Books to Enjoy in Quarantine

March 27, 2020

If you’re under coronavirus quarantine, and I bet you are, there’s never been a better moment to read, now that you finally have the time! 

This list spans a variety of genres and themes: We have put together some great recommendations to read while you’re under social distancing, a good way to distract your mind and uplift your mood on these dark and stressful days.

"A Book a day, keeps reality away"

These books are not about epidemics. We've already created that list, check it out here.


1 The Desert Surfer

The Desert Surfer

M. Thomas Champion | Humor


Did I ask to be born? Did I ask to be middle class? Did I ask my girlfriend to introduce me to marijuana? Well, okay, maybe yes on that last one. But I did not ask to have the Mafia, a Mexican drug lord, an Amish hit man, and the Hollywood Screen Actor's Guild all trying to kill me while I smuggle two illegal aliens across the border with a 1,000 pounds of grass in my trunk. That just sort of happened. Karma, right?

2 The Greatest Teacher In The World!

The Greatest Teacher In The World!

Umar Saeed Iqbal | Self-Improvement


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. If we’ve been fortunate, there was a teacher in our life who chose to believe in us even when the entire world wouldn’t. They focused on what we could become, instead of who we were at that point in time. Most importantly, they had an unshakable belief in our potential for personal greatness and the power of the human spirit. The Greatest Teacher in the World is a testament to their patience and persistence. For those of us who weren’t so fortunate, you will find comfort in knowing about a teacher that cares deeply about you. She believes in you more than you believe in yourself. In the lessons of the 63-year-old Professor Izmir, you will discover what it means to have a life of meaning and purpose.

3 Take Back Your Power NOW! - with Vanessa Simpkins

Take Back Your Power NOW! - with Vanessa Simpkins

Vanessa Simpkins | Self-Improvement


I ’ve been helping NEW and seasoned coaches, consultants, healers, authors, speakers and services providers skyrocket their confidence and cash flow for the last 10 years WITHOUT a fancy pants website, big email list or being a big guru.

4 2020: Year Of Stupidity

2020: Year Of Stupidity

Santosh Jha | Self-Improvement


With un-ashamed, un-hypocritical celebration of elemental-pervasive stupidity of humanity in 2020, to wash guilt out of its admittance, this eBook decodes how stupidity-hypocrisy is embedded in design of Reality, its perception; deciphering nine top stupidities everyone indulges in yet nobody feels, accepts. Strategies to fix them have also been detailed. Join the festivity; rejoice good riddance. The nine super stupidities enumerated in holistic details in this eBook are in the domains of reality, self, the purpose of life, happiness, love & relationships, sexuality, divinity & religion, politics & governance, loneliness, and health & wellness. The celebration of 2020 as the Year of Stupidity is a symbolic gesture to dump ‘conscientious stupidities’ and start a new journey. You are invited…

5 You Saved Me Once

You Saved Me Once

Amelia E. S. | Romance


Loving someone can make you so fucking happy, and make you cry at the same time. It can ruin you, if you let it consume you. But, what if there's no other way, what if it's destined. Written in the cold air, in the pouring rain, in the waves. What if it's meant to be, no matter what? You save each other, by destroying one another.Even if it's forbidden? What would you do? Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. I'm Alex Richards, a senior in high school. I live in Versa, a small town in WA. It's tucked away from the outside world, it's on a coast, it's beautiful. So is this story, it's beautifully tragic. You're about to dive into some serious fucking heartbreak, are you ready?

6 Deadly Sin

Deadly Sin

Magali Fuentes | Drama


Hayley has dedicated her life to destroying the life of her stepson Noah Spears. She made it so that his kids would get taken away. Can Noah get his family back before its too late?

7 Revolution Number One

Revolution Number One

Zin Murphy | Drama


1970s Portugal. As revolution turns the world upside down, Ed loses his wife, his business and his money. Then an evil cult takes his best friend. Ed is desperate to get them back. Can he do it? At what cost?

8 Cave Man

Cave Man

Aedan Sayla | Erotica


The Place – BabelThe Time – A Hundred and Fifty Years Post-Flood.Once more giants laugh and consume whomever they wish to. Righteousness is slain in whomever it is found and yet age-old prophecies will always be fulfilled and with one stroke mankind is divided and one by one forced to go out upon the face of a wild and newly formed landscape formed out of the chaos of past heaven sent ruin. Can one man find a way to fulfill the vision given to him? Can a tribe far from the heart of man’s latest corruption be formed? Is there any chance for a simple caveman to do the impossible and become a beacon of light in a new land and uphold the ways of a Creator that formed mankind in His own image? Journey with Alon into a story of everyone’s past, but one man’s future that is ever unfolding.

9 Under a Starless Sky

Under a Starless Sky

Ion Light | Sci-fi Fantasy


Born into a world without stars, but carrying the memory of that other place- Jon finds himself navigating a strange sociology of myths manifest, all the while just learning to see in the dark. This is Jungian. This is Campbell's 'hero,' simply journeying to go home. This is a hero trying to find a voice where no one listens; a world of ghosts. It is in the darkness that Jon must learn to cultivate love and bring his light to bear alone, but not alone, as he is accompanied by his own ghost, his own love- a tulpa. A Tulpa Light. Loxy Isadora Bliss.

10 Lighthouse of the Netherworlds

Lighthouse of the Netherworlds

Maxwell N. Andrews | Sci-fi Fantasy


With the long summer school holidays coming to an end, Rachel Cook's days are filled with hordes of homework and little time for boredom. But on an unusually hot and sticky Wednesday morning, her uneventful school break comes to a shuddering stop: an innocent trip to the park leaves her with more questions than answers about her family's past. As her parents' finances plummet towards the poverty line and beyond, the Cooks end up living high above an insignificant seaside town, in a creaky tree-house with a leaky loft. Rachel makes new friends when she rekindles an old one, and together they grapple the odd goings-on around the town of Lower-Inkcome-by-the-sea.

11 United States Space Corps

United States Space Corps

Michel Poulin | Sci-fi Fantasy


1973 ‘C’: General Ingrid Dows, the commander of the newly formed United States Space Corps, has just returned from a two-year mission to Mars and is now working hard to shape her new command and continue to lead the American space program. While a few Earth-bound crises will also occupy her, she will prepare the United States for its next big adventure in Space: a manned return exploration mission to Jupiter and Saturn. What will its crew discover during such a journey?

12 Wormwood


John Ivan Coby | Sci-fi Fantasy


The novel WORMWOOD, by John I Coby, is a narrative of the times before, during and after a catastrophic, extinction-level event (ELE) caused by the impact of a rogue comet with Earth. It tells tales of Earthlings and Aliens negotiating through a Biblical event, through a mass extinction. The only kind of future that can be predicted by anyone is one with mathematical certainty - for example, the orbit of a comet. A gargantuan comet hurtles through interstellar space on its elliptical trajectory towards an extinction-level impact with Earth. The Aliens have known about it for over 6000 years. Adam is unknowingly chosen, by the Aliens, for relocation as part of a grand plan to save the Earth's species from certain extinction. WORMWOOD is a re-edited compilation of 2023, 2023.2 and 2123.

13 Through The Storm

Through The Storm

Sherif Guirguis | Sci-fi Fantasy


Agartha, Inner Earth, the 12th century. Rowida is a young woman with grand dreams, on a path that would touch two worlds, and span one hundred years. Punished and Banished from her world to ours, Rowida kidnaps a child, bonds to a demonic being, and becomes one with the soul of a Dragon, just to get back at those who tormented her. Once back, she raises an army the Inner Earth had never seen the likes of and starts the first global war. Thousands of lives are lost, nations and races cease to exist, but Rowida has just begun a far longer story. Now, the fate of two worlds rests on the shoulders of a few unsuspecting souls.

14 Mystic Tattoos

Mystic Tattoos

David Ellinger | Sci-fi Fantasy


Mystic Tattoos is about a self-discovery, about our spiritual journey and lessons learned. It about finding oneself and growing in that self-discovery. It is an adventure into the mystic and the unknown. Being a Medium, I asked for Spiritual guidance and at the end of the book have given predictions for the next five years. So if you like Spiritual fantasy (and who doesn't,) I am sure that you will enjoy reading. The added plus are my psychic predictions for the next five year. Believe or not, but a closed mind is a limitation all by itself.

15 The Camel King

The Camel King

Sir Maximus Basco | Youth


The Camel King - Explore this fantastic book and travel aboard the English ship the Castle One as the children Peter and Sarah embark in a serendipitous trip to Egypt. When the children are kidnapped by desert thieves, the White Talking Camel that roams the desert comes to rescue the siblings helping them to escape. The children's desert adventure takes them to the great pyramids of Giza. From there the children seek the magic door and seek to escape from the king of Egypt wanting the talking camel for his kingdom. The children and the White Talking Camel, a king from another world, must find the door for the camel to return to his own home while the children must find their parents too for a happy ending.

16 The Untold Story of the Soul

The Untold Story of the Soul

Cem Ilyas Eker | Body & Spirit


This book is a contribution of Jiva Shakti, a sincere disciple of the enlightened Master, Avatar Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam to all his devotees and followers, to make his entire work user friendly. The Author has put his Intelligence into structuring the content as a real time guide, step by step guide to awaken each dimension within oneself to experience Enlightenment instantly.

17 The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners

The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners

Michael Stewart | Food/Recipes


Success on The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners is achieved by following its high-fat, low-carb principles―which means you need Keto recipes that are easy, fast and enjoyable.

18 True Yoga is Simple: 13 Steps to Deepen Your Home Practice

True Yoga is Simple: 13 Steps to Deepen Your Home Practice

Olga Yumasheva | Fitness


Your practice is on and off? Dependent on group classes? Scared of injuries or concentrated on results? Do you question the instructions or blindly follow them? The author has experienced all these issues typical for beginners in yoga. She took a Teacher Training Course as a newbie, got injured, had to admit the responsibility for fixing herself, didn’t lose interest and motivation to continue her path. Olga’s story, tips, tricks, pieces of advice from enlightened Masters she met on her way cannot help but inspire us to change our attitude to yoga practice and to embrace the beauty of simple asanas performed with maximum concentration.

19 Dad Knows

Dad Knows

Samuel Ufot Ekekere | Parenting/Children


Are you a great dad? you sure need your children to know about this. This book reveals everything about you to them. They want to read about you and here is you in this book.

20 Mom Knows

Mom Knows

Samuel Ufot Ekekere | Parenting/Children


This is one book every parent want their children to read. Your child wants to know about you and this book reveals everything about a great mom. You are a mama, your child must read this.