Books to movies? What are your choices?

Movies-from-books2As Editor, I have come across a few reviews on our eBooks that indicate some of you would like to see some of our eBooks set to Hollywood. This has made me wonder what it is you think makes for a good candidate for a movie-making story.

I am biased, as I am sure regular readers of this blog may have been able to determine already, towards the thrilling, action-packed, whodunit type of stories. I like a movie that keeps me guessing and surprises me at the end with a heroic win. This makes my inclinations towards stories that are mysteries, murder-mysteries, and so on.

This isn’t about me, however, this is about you, our readers.

Suzanne Coleman writes: “This kept me on the edge of my seat! I could see it turned into a hit movie someday” on Ken Merrell’s The Landlord.

David Swinders states: “A very sad story. Excellant [sic] read, but upsetting, a must read book. This Author has had a very sad but interesting childhood in the care system. Would make a brilliant movie.” on Kevin Slater’s autobiographical story Looking Back in Time.

What about you? What have you read from our library recently that you’d like to see in a movie?

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