A Selection of Great E-Books for Autumn Reading

Autumn began this month, and as the air gets cool and crisp it’s a great season to curl up indoors and enjoy a classic novel. Many writers derive their inspiration from this transitional and colorful season. As the leaves change, the skies grow more ominous, and farmers prepare to bring in their crops and store them for the cold months ahead, the Muses also appear to inspire writers. Here are some excellent selections, all of which are available right here at Free-Ebooks.net, to help you start your e-book collection of timeless titles that are especially fun to read in the fall.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, penned by Washington Irving, is one of America’s greatest fiction classics, and a perennial favorite of readers in the autumn months. It’s also a popular download at Free-Ebooks.net this time of year. The story takes readers back to the early days of the Dutch colonists who, in the 1700s, settled what is now the state of New York. You’ll meet the strange, tall, and scarecrow-like Ichabod Crane. But beware. You may be put under the spell of wizards and haunted by the headless horseman…who attends dances and harvest festivals in an attempt to marry the lovely Katrina. After encountering the headless horseman Ichabod’s adventures take a wild and mysterious turn…and so will your reading adventure.

Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring

Poetry lovers will enjoy this collection of seasonal poems of the author who goes by the poetic name of Cleo Patra. This e-book is her 2nd collection of poems, and it takes the reader on rather dark and autumnal journey through ravaging emotions that eventually rise like a phoenix from the ashes of despair and loneliness. For those who are in the mood to go inside and hide as the flowers of summer fade into smoky skies, imminent frost, and looming winter, the autumn poems in this anthology will actually bring literary pleasure and comfort. Read it by the fire, under the light of the full moon, or just while commuting back and forth to work on the subway or bus.


Macbeth is a tragic play written by William Shakespeare and first performed in public around the year 1606. The enduring classic reveals in dramatic fashion the dark side of politics and the ambition for unbridled power. Unlike many of the great plays by Shakespeare that are set in England, Macbeth take the reader to ancient Scotland. That hilly, verdant countryside becomes the backdrop for a story of war, prophecy, strategic intrigue and political assassination, witchcraft, madness, and suicide. For those interested in a short summary of this classic play by Shakespeare, you can read a handy 9-page e-book summary of MacBeth compiled by Abhishek.

Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s classic Jane Eyre is now available in e-book format. Young Jane became an orphan, sent to live with her aunt. Then she was subjected to all sorts of ill treatment and cruel discipline at school. But she somehow managed to maintain her hope and dignity, eventually growing into a successful woman during the Victorian era. Her problems and challenges persist, however, when she falls in love and then has to face obstacles that try to impede the romantic relationship as she searches for greater meaning in life and a more free and independent role as a woman. Readers of all ages will find the story both inspiring and emotionally moving, making it a great read as you shift from sunny summer into windy autumn and the days grow shorter.

Listen to Audio Books this Autumn

The Study in Scarlet story is when Dr. Watson, the sidekick of Sherlock Holmes, first met the famous genius detective and they shared a flat at 221B Baker Street. The Study in Scarlet is now available as a three and a half hour audio book (and is free to download if you are a VIP member of Free-Ebooks.net), too. You can also download an audio book version of another unique Sherlock Holmes mystery story anthology, the Sherlock Holmes Memoirs. This collection includes some exciting tales and ends with the fight between Sherlock Holmes and Moriaty. Other classic titles in audio format available at Free-Ebooks.net include several of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories like Monsieur Valdemar, Sphinx, and Black Cat . Kids, who tend to lighten our hearts and lives when we are in a melancholy or darkening mood, will enjoy the audio book The Scarecrow and the Tin Man, which offers a new take on the Wizard of Oz classic. Youngsters will get a special glimpse at the unique relationship between the timid scarecrow and his friend made of tin.


The Book is not an escape from life but a shortcut to a better one

3 Ways to Save Money with Back-to-School E-Books

Everyone is back in school now for the new year, and that means spending lots of money on textbooks and then carrying them around every day to and from classes. That can put a strain on your wallet and on your back. But if you do as many students are now doing and use e-book versions of your textbooks, that can solve both of those problems. Here are three ways that you can come out ahead this semester when it comes to e-books.


#1 Buy E-Books for Class


Need an expensive textbook for one of your classes this semester? Those required texts are a necessary cost of your education, especially if you are purchasing college textbooks. A college student can expect to pay hundreds of dollars a year for textbooks alone. But to save some money when you purchase yours you can check for downloadable e-book versions.


That’s true regardless of what you study, because e-textbooks are now available for any subject including science, math, law, business, engineering, medicine, or whatever you happen to be studying. E-books typically cost just a fraction of what you have to pay for traditional printed books, and with the cost of textbooks so high, the e-book savings really adds up fast. Save on e-books and then use the savings to pay off those challenging student tuition loans.


One Example of How Much You Can Save


To give you an idea how much you can save, consider this one example. The newest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is mandatory for most people majoring in psychology.  If you are in a post-grad program in mental health or psychology you’ll also need it. Used by students and researchers…as well as by practicing clinicians…the DSM manual is the go-to reference for anyone in the field of psychology.  But it can set you back about $150 or more for the heavy, traditional hardback version of the book.


Rather than forking out all that money for a copy that is so hefty it might but your back out lugging it across campus day after day, you can simply pay half that much and own the e-book version. Barnes and Noble and other e-book sellers also offer a handy pocket guide to the voluminous Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition book, in e-book format, for about $35. It’s a great way to carry the essentials of this important book with you without weighing you or your budget down, because instead of paying close to $60 – even for just a flimsy paperback version, you can just download it.


#2 Get Absolutely Free E-Books for School


You can also find great textbooks and auxiliary educational resources to help you with your studies, right here on the Free-Ebooks website. There are too many titles to mention, but to just give you some ideas of what you’ll find, the free titles include the helpful book on economics by Dr. Larry Reyholds called “Basic Microeconomics.” Business and finance majors will enjoy and learn form the e-book called “Capital Budgeting,” a concise financial management e-book focused on how to effectively manage working capital. That is a key aspect of financial management that seems somewhat challenging for both beginners and MBA students. “Principles of Business Statistics” is another valuable textbook for business majors. It covers topics on Sampling Data, Descriptive Statistics, The Normal Distribution, Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Testing and Linear Regression and Correlation.

You’ll also find “Introduction to Sociology,” which was written by teams of sociology professors and writers and peer-reviewed by college instructors nationwide. The textbook was developed for OpenStax College as part of its Open Educational Resources initiative. Anyone studying the social sciences will get a great head start if they read this before enrolling on their classes. Fiction and nonfiction books are also available for free download,  in languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Those can be very helpful reading if you are trying to acquire a new language and want more practice. That is especially true as you take more advanced classes that include assignments to read novels and other texts in the foreign language. But with so many titles available fore free, and in conveniently portable e-book format, this can save you tons of money while also making it very easy to carry your books with you wherever you go, for practice reading whenever you want.


#3 Save Cash on E-Reader Capable Gadgets, Too

While you’re buying e-books, you may also need to buy a new e-reader, or upgrade to a newer and better model for use in the classroom. As mentioned on these blog pages before, you can capture some serious savings by shopping at Amazons’ Warehouse Deals. You’ll find steep discounts on e-readers, tablets, laptops, and more.


A certified refurbished Apple iPad 2 was recently listed among the Amazon Warehouse Deals inventory for just $168.19, with free shipping. These refurbished gadgets have been tested and certified to function like new and look cosmetically like new, too. They may have only minimal signs of wear, although many show no signs of use whatsoever. They are only sold by merchants who are approved by Amazon, the iPad mentioned above comes with a warranty that covers it for at least 90 days.