technical Considerations

One of the recommended formats for e-books is PDF files, because they are easy to create, you don’t need expensive software, and they maintain their visual integrity over many different digital platforms. If you write a book and save it in PDF format, for instance, all the features should show up whether you view it on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s also important to remember that old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” But in this case, keep in mind that people do…so you want your cover to attract them enough that will open the book and explore it. That’s when a professional graphic designer may be useful and worth hiring. They can bring the book to life by giving a beautiful, compelling graphic exterior.

#5 Promoting and Selling Your E-Books

Once your book is ready, it’s just a matter of giving it exposure to potential readers. There has never in history been a better time to do this, easily and inexpensively. You can sell e-books on Amazon.com, which is the largest consumer products platform in history – which was launched as the world’s biggest-ever bookstore. You can also upload your titles to Free-eBooks.net, which is one of the leading global distributors of e-books. More than 20 million people have downloaded books by authors from the site and other operated by its parent company, Paradise Publishers. The distribution network reaches people in major languages in dozens of countries. Each month tens of thousands of readers visit Paradise Publishers sites, and that gives you one of the largest audiences possible. That success and outreach is reflected in the data that shows that Free-eBooks.net and other sites under the Paradise Publishers umbrella such as its Spanish-language site, consistently rank at the top of Google’s search engine results. That could be e-books that you authored, popping up on those popular searches…so if you have creative ideas, don’t hesitate…start writing!

Albert Einstein

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3 Things to Know Before Buying Foreign Kindle E-Books

While most consumers and Amazon customers buy all – or almost all – of their e-books from the branch of Amazon that is in their own country of residence. But once in a while there may be a compelling reason to shop overseas for your Kindle books, and if you do so you may encounter some perplexing challenges. That’s why it is a good idea to know three particular things about that kind of unique transaction, so that you understand how it works or figure out a workaround solution if you hit a roadblock.

Why You Might Want to Buy Internationally

Even if you have always bought your books at home, you may find yourself traveling in a foreign country – and wanting to buy from their Amazon website. But normally your account is registered in the country where you first bought your e-reader device. So if you bought your Kindle in the USA, for instance, your account will be associated with your American address and USA-based credit card.

If, on the other hand, you bought a Kindle Fire from an Amazon website in Germany while you were stationed there in the Army or studying there as a student, you probably have a Germany-based account. When you return home to the USA, if you want to keep buying through that German account it will be a foreign transaction – based on your Germany account – even if you happen to be an American citizen.

Students of Foreign Languages or Nations

Perhaps a more common reason to try and buy Kindle titles that are for sale in a foreign country is because you are a student studying that country’s language, culture, history, business and political trends, or other topics. You may want to read in that foreign language to practice your vocabulary, or in order to do research for an academic paper you’re writing. Maybe your professor wants you to read newspapers and magazines from there, to keep tabs on what’s happening in that particular foreign country.

You may not be engaged in academic study but still want to stay educated about what’s up in a foreign land. That can help if you’re working for an international organization, for instance, or if you are living in one country but have friends and family in another country. There are also people who travel frequently for all sorts of reasons, and they want the convenience of being able to shop wherever they may be, to make things simpler and easier.

The First Thing to Understand

Customers who are not based in the United States, which is where Amazon.com was first launched and has its main base of operations, can purchase Kindle devices and Kindle content elsewhere. Here is the list of other worldwide Amazon marketplaces.

Amazon.ca: in Canada
Amazon.com.br: in Brazil
Amazon.co.uk: in the United Kingdom
Amazon.fr: in France and Monaco
Amazon.de: in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein
Amazon.it: in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, and Switzerland
Amazon.es: in Spain, including Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla

Another Important Issue

When you go to an Amazon site and buy an e-reader device, it will be shipped with a charging cord that is compatible with that particular country. Travel elsewhere and it may not work without using an electrical power adaptor. It’s always wise to carry various adapters with you that work in the places you visit, to ensure that you can always plug into a wall socket and get a reliable recharge. Kindles also ship with a USB cable that can be used to charge the devices by plugging them into a computer that has a power supply.

To make sure that when you shop at Amazon you only browse titles that are available for shipment to you where you are, set the country or region in the Manage Your Content and Devices section of your Kindle or Amazon account. Then the appropriate titles will be displayed. Another easy solution is to go to the Amazon International Sites web page. From there you can sign into your Amazon account and then see titles available for download to you.

The Third Key Thing to Know

If you are eligible to purchase Kindle content from another Amazon website in a different country, you must first “migrate” your account to that website. You can do that by visiting your Manage Your Content and Devices page and then clicking on Settings and – under Country Settings – changing your country and hitting “Update.” Then your books and magazines and so forth will be shifted to that new account.

But keep in mind that some of your content, even though you’ve paid for it, may not be available in another country. If you migrate to that foreign country, you might risk losing that content. That’s because some content is copyright protected and with the proper legal licenses it cannot be exported to another nation. One possible workaround is to download your content to your laptop or other personal computer before you travel. Then you can probably still access it from wherever you are…as long as you don’t change your account to a new country. For other questions just contact Amazon customer service, and they will be able to help you figure out what to expect if you travel or move your residence to a foreign country.