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Books to movies? What are your choices?

As Editor, I have come across a few reviews on our eBooks that indicate some of you would like to see some of our eBooks set to Hollywood. This has made me wonder what it is you think makes for a good candidate for a movie-making story.

I am biased, as I am sure regular readers of this blog may have been able to determine already, towards the thrilling, action-packed, whodunit type of stories. I like a movie that keeps me guessing and surprises me at the end with a heroic win. This makes my inclinations towards stories

Do you suffer from reading block?

There is such a thing as a reading block, isn’t there?

Not sure what I mean by that? It’s that moment just after you are done reading your latest book and are looking for the next one to read. You either have a few options waiting and you aren’t sure which one to tackle, or you have none at all.

I’ve had moments like that. There isn’t a specific circumstance that I can pinpoint under which this happens to me. The last time it did, I had just finished a rather involving read; “Madame Tussaud: A Novel of

What’s your reading poison?

Every reader is drawn to a particular type of genre. Most hardcore readers read just about anything you put in front of them, but we all have a favourite calling when it comes to books.

Where did you get that book?

I suppose that your choice of genre is influenced by the type of book you first read. Whether you have a built-in appreciation for a type of genre that is fed when you find the your first book that interests you, or the first book you read plants the seed is a topic for debate.

In my