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Enjoy Big Sales Right Now on Brand New E-Readers

During the warmer months travel increases and there are more opportunities to take vacations. You can enhance that experience by having a portable way to access great books. Or maybe you just want to take your reading outdoors while the weather is nice, with a device that provides an elegant, easy-on-the-eyes reader experience. There are many reasons why so many people are shopping for a new e-reader this time of year. Unfortunately, the chance to buy at a deep discount typically only happens during traditional sales holidays like Black Friday in November or right after Christmas. But this month is different. There is a rare chance to find brand new devices from the world’s top two e-readers manufacturers, at unusually low prices.

Kobo Clara HD

The Kobo Clara HD e-reader has a normal list price of $129.99. But during a limited-time sale now through May 11th at the Kobo website you can buy one for just $109.99. That’s a significant savings. However, you might want to instead purchase your Kobo Clara HD at Walmart. That’s because they are on sale and available at Walmart stores with a current price tag of only $99, including free shipping. Why Kobo would sell it for more than Walmart is a mystery. It could be that the manufacturer has a special deal with Walmart. Or maybe Kobo is simply trying to encourage consumers to buy through its giant retail partner.

Whatever the explanation, there are not doubts about why Kobo devices are such popular products. The Kobo Clara HD, for instance, includes high-quality features such as  ComfortLight PRO for more comfortable reading that is better for your eyes. It has a very realistic looking e-ink and a conveniently small 6-inch screen with HD technology. The Kobo Clara HD comes with 8 GB of on-board memory and is Wi-Fi enabled.

Kobo Aura Edition 2

The Kobo Aura Edition 2, normally priced at $119.99, can now be purchased for only $99.99 – and that includes free shipping. The sale just started on April 29th and only lasts through May 11th, and is only being offered in the United States. But those who take advantage of it can wind up with a great e-reader at a substantial discount. Then you can use the extra savings to buy e-books or e-reader accessories. This device features a 6-inch Carta e-ink touchscreen, glare-free readability even in direct sunlight, and a built-in adjustable Comfort Light that minimizes eye strain at night. To take advantage of this sale, just visit the Kobo online store while the sale still lasts.

Kobo Aura

The Kobo Aura – which was the first of the Aura devices introduced by Kobo – is also available for $79.99, compared to the usual price of $99.99 or more. That’s about $20 or more in savings, and the Kobo Aura can be purchased at Walmart stores.  That includes free 2-day shipping, or you can pick your purchase up at your local Walmart. The Kobo Aura has a flat plastic screen, and edge-to-edge display and the 6-inch touchscreen automatically refreshes itself. It fits nicely in the hand, with a small and more square vs. rectangular shape, and can be paired with an additional accessory called a Sleep Cover. This is a protective case that puts the device into sleep mode when closed. But when you reopen the case, it automatically wakes the device up again for your convenience and ease.

How to Get a Paperwhite at 20 Percent Off

You can also buy a new Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon, at a 20 percent discount, if you are an Amazon Prime member with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. The deal is advertised as lasting through June 30th, and you can read more about it on the Amazon website. The way the savings stack up is that you automatically get a five percent cash back discount by using your Prime Rewards card on Amazon. Then on top of that, you are eligible for an additional 15 percent off discount during the Kindle Paperwhite promotional sale. That adds up to a total of 20 percent off. The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the most popular and high-quality e-readers on the market, boasting features like a high-resolution display that is glare-free, and a thin, sleek, lightweight design. The device is also waterproof, rated against accidental immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes. If you want to add your savings you can pair your purchase with a Kindles Essential Bundle of accessories. The bundle includes the Kindle device plus a leather cover and a power adaptor, as a savings of $20 compared to what it would cost to buy all those components separately.

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