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The Sex Diaries

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Published: 4 years ago

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The Sex Diaries is a romantic comedy, but one that will appeal to both male and female readers. Married couple, Annie and Phil, are having marital difficulties. The counselor they consult, Fiona, suggest they keep a 'sex diary', but does that say more about Fiona than Annie and Phil? In any case, hilarity ensues as our intrepid couple investigates al fresco sex, erotic toys and other bizarre fetishes. Gurmeet Mattu's novel, The Stormer is also available on

Bob Biddles

A brilliant 'off the wall' look at relationships.

Ronny Aboutboul

in general the writing is well connected to reallity which I like very much. it is about simple people and the idea of diary is very nice ThanksRonny

Kathleen Harvey

This book had me in stitches! Can't work out if the author is really female... in male clothing, or....! Doesn't matter - just a great giggle!


I laughed out loud many times. Good read.

C.C Hazel

brilliant. kept me up longer than I wanted. just couldn't stop reading. Just fantastic and funny.

Indranie Dabideen

Excellent book, had me laughing from the start to the end.

Charlie Rogers

A huurous light hearted read.


Fun book. My preference is comedy reading, and there just aren't enough of that genre around.

Marty Langenberg

Well written and easy to read. Deserves a much wider audience.


brilliant and loved it

Connie Ruiz

I really enjoyed this book. Had a lot of humorous, light reading.

Diane Murray

laugh out loud, took in on holiday and was giggling round the pool. Excellent true to life comedy.


to short for the explanation going in the mind of a person , needs to be more elaborate ...


I had nice time with this book. Ending was very very good :)


Oh wow this was marvellous. If you need a good good laugh, this is it.

martin Longley

Hilarious, a work of pure genius, I recognised every emotion.

Mike Briley

Very amusing and often very insightful

steve maun

a good story,full of humour we can all relate to.kept me up at nights....addictivethanks


easy reading,clean, good fun. Thank you.

Kim Clay

So funny, totally brilliant.


nice book for young couples


Good read, once I started reading I couldnt put it down. Very funny!

Sandie Jay

I loved this book, very well written and absolutely hilarious. Nothing crude or rude in it just very good fun light reading. Thank you. More please!

Henri Theodore

It's interesting how Mattu manages to put himself in the shoes of a woman writing her diary. He actually does a superb job!


well written.once you start you can't drop and realistic too.very original work.


Terribly funny and great writing style!


i am just one of the biggest fan of ur book.. :)it was throughly entertaining.. ;)

Gordon Lawton

Really enjoyed it, very funny.


I read this book in less than two days as I quickly became enamored with it! I loved the journal style writing. It wasn't vulgar, but you got the point. I laughed hysterically at points! It was fantastic.


best laugh yet !!

darlene kainui

This body of work had me gut laughing out loud in public. fabulous.


interesting, not vulgar. abundance of humour. liked it.


Gurmeet Mattu

Gurmeet Mattu is a Scot of Indian descent. He is an award winning dramatist with a track record in theatre and radio plays, TV sitcoms and screenplays. A trained journalist he is also a qualified coach. He now publishes and edits the comedy e-mag, Amock.

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