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1 Completely Similar

Completely Similar



American Detective, Daniel O\'Leary has hired a British Detective, Miles O\'Keef, A.K.A., \'The Welsh Dragon.His assignment: To take up residence in the O\'Leary home, to act in pretense in becoming Dan\'s Sister,Tegan O\'leary\'s detective trainer, in order to sabotage his sister\'s relationship to Paul, her womanizing fiancee.Dan and Tegan\'s...

2 Interview with a Blue Door

Interview with a Blue Door

Theodora Oniceanu | Humor


Life. Marriage and Fun; the splattered shattered and recomposed tragi-comedy in life and death.Based on 'Trolleo and Henriette' sequel, the original "Interview with the Blue Door", this playwright is treating the subject of Trolleo and Henriette in the absurd fashion, slightly differently, a new life given to each character with the audience's...