Best Books: Erotica

1 Her Desire

Her Desire

Anthony Monroe | Erotica


Welcome to Her Desire' a collection of dirty stories featuring White women and Black men doing things that she would never tell her husband about, but in these stories she will explore her desires and whole lot more. Often with more than one man, because sometimes that is what she needs...

2 Fuck Back Harder

Fuck Back Harder

Misty Memoir | Erotica


Inmitten einer Zeit großer Unruhen sucht eine Frau mittleren Alters Halt, gesunden Abstand und Sicherheit. +++ (NOTE: Written in German) +++ This book has been uploaded on 18th of June 2022. Afterwards it got stolen and is online on and, "translated" by fartificial intelligence from German into English. Looks like...

3 Gasping for Air

Gasping for Air

Sam Hawthorne | Erotica


Ben, a strapping young tree surgeon, is suddenly struck down by breathlessness at the gym. Luckily for him Marcie, the intellectual PhD student, is there to help. Their new friendship rapidly develops into an amorous partnership, which helps them both face down the diverse troubles that fate throws into their path. Marcie supports Ben as the...

4 My sister

My sister

The desert | Erotica


Once again by chance, I had some indescribable behaviors with my sister and classmates, which was an unforgettable experience in my growing up.