Happy New Year!

It’s 2012, and whether you believe the world will end this year on December 21 or not, you have made your goals for the year. While we at Free-eBooks.net are thinking about our own goals for the new year, we also like to reflect on what we did in the previous year and strive to improve or correct when necessary.

This blog was launched in 2011. In our newsletter on July 16, we officially announced the launch of eBookEnvy.com to our subscribers. This was a big part of making Free-eBooks.net more social than it had been. In the interim, we have seen six months of writing advice, reviews of the more popular eReaders available, talk about books, and reading and libraries and interviews with a few of our more popular authors. We had fun writing and discussing with you and we hope it continues to grow and expand in 2012.

A few months after the blog went live on October 4, we announced the official opening of our Facebook Fan Page. And we went from having 4000 “friends” to having 34,000 “likes” in just over 3 months. I’d say that was a roaring success.

Just to show how good-natured we are, we introduced our eBook recycling program for April Fools’ Day this year and claimed that our specialists were able to reclaim the scarce megabytes used to create eBooks for use in future for creating new eBooks. Sadly, quite a number of people were fooled but we all had a good laugh at ourselves in the end.

Free-eBooks.net went international and launched a Spanish annex to our main site. We have expanded our Spanish library and are now officially accepting works from Spanish authors.

We released our mobile application on both iOS and Android in 2011 also; which now means you can take your eBook library on Free-eBooks.net everywhere you go.

We haven’t been totally focused on ourselves either! We opened our arms and hearts to the charity FirstBook.org and donated on behalf of our subscribers, friends and readership so that children all over the world would get a chance at reading.

As with everything we do, we are open to your feedback and suggestions too. Drop us a line here on the blog in the comments, or go on over to our Facebook fan page and drop us line there. On Twitter? Give us a shout at @FreeEbooksNet and let us know what you’re thinking. We are dying to hear from you.

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