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Clearwater Journals

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Al Rennie


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Joe Holiday, an ex Metro cop, finds himself dragged into an investigation by Mia, an IHOP waitress. The probing they do into the murder of Mia\'s sister years earlier turns into a deadly manhunt with Joe and Mia suddenly becoming the targets of a vicious plot.


Really enjoyed reading this book, I hope to read more Joe Holiday books.

Sharlene Todd

I thought it was an excellent read!!


A good book to read even if the "good" characters are a bit shallow and too nice for my taste.

Mal Owen

A great yarn which kept me interested all the way through. I too would like to see this become a series. The plot was well thought out and the writing style kept the story moving.

Jim Verdugo

I liked this Florida detective novel, looked for more of them and they all are $$$ so this one was just to suck me in. Entertaining.JLL

Nino Cerrutti

This is the first book I've read from start to finish in a long while. I like the writing style; it reminds me of the classic detective stories of the past.I hope Rennie turns this into a series.

Alison Woodbury

In need of an editor but enjoyed the book and hope there is a sequel.

Lauren Branning

Loved this book!!! Great plot and well-defined characters. Not to mention, it takes place here in Clearwater, FL! Thank you Al!

Jim Merideth

A great read. My first book on this site and if it is a typical example, I'm going to love visiting this place.

Cliff Mather

What a great storyline and so well written, but I agree that it needs editing to correct typos; split paragraphs; paras containing >1 speaker; use of quotes (") instead of apostrophe ('); etc.


This was a great book. Had trouble putting it down, like others had a couple of late nights.

Alan Brodie

Well written. Action from start to finish. This book was hard to put down. I had a few late nights. Recommended.


What a pleasant surprise! Not having heard of Mr. Rennie, I didn't know what to expect. I couldn't put the darn book down. Come on Al, give us more. PLEASE!!!!

kerry Ridler

This was a great read, didn't want to put it down and couldn't wait to pick it back up - any more??


Loved this book..kept me guessing.

Mike Teter

Loved it. It reads like the old Matt Helm books I enjoyed so much when I was younger. Good characters, lots of suspense and well written.

Sandra potts

Good reading but needs a better proff reader. Many typo or missing words, but in general an interesting read

Yamini MacLean

this was a gamble on my part as out of my usual reading genre - but it surprised and pleased. In spite of the discomforts of the plot it was comfortable to read. I would certainly download more from Mr Rennie.

Dorothy Fleming

This book was a very enjoyable read. I didn't want to close it up. It was suspensful and had a few little twists. Recommend it.

Felicity Ann Coakley

One of those books that you can't stop reading, but don't want it to finish.

Linda Allen

Great reading. Kept me interested till the very end.

Brenda Willway

Really enjoyed this book. Hard to put down and sorry to see it end.

Morris Kenyon

If you like Jack Reacher then you'll like this. I enjoyed this book very much. It was was well written and tense, with a dash of humour and kept me involved throughout.If it had been written by Lee Child, it would be an international bestseller.

Brinda Arnold

Im a frequent visitor to Clearwater Beach so this book jumped out at me. The author did a fantastic job and taking me to my usual haunts. Very well written and it held my attention right up to the end. A great read!

kathy marquard

Good story. Moved quickly. Good end. More? I hope so.

Margaret Raglus

A great read well worth the late hours staying up to do so!


I really enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting and believable and the dialogue was not stilted.I really am looking forward to more books from this author.

Holly Atkisson Gilmer

Great read! Interesting characters and twists - not to mention just enough quirky to make it more "real".

Annie Welch

Easy reading and look forward to another from Rennie. A book you don't want to put down, a book you don't want to end.

anne olden

A great read will be looking for more books by this author

Orival Greenfield

Very entertaining book. Highly recommend for an easy, enjoyable read

Maureen Caron

First time reading a free e-book. This book was quite good.

Brian Cooper

Good read, a little jagged writing to start, but quickly improved and the story is well structured and very entertaining.


Good read, kept me interested

Mariella Vella

great book hope to read more from Al Rennie

Mike Fairgray

A good flowing mystery kept me interested throughout.


Very good story line. Hard to guess who is guilty who`s not till the last minute. A bit of a 1 hero against all style of book. Overall very easy to read, looking forward for more this style of books from Al Rennie

Joseline Vanessa

Enjoyed the book !! :)

m a pher

Well written book.

Janean Derks

loved it!!!!!! Is there a series of this because it was a great read?

Lauren Branning

I really liked his sense of humor! It sped up some of the slower parts, and put a cute spin on the tension of the situations. Awesome book!

rachelle hugg

Thoroughly enjoyed the book!

Melissa Lamb

Great read! Love the cast of characters!


really good i like to read other books by the author


Fantastic, loved it, couldn't put it down and didn't want it to end!

Abu Hamzah

Thanks! Great book.I can't wait for more!

Sara Walsh

What a great book - fast paced and great characters.

Sandi Emery

I loved everything about this book. The characters were so real and loved the different plots to come to the conclusion. Loved it... Read it

Sandra Foreman

excellent book kept my coming back, would definitely buy further books and when can afford will make a donation

Mrs E Berridge

What a great book to read. I found it difficult to put down. I must read for detective story lovers.


Al Rennie

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