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Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

Jane Austen

If a book is well written, I always find it too short.

4 E-Books to Help You Have a More Joyful, Successful Year

Just as starting your day on the right foot is a great idea, beginning the new year with some clarity and focus can help ensure that it is more successful and rewarding. Your e-reader and e-books can help in that regard, because one of the biggest challenges to keeping New Year’s resolutions is staying inspired and maintaining a positive outlook. Most people set annual goals but they don’t keep them, and that can backfire to make your year even more difficult. That’s because right out of the gate you lose self-confidence because by failing to keep your resolutions.

That can actually set the stage for a year of negativity. After the year we just had – and all the horrible incivility that was expressed in public, even by those who are supposed to be our leaders and role models – we all need more kindness, optimism, and good examples to follow. The right book can give you hours of reading pleasure, but more importantly you may finish it and feel some profound positive momentum to carry you forward through the whole year and beyond. Here are four powerfully-inspiring e-books that may be a perfect gift to give yourself for New Year’s 2017.

1) Gunn’s Golden Rules

Tim Gunn launched his career as a department head at Parson’s School of Design – one of the world’s best, if not the very best, design schools. Then he segued into a TV career as the creative mind behind Project Runway. But along the way he has meticulously cultivated another style…that of the perfect gentleman. In this day and age, that’s rare. In his best-seller “Gunn’s Golden Rules,” he eloquently explains why the world needs for each of us to be kinder and more thoughtful to one another. He uses real life examples, and sprinkles in some spicy gossip from the fashion world. You’ll love this book, even if you don’t care a fig about fashion. It is the best etiquette book you may have ever read…but Gunn is such a nice guy that it doesn’t come across like a stuffy etiquette book. You just feel like you met the nicest person on earth, and he gave you his secret sauce.

2) Reinvent Yourself

Here, in the pages of Reinvent Yourself, author and entrepreneur James Altucher candidly shares real stories and essential critical skills that will enable you to visualize success, see opportunities all around you, and capitalize on those. You can use his tips and insights to achieve whatever you want out of life – including personal fulfillment and a deeper awareness of the world in which you live and love. He is the real deal. One of his first deals, in fact, was basically a contracted signed on a napkin in a restaurant. He more or less agreed to buy a tech company for hundreds of thousands of dollars, despite not having any money or much of a technical background. Then he got on the phone and told investors about the contract he had just signed…and they flocked to him with bags of cash. Once he owned the company, he sold his interest in it for tens of millions. A successful entrepreneur, angel investor, chess master, and prolific writer, Altucher has started and run more than 20 companies.

3) Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book “Outliers” has inspired readers for nearly a decade to do the one thing that is probably the biggest obstacle to goal achievement…namely, work hard and put in the hours. He contends that even if you have some natural proclivity, you will likely only attain a level of true mastery when you have invested 10,000 hours in practice. Be more diligent. Focus with more intent and concentration. Then, no matter what you set out to do, apply yourself each day. Those hours will soon accumulate – and so will your successful achievements. Incidentally, his more recent book called “David and Goliath” is equally inspiring…and is particularly empowering if you feel like you are the underdog. Gladwell dissects popular myths as he puts forward the notion that just because you aren’t as gifted or privileged as the next person, that does not mean you are not destined to be a winner and a huge success.

4) The Habit Fix 2

Author Eileen Rose Giadone created an instant Amazon Best Seller when she published her first self-development book “The Habit Fix” a year or two ago. Then she followed it up with this book, Habit Fix 2, which has also received rave reviews from readers. Both of these are fantastic books. We recommended the first one when it came out, and if you don’t have it yet then you may want to order both e-books. Eileen Rose is also a singer, songwriter and professional performer in Nashville, TN. She has released 11 self-penned, roots/rock albums worldwide and has toured all over the world. Her advice on goal setting – and ditching bad habits – is really practical and positive, and her humorous, down-to-earth approach is fantastic. Lots of great tips and ideas to set healthy goals that are attainable and powerful – for real and sustainable results, instead of disappointing failures. Check it out, you’ll find out why others say it changed their lives…and quickly.