Give a VIP Gift for the Holidays

If you are looking for the perfect last-minute gift for a reader on your list, you’ve come to the right place. The unique “stick libraries” – which are USB thumb drives containing a whole library of e-books – are a fabulous and super-popular stocking stuffer. But did you know that you can also give someone the priceless gift of unlimited e-books? Just present them with a gift card that includes their very own VIP Membership.

How it Works

As you probably already know and have experienced, just by registering on you gain access to free e-books, and can download as many as five per month, at no charge whatsoever. But for a nominal membership free, you can also become a special VIP member. That level of membership means that there is absolutely no limit to how many e-books you can download. So by giving someone a gift card for VIP Membership, you are giving them the ability to download and read every single book on

They can download them anytime, anywhere, and read to their heart’s content. That makes VIP Membership an ideal gift for any avid reader, no matter what age they are or what particular genre of books happens to be their favorite. They will get to pick and choose their own titles, as many as they like, for as long as their membership remains active.

Key Features and Benefits

Our valued VIP members can download thousands of books, both fiction and non-fiction…as well as the many other publications like magazines, trade journals, and academic texts. Because we offer books in multiple languages…and all of the popular e-book formats…downloading and reading is simple, easy, and fun. Not matter what kind of e-reader device you use, with VIP Membership the entire inventory is always at your fingertips.

Use your Nook, Kindle, Kobo or other dedicated e-reader. Or just download on read on another kind of device such as an iPad, iPhone, or a gadget that operates on the Android platform. You can download to a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer…or to devices such as the Kindle Fire. also offers secure, seamlessly efficient apps to ensure your reading pleasure and a consistently reliable reader experience.

How to Give it as a Gift

If you decide to give VIP Membership as a gift, the process is also simple and easy. There are three levels of VIP Membership, so the first step is to choose the one that fits your particular gift-giving budget the best. A monthly membership only costs $7.95 cents. That works out to around 25 cents a day for a whole month’s worth of free e-books.

Many people choose this option as a great way to introduce someone to reading books electronically, who may not any e-book experience. Let them discover for themselves how reading e-books can be just as enjoyable as reading traditional print and ink publications. But it’s handier, entirely portable, and in many ways it is better for the environment. That’s because the carbon footprint of e-books is so small compared to paperback or hardback books made from paper that comes from trees.

Or you can give them 12 times as much reading power, with an annual VIP Membership. That only costs $39.95…which is what you might pay for just one single traditionally-printed magazine subscription or hardback book. But for less than $50 you can ensure that your gift recipient has unlimited access for the rest of their life. That means access to all, in every language, including any new titles that are added to our ever-expanding inventory in the future. Imagine giving a lifetime’s worth of reading to a book lover, for just $49.95. That’s all it costs for a lifetime VIP Membership pass…and that unique membership will never expire.

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Choose Favorite Holiday Design

Once you have decided which friends, colleagues, and loved ones you want to give VIP Membership to…and what level of membership you’d like to provide them with, just choose a gift card. gift certificates can be printed out and given to your recipient just like any holiday greeting card, and you get to select the design. You can give them a Happy Hanukkah VIP Membership certificate. Or wish them a very Merry Christmas, with a Christmas-themed gift card. You can even help them to ring in the year – and fulfill their New Year’s resolution to do more reading in 2018 – with a Happy New Year design.

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