“Unlock Your Body’s Natural Desire to Stop Hair Loss Forever” – New Publication Brings Science to the fight against hair loss

Since time immemorial, men and women have been desperate to reverse the phenomenon of hair loss. One man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity, and for centuries, opportunists have been selling cures for baldness. It’s a trade that goes back 4,000 years, to enterprising Egyptians who used a paste made up of dates, dog paws and donkey hooves ground up together and cooked in oil then coated their patients’ bald heads with it. In more recent years we have seen all sorts of patent medicines made up of less exotic but no more effective ingredients.

Against that backdrop, any hair loss treatment tends to be greeted with cynicism. But Mike and Jolene Anderson have come up with a solution that is scientifically backed and FDA-approved. The couple have both had cause to use their product personally, and as well as investing everything they had into obtaining the necessary approvals and launching it on the market. It was quite a gamble, but it is one that has paid off, and Mike has now published a book that tells the story, too.

Background – one couple with a shared hair-loss problem

In 2008, Jolene Anderson was battling a life-threatening illness. Rather than rely on a cocktail of prescription medicines, she explored a variety of alternative natural remedies, and after some difficult months she was restored to full health. An opportunity followed, in which she was able to work at a nutritional alternative medicine clinic in Los Angeles and help other people improve their health through Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) and other natural techniques.

At this point, Jolene’s husband Mike started to suffer from rapid hair loss. He tried LLLT after looking at clinical trials that unequivocally indicated that the technology can successfully bring life back to living hair follicles that had become dormant.

The pair took the plunge and launched Kiierr, their laser cap for hair loss business the following year. The learning was not over, however. During the launch, Jolene started to experience hair loss of her own as a post-partum symptom and was able to put LLLT to the test personally.

The pair invested their life savings into launching the business and, most important of all, into gaining the necessary FDA approvals to demonstrate that this is not just a modern day version of dog paws and donkey hooves.

Put your preconceptions to one side

Mike Anderson’s book was published earlier this year. It might have one of the longer titles of 2023, but at just 60 pages, the content keeps right to the point and delivers a comprehensive guide to understanding and combatting hair loss naturally and effectively.

Clearly, Mike has acquired deep understanding on the topic of hair loss through his professional background in health and wellness as well as his personal experiences. He has consulted with some of the most respected hair loss experts, and as a result, the book provides detailed scientific information regarding what causes hair loss.

The second part of the book focuses on red light therapy, exploring the science and application, as well as its effectiveness in solving a problem that has been challenging researchers for centuries.

Anderson goes to pains to stress the importance of lifestyle and nutrition in supporting and boosting the efficacy of LLLT. Despite its relative shortness, the book packs in plenty of information on the science of hair loss, prescribing a holistic plan that goes way beyond a simple plug for Kiierr and its products.

It’s a must-read for anyone worried about hair loss, especially those in the 45-65 age bracket, of whom more than 50 percent of men and 25 percent of women will be experiencing some degree of hair loss. It provides the first steps for them to take control and improve their hair health for the long term.

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