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Did you know you can easily use AI to create specialty books on Amazon using Amazon’s “Kindle Direct Publishing” (KDP) service? This is Amazon’s print-on-demand book publishing service and you can quickly make these low-content (physical) books and begin selling them you’ll discover the many different types of books you can create, such as:

Your own physical books
👉 Journals
👉 Planners
👉 Storybooks for children
👉 Coloring books for children
👉 Coloring books for adults
👉 Specialty books
👉 Books of all kinds
You’ll also learn HOW to create the books, how to use AI to create amazing imagery for the books, including how to create coloring book pages using Midjourney. FAST on Amazon, the world’s largest book marketplace!
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Learn more here: How To Use AI & Amazon To Create & Sell Physical Books That Pay You Passive Income

Watch the full video here: https://youtube.com/live/HNflKQrGWDY

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