Epidemics Books

March 11, 2020

A short list to read for context on the coronavirus outbreak. With the growing concern about the disease spreading, fiction books about epidemics are popping up on reading lists around the world. Publishers are reporting booming sales of these kind of titles, the good news is that you can get them here for FREE!

Wash your hands and check this list out!

1 The Malthus Pandemic

The Malthus Pandemic

Terry Morgan | Fiction


A virologist with extreme views on population control has created a new virus - 'Malthus A'. International crime investigator, Daniel Capelli, unravels a plot to help spread the virus in return for profits from treatments and counterfeit drugs. But can Capelli and his colleagues in London, USA, Thailand, Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria persuade politicians and international crime agencies to act in time? The first novel in the 'Asher & Asher' Series

2 Immortality Gene

Immortality Gene

John Chapman and Shelia Chapman | Sci-fi Fantasy


We fear pandemics, but what if a pandemic made you immortal? When Dr Donna Rigden loses the most important person in her life, she resigns - big mistake. Donna is now on a hit list. While she works on a secret project she's murdered. In the year 7141, the Earth will be destroyed by an apocalyptic collision with a rogue planetoid. Sir Richard has a plan, though. A key element is to manipulate the mechanisms of life and greatly extend the human lifespan. If you were to become immortal would you feel more inclined to worry about an event so far in the future? 'Immortality Gene' is the first book in the 'A Vested Interest' series. It's based on advanced technology, currently under development. 'Immortality Gene' covers the development of a genetically engineered virus. Along the way the series deals with corporate jealousy at its highest levels, greed, spite, vengeance, nanotechnology, medicine, murder, mystery, love and betrayal, and, of course, the very essence of life itself.

3 The Perennial Migration

The Perennial Migration

D. M. Kirtaime | Sci-fi Fantasy


The year is 3010, the human race divided; the new breed living in the World Administration dome network and outside the older breed. A pandemic, broken out throughout the dome network by a corrosion in the citizens' wrist chips, is causing the planet to die. Whether the outbreak was accidental or intentional, either way the reptilian race stood to gain from such an apocalypse.Leo, Thorn and their sister True experience the split of the human race first hand and are fully integrated in the World Administration system, each following a different trade. The earth is dying, a galactic contract is violated, and no choice left but to migrate to another planet - with no technology mankind alone cannot manage such a migration.

4 Silent Epidemic

Silent Epidemic

Jill Province | Mystery


Dominex Pharmaceuticals must get their new drug on the market or the company will go under. Pay offs for quick approvals won’t work this time. The new gatekeeper at the FDA plays by the book. To maneuver around this new obstacle, the company orchestrates a creatively deceptive plan, using 500 study volunteers towards a deadly result.

5 Hades, Kansas, Part I

Hades, Kansas, Part I

Pete Anderson | Free Previews


My name is Rikard Karl Wagner and this is my story. The year is 2017 and the world lies in ruins. North Korea stole bio-terror weapons from a poorly defended Soviet research facility and mixed them before firing them in the United States with intercontinental range ballistic missiles they had developed mostly in secret. These bio-weapons turned humans into bizarre zombie-like beings that didn't eat or sleep often. Their biological functions are reduced to almost nothing which makes them look like they're sleep walking and have cold, gray-waxy skin. The few humans who were not affected by this epidemic still don't know how they survived. The most terrifying thing is the effect it has had on plants. They have simply stopped growing. They're neither dying nor living.

6 Throne of the Crescent Moon

Throne of the Crescent Moon

Saladin Ahmed | Fiction


The debut novel of Saladin Ahmed, Throne of the Crescent Moon, is something fresh and very conversant in the genre of fantasy. Moved as much by the fairytales of primitive Arabia and Persia as by the plot structures of great fantasy, the outcome is an appealing mixture. Featuring daring dervishes, leading alchemists, and a heavy ghost hunter looking for retirement as the main leading role, the book is the fast-paced and action-packed as one might think, and engaged me all night to finish it despite the present effects of a cold virus.

7 The End: The Book: Part One

The End: The Book: Part One

JL Robb | Fiction


Hollywood has made its share of end-of-the-world movies over the years. The Bible has a story about that subject, and all the special effects in the world could not portray the horror and the terror of those days. THE END The Book: Part One is the 1st book to be released in the 7-part The End The Book Series that follows Jeffrey Ross and a group of senior citizen friends and ex-military as Islamists take their war to the Bible-Belt, and Atlanta suffers the first nuclear strike on U.S. soil. After a break-in at CDC, the Spanish flu virus is released on the world, and millions die as the virus mutates. A hijacked nuclear submarine makes its way toward the United States, and Jeff begins to wonder if the end really is near.

8 Evolution


J. Barrett | Sci-fi Fantasy


An unforeseen chain of events leads to the release of a deadly virus, which is transformed when it bonds with another biological menace. The resultant virus spreads around the world and eventually produces a jump in the evolutionary development of man. And then the nightmare begins anew.

9 Hauss Vegas

Hauss Vegas

Christian B. Guyant | Erotica


The Walking Dead meets Christopher Moore in this dark zombie thriller. Ricky Houghton is a young father whose life falls apart after an outbreak of the UND-34D virus. After losing his family, job, and everything he worked hard to earn, he must find his way to Las Vegas and discover a new life in the zombie infested world.

10 Sexpocalypse 1--The Bearers

Sexpocalypse 1--The Bearers

K.D. Long | Sci-fi Fantasy


What if every horror came true? Sexpocalypse will spin your head like that kid in the Exorcist. It's a nightmare born of a twisted imagination. Sort of a bad trip where everything goes wrong. A ruthless virus, a scorched earth and a constantly shifting landscape of characters each with their own ever mutating powers and terrifying appetites. Think orgy at the infamous Star Wars cantina. K.D. Long writes raunchy, fantasy-driven stories with vampirism, dragons, shifting dimensions and surprises. The dark side of Sexpocalypse will either tantalize or revolt you.

11 Family & Home Pandemic Prepared (Coronavirus nCoV-2019, Covid-19, Wuhan Flu) ness

Family & Home Pandemic Prepared (Coronavirus nCoV-2019, Covid-19, Wuhan Flu) ness

Lynn Jack | Reference


The Family & Home Pandemic Preparedness guide outlines actionable steps with checklists to prepare for possibilities of a widespread pandemic (like the Coronavirus nCoV-2019, Covid-19). The book tells you and how to protect your family if this becomes a worst-case scenario. With a Pandemic, voluntary and mandatory quarantines are quite likely. This means you may not be able to leave your home for weeks. Worse, if the situation gets bad enough: Utilities such as water and electricity might fail, Transportation might be banned, Hospitals and the Medical System may be overwhelmed or unavailable, Fuel, food, water, pharmacy and other supplies may not be available, You or your family members may get sick and unable to care for yourselves.