Losing weight is all about what you gain

Losing weight is all about what you gain

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Losing weight is all about what you gain. Many people have thought about losing weight over the years, but often seem to fall short of an actual attempt to do it. The reason why so many people think about it so much is because deep down, they know that having that extra poundage is not at all good for them. The problem is, just knowing that being overweight is bad is not enough to really push many people to do something about it. Much like wanting to quit smoking, knowing it is bad for you doesn’t induce people to quit doing it. However, if you were to find some really good reasons to quit smoking, like your doctor told you if you don’t quit, you will lose a lung next year, that might make you act and just do it.

Well, losing weight is just like quitting smoking, the more good reasons you have to do it, the more likely you are to act on it and make it happen. If you have something driving your motivation aside from just knowing it is bad for you, you are also more likely to maintain your weight loss goal once you reach it.

First and foremost, losing weight means getting healthier. When you lose those extra pounds you greatly reduce the risk or heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and joint stress; all conditions associated with being overweight. When you reduce these risks, it means you can have a much better chance of being around to see your children grow up and being around to enjoy your grandchildren. That alone is reason enough to get that weight down.

Another reason you might want to consider for losing weight is that you will feel better. As you begin to lose some of those extra pounds, you will start to notice your energy levels increasing. Being overweight by 20 pounds is like putting a 20-pound sack of potatoes on your shoulders all day. Extra body fat is nothing more than an extra burden to carry around with you daily, so the extra weight drains your energy. For this reason, overweight people tend to be less active and this promotes even more fat buildup. As this continues, they become even less active and so this becomes a vicious cycle leading to obesity.

 As a nice little side benefit, losing weight will make you look better, and who doesn’t want to look better? Each and every one of us has a vision of what we want to look like. Most people are not completely satisfied with the way they look. They will always find something they don’t like about themselves and wish they could change and for people who are overweight; this can be a great motivator to lose weight. A recent study done concluded that as early as age 5, girls who had higher body weights had lower self esteem than girls with normal body weight.

When a person loses weight, you hear things like; you look good; you’ve lost weight haven’t you? Think about how you would feel when you’ve lost enough weight to fit into that dress or that pair of pants you wore back in high school. Now keep in mind, looking better is a great reason to lose weight, but it should not be the only one.

 When you have at least a few good, valid reasons to want to lose weight, it will be a lot easier to motivate yourself to get started and stay with it. Let’s face it, your health, well being and self-esteem are very good reasons to get rid of those extra pounds and keep them off for good. So rather than focusing on having to lose weight, let’s focus on the very important things you’ll gain in doing so. 

Written by Brian Christopher. Brian Christopher, writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. He is one of the leading authors and speakers in the world on personal development, leadership, and success. He’s also known for writing science fiction and non-fiction, on subjects ranging from personal finance to pet training, and romance. He has written 41 books and created more than 150 audio and video learning programs. Brian has worked as a consultant and trainer for more than 200 corporations. He speaks to more than 150,000 people each year.

Books by Brian Christopher: The Weight Loss Manual. The weight loss manual program is a foolproof, comprehensive and science-based weight loss program that is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goal, by making you lose 12 to 23 pounds of body fat within the short period of 14 days.

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