eBooks, The Media and You?

You’ve put in the time, energy and effort to write your book, eBook, or article now what? Not getting the overwhelming response you were looking for?

Once you’ve got your book, article, or website ready it’s time to put it to work. Building credibility and expertise in the vast amount of resources out there on the internet can be a bit tricky. How do you show that you are different from your competitors? How do you get your target market to stop and listen to you with all the noise out there?

One of the best ways is to get the media to talk about You! Just like your favourite celebrities use the media you can too! As an Author, Speaker, Expert, or small business owner getting media mentions increases your visibility and credibility.

You can create your own media by creating your own Podcast or Radio Show, or you can be listed as a resource to the vast number of reporters who are looking for experts like you to help them. Every day reporters are faced with the challenge of finding information to back up their work and if they can find you, or your eBook, and interview you, then YOU get mentioned in their work!

Growing your business and getting paid what you’re worth is easy when you are presented as “the expert” in your field by a third party (the media). This method is powerful and eliminates many of the common objections people may have when just finding your website somewhere on the internet.

There are free resources available and there are many companies that can help refer you to these reporters (or vice versa) who are seeking experts on their topic to interview. This is a “win win” situation as you are helping the reporter and you benefit by your work gaining the exposure. The best way to find a company that suits your needs is to use a search engine like Google of course. To further understand what kind of publicity that would best suit your needs and the different components of marketing available to you check out “Publicity” at Wikipedia.

Below are a few direct links to companies that may work for you. Be sure you choose a company that meets your goals and specific needs as PR companies tend to specialize in different areas and types of PR. Another




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