4 Ideas to Save Money during Lockdown

The lockdown due to Covid-19 is forcing many companies to cut down wages and curtail work contracts. In such a situation, employees are finding it challenging to manage their expenses. Are you also facing the same problems? If yes, here are a few tips to save money during this lockdown.

1. Use websites that compare prices

Thousands of people use price comparison websites to buy cars or life insurance policies. You should expand your search and use such websites to buy other products also. Most of the price comparison sites not only track the prices of hundreds of products but also show the stores where they are available and the customer reviews of those stores.

Some of the sites also come with a price history tool. You can use this tool to see whether the current price of a product is higher or lower than what it usually is. The site also marks the products available at their best prices so that you know exactly where to buy.

2. Apply promo codes before checkout

Apart from price comparison websites, it would help if you also use Ansa promo codes before checking out of the online store. From instant cashback to hefty discounts, these codes can provide a variety of offers. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the offer before using the system.

Many online sites provide early-bird discounts to customers who register on the websites first. Additionally, you can get promo codes from third-party sites that offer discount coupons for various online stores. These can help you save a lot on every purchase.

3. Clear your credit card debt quicker

Different organizations are now offering payment breaks for mortgages, rent, and monthly installments. But these relaxations will soon come to an end. Once these offers end, you won’t have enough income to support such expenses. Experts believe that it is best to consult with a debt adviser on how to tackle these expenses in the next few months.

Debt advisers also point out that if you want to clear your credit card debt quickly but can’t afford to make large payments, you should set up a standing order that includes your current minimum amount. This not only clears your card sooner, but you also save money as you don’t have to pay hefty interests.

4. Chase your refunds

Gym memberships and subscriptions to restaurants and clubs are now idle because of the lockdown. You never know when they are going to reopen. Moreover, you can’t predict whether it would be safe to visit these places even when the government lifts the lockdown. It is best to talk to the owners of these establishments about cash refunds. If the owners are ignoring your requests, you can complain to the Competition and Markets Authority.

The sources of income are becoming slimmer for many due to this lockdown. Low income means low savings. But if you follow these tips, you might surprise yourself by how much money you can save after doing a few little changes in your spending and saving habits.

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