Are You in “the Know”?

Keep up to the minute with Real-time social media search and analysis of trending topics with

Just like the real-time ticker on CNN, or if you are familiar with Google Alerts appearing in your email box for which ever key word you’ve selected you can now receive Social Media Alerts in the same way. Once you’ve set the alerts you wish to receive such as you can follow a developing news story, a celebrity, your competition, or even the trending info of your favourite company!

If you have a website you can create your own widget to put the current Buzz right on your site!

Tracking and measuring what others are saying about you, your company or if you are researching the new topic for your next book this tool will show you what’s Hot and what’s Not from over 100+ sites they monitor for you including Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Digg and so many more!

Now more than ever the power is at your fingertips, or rather waiting for you in your Inbox, ready to keep you connected and in “the Know” for your topic, passion, message or industry. Get started today at

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