Best Books: Business

1 The Entrepreneur Breakthrough Mindset

The Entrepreneur Breakthrough Mindset

Master Resale | Business Textbooks


Become Your Own Man with the right attitude. Inside this eBook You will discover the topic about who and what's is a entrepreneur; skills required for the entrpreneur breakthrough, strategies and ideas ; entrepreneur mindset and discipline necessary for entrpreneur breakthrough.



Mr Seo | Business Textbooks


Description: Introducing SEO SPY- Latest SEO Strategies That will Land You on page. Inside this ebook, you will discover the topics about introduction to SEO, keyword research, SEO basics, onsite optimization , advanced SEO tricks, SEO mistakes to avoid and boosters.

3 Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

smita | Career


Most people think you can’t generate money from YouTube unless you have thousands of followers, but small companies are paying remote workers to upload their pre-made content for them. We’re working with several of these companies to help them find people to fill these roles. Check out the job spec below to see if this could be a good fit for...

4 8 Steps to Financial Independence

8 Steps to Financial Independence

Damodhar Mata | Business


While writing this book, I had only one objective in mind; To give you ultra-precise actionable steps leading to wealth accumulation, passive income and as a result Financial Independence.8 Steps to Financial Independence is an E-Book written with a UAE residents financial planning needs in mind.

5 Empowered true wealth

Empowered true wealth

M. F. Cunningham | Business Textbooks


Building wealth is not magic. There's a lot more common sense, inspired action and logic involved in building wealth than most "gurus" claim. It's a lot more about systems and a lot less about ostensible "secrets." There are plenty of good simple genuine moneymaking opportunities accessible if you search for them, but make sure to investigate...

6 Simple Sales Systems

Simple Sales Systems

Amit Singh | Business


You have a fantastic product or offer that you're incredibly excited about introducing to your market. You've spent time and money developing it from the ground up, and now you're ready to reap the rewards.The only problem is -- how will you sell it?There are literally hundreds of sales and payment processing companies online to choose from, but...



Michael Sachs | Business Textbooks


I am Michael Sachs, the owner, creator and CEO of the Million Dollar Replicator system.After more than three years of tireless research, development, testing and refinement, I am extremely proud to present the Million Dollar Replicator system to the world. Our system is unlike anything the world has ever seen before - it is the world's first and...

8 The Confident Retirement: Your Path to Financial Freedom

The Confident Retirement: Your Path to Financial Freedom

Kris Flammang, AIF® | Business


The Confident Retirement: Your Path to Financial Freedom is a valuable guide whether you’re close to retirement or just beginning to think about it. Kris Flammang and a select group of professionals provide insights and information to help you avoid obstacles on your road to retirement, and make informed decisions for your financial future...

9 Build Your Audience

Build Your Audience

Matthieu | Business Textbooks


This Simple Blueprint To Building a Raving Audience in Your Niche. Inside this eBook, you will discover te topics about the difference, how os many get it so wrong, why this is so wrong and what the alternative looks like, build your brand, the buyer persona, polish, more ways to add polish, channel, Youtube, email marketing, social media...

10 Passive Income Streams Home Business Ideas For You To Make Money Online

Passive Income Streams Home Business Ideas For You To Make Money Online

Amit Singh | Business


Passive Income Streams is a beginner’s guide to leaving the nine-to-five rat race and building a financial future for yourself using multiple streams of passive income developed from the ground up and integrated together. Because many of us who have started out in passive income only had very limited resources, we will focus heavily on keeping...